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Hutchi is searching for exceptional people with outstanding skills to join our talented and committed team. We want people who have an interest in technology, who are passionate about building great relationships, and who enjoy collaborating in an environment that challenges the status quo.


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What we offer in return

Hutchi develop facility technology solutions backed-up with a wealth of relevant industry knowledge, detailed creative expertise and solid technical design capabilities and are currently positioned and marketed as the leading provider of audio visual and lighting solutions to the health and fitness industry. Over the past 30-years, we have built an impressive customer portfolio and reputation as the market leader within our sector. 

Please send your CV to careers@hutchison-t.com for consideration in the first instance. 

You may have noticed something different about us. We’re looking new and shiny. That’s because we’ve just launched our revamped website, hutchi.tech, unveiling our modern brand identity, and we’re so excited to share it with you. Switching from ‘Hutchison Technologies’ to ‘Hutchi’, the new name marks a significant milestone in our evolution.

Let’s go back to the start. We were launched in Dundee, Scotland by Bruce Hutchison in 1991, who was soon joined by brother Mark to form a family business that shared a vision to make life simpler through technology. Now with more than three decades in operation, we’ve become synonymous with the creation of integrated technologies that make spaces work better for people.  

Today, there’s hardly any technology we don’t know our way around. We design and build sustainable, integrated technologies that make spaces work for people. We engineer light, sound, access, networking, connectivity, and more. And we make everything talk to everything else, creating seamless integrations that work from day one.

We take a holistic, customer-based approach, and that’s what our brand refresh represents. The new and improved website gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the services we offer, while highlighting the impact our technological integrations can have on the human experience of a space. It also better showcases how we can make spaces work better for specific sectors, showcasing case studies that allow you up close and personal with some of our projects.

Already nicknamed ‘Hutchi’ by many of our team and existing customers, the new name shows our dedication to delivering a personal support and unique expertise to our customers. And our rebranding wouldn’t be complete without a new tagline; “Made for people”. Whether that’s “technology made for people”, “experiences made for people”, “solutions made for people” – it highlights the human factor we keep front and centre when designing and delivering our solutions.

Many of our customers recognised us by our signature blue branding, so we made sure to include a strong blue in our new brand identity. This new blue is updated to be more electric and exciting, inspired by the vibrant blues we often use in our lighting designs or on LEDs on our data racks, and symbolises the fresh outlook for the brand.

We are in the process of changing our email addresses to @hutchi.tech, but not to worry, we’ll still receive your emails to our @hutchison-t.com email addresses as well as we transition. So that means you get to enjoy the beautiful new visuals, but don’t have to update your address book just yet!

The brand refresh and the website were delivered by nine.nine.nine design in cooperation with our internal teams.

Mark Hutchison, Technical Director at Hutchi, expressed his enthusiasm for our rebranding journey, stating, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and brand to our valued customers and partners. The transition to Hutchi demonstrates our passion for dynamic growth, reinvention, uniting, and remaining at the forefront of what we do. Standing still is never an option for Hutchison Technologies, and Hutchi will continue to propel us forward. This marks an important milestone in our company’s history.”

We invite you to explore our new website and discover the innovative solutions and services we offer. For more information, visit hutchi.tech.

About Hutchi

Hutchi is a new brand name by Hutchison Technologies, a technological integrator company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services to customers across various sectors. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Hutchi leverages technology to enhance user experiences. Our team leverages expertise across disciplines, including audiovisual, lighting, access control, networking & connectivity, and technical design, to develop and deliver bespoke solutions for customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

For media inquiries, please contact Marketing@hutchison-t.com.

For further updates and news, follow Hutchi on social media:





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What’s the key to success when working with suppliers and contractors to deliver a project? We’ll let you in on the secret; it’s a detailed and well-considered project brief. 

Providing your suppliers with a good brief can be the difference between receiving high-quality work delivered on time, or a frustrating project full of changes, delays and unmet expectations. Investing time in the brief upfront will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention build better relationships with your suppliers.

To help you get started, we asked our Technical, Projects and Sales teams what they find helpful to know when being briefed by clients. We used their advice to create this free downloadable Project Brief Template, and have summarised their top tips on how to brief suppliers here.

defining a ballpark figure will help suppliers understand the level of options to include in a proposal, and also sometimes avoid wasting your time by letting you know early that their solutions might not be possible in your price range.

Core requirements

Client Details – Who is the end client? Which key stakeholders should be included in follow-up calls and emails about the proposal and spec? Are any other contractors or consultants involved that we should be aware of?

Timescales – When is the project due to start and finish? Are there any other important milestone deadlines? Is quick turnaround required for one particular part of the build?

Project Outline – Here’s where you provide a brief overview of the work you’re looking for support with. This is a high-level description of the outcome you want to achieve and possibly some background context if relevant; not a full technical spec. For example, are you looking for a videoconferencing system as part of an office refurbishment? Is the fitness studio you’re working on a stand-alone project, or is it part of a wider leisure centre revamp? This will help the team understand what environment they would be working in and if they might need to tie in with other contractors on site.

Budget – You might not have an exact figure yet if you’re just scoping out options or feasibility, but even defining a ballpark figure will help suppliers understand the level of options to include in a proposal, and also sometimes avoid wasting your time by letting you know early that their solutions might not be possible in your price range.

More info about the venue

Type of Facility and End Users – Any additional information about the purpose of the building and what the client is trying to achieve with it. While it’s helpful to know if you’re integrating AV tech into a gym vs an office renovation, it’s even more useful to get an extra level of detail. Is it council leisure centre? Or a boutique high-end spin studio? Or perhaps a budget gym franchise looking to give their members something unique?

Type of Spaces – If you’re working on a large building project there’s a good chance there will be more than one type of space that needs technology integration. If you’re looking for an AV supplier to support with a hotel build or renovation for example, there will likely be a reception area with access control requirements, an event space with audio and lighting requirements very different to the guest rooms, and meeting rooms with specialist videoconferencing integrations. Listing the different types of spaces will help your supplier more quickly understand the scope of work and technical requirements.

Technology requirements 

Integrations Required – Going into a bit more detail than in the Project Outline, what exactly do you need technology integration support with? Are there specific hardware, software or third-party products you need to integration and/or communicate with each other? If you don’t already have particular technology products in mind, you can describe the outcome you want to achieve. For example, you might know you want an integrated solution that allows you to film or live-stream from the space; lights that automatically sync with audio; invisible speakers to fit with your interior design aesthetic; or an access control solution that integrates with your existing CRM system.

Product Preferences – Are there any specific brands or products you would like included in your quote or spec? If not, that’s fine to say you’ve no preference. If you do know you need a specific product though, having this information early will improve the speed and accuracy of timeline estimates.

This isn’t a fully comprehensive project spec, but if you can include most of these key elements you’ll be off to a great start in giving a potential new partner an effective brief. Don’t worry if some of these elements are unknown though, any good supplier will work with you to understand your requirements and the scope of the project as part of creating a proposal.

Putting all your requirements into a project briefing template can also be a good way to provide consistent information when enquiring with a few different suppliers to get a feel for how well you might work together. If you’re taking this approach, it pays to be open with suppliers about also having discussions with competitors. This helps to build a basis of trust and may help them better explain how they differentiate from other suppliers. 

Keep in mind that building a good working relationship with your suppliers is invaluable and there is more to consider than price alone when making the decision about who to partner with on a big project. We’ve also written a guide offering some guidance on how contractors, consultants and suppliers can work more effectively together.

How we work at Hutchi

Having all this information is our ideal scenario, but we know at the early stages of a project many people are looking for support exploring the possibilities. Our team will always be happy to talk things through with you and build the brief together. 

We have a track record of successful partnerships working directly with leading brands in the Health & Fitness, Corporate, Retail and Hospitality sectors, as well as partnering with architects and M&E consultants to help them deliver successfully for their own clients.

If you think one of your projects could benefit from some technology integration support, speak to a member of our team about how we can help plan and integrate technology into your build or refurb project.

Whether it’s a fancy restaurant, fast-food chain, traditional pub, or stylish cocktail bar, when it comes to the highly competitive hospitality industry, a well-designed venue with on-brand design goes hand-in-hand with the food and drink options when creating a memorable experience for customers. And a memorable experience for your customers has the bonus effect of encouraging them to share their visit with their friends and followers on social media. 

So, how can restaurants and bars encourage their customers to promote their venue on social media and get that brand awareness boost? The goal is to empower customers to take great content, influencing their followers that your venue is a ‘must-visit’.

Let guests do the talking

From instagrammable feature lighting to TikTok worthy background music, every element of the design contributes to the overall vibe of a venue – and it enables patrons to capture eye-catching photos or videos, enticing their followers to jump on the hype. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, social media is the first stop for many in search of local restaurant and bar recommendations. With over two billion users on Instagram, and one billion on TikTok, social media opens up a world of possibility for hospitality venues looking to boost their visibility and credibility.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is becoming increasingly visual, and an Instagram post or story from a trusted source is much more convincing than a paid ad. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over any other form of advertising. That word of mouth is key to having customers queuing out the doors and filling up booking spots.

And not just that, the mix of a tantalising menu and a trendy, welcoming atmosphere that keeps diners coming back time after time will encourage them to stay longer and boost customer loyalty.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been truer than in the realm of restaurant marketing on social media. Stunning photographs and videos of mouth-watering dishes can evoke powerful emotions, triggering a desire to savour the flavours and indulge in the dining experience. Professional food photography, combined with creative storytelling, can elevate a restaurant’s online presence and distinguish it from the competition.

Light up their socials

Pairing functional and atmospheric design with great customer service and delicious food can gain any venue a strong social media presence. To capture the perfect ‘gram photo or TikTok video, diners need good lighting! The ideal lighting can transform any space, no matter the feel of the establishment.

The lighting choice for a venue will depend on the theme of the restaurant or bar, and the emotions you want customers to experience. From soft dimming options that create intimate pockets, flattering warm glow emanating from a low light source, to quirky, colourful LED displays, presentation is everything for gaining #food and #cocktails posts.

If you give customers a beautiful setting, good lighting, and aesthetically pleasing products — they’ll be more likely to capture and share their experiences on social media. Take the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh for example. While light and sound play a central role throughout the guided tours, they added to the brand experience by building light into the tables for guests to put their cocktails on, giving them an opportunity to capture pictures worthy for their social feed.

Amplify your following

What’s an atmosphere without music? Music sets the pace of the place, and whether your venue opts for loud music full of energy, or a more laid-back, sultry beat, the acoustics of a venue is an essential component of the impact for diners and the videos they’ll be sharing on socials.

Getting the audio integration in your venue spot-on means having a tailored sound that complements the atmosphere without competing with diner conversations. And a thoughtfully designed audio system ensures that the all-important visual impact isn’t disturbed with speakers and wiring, all while adding to impact of the customers’ ‘gram story.  

Some venues may opt to have live DJ sets at certain times of the week to entice customers in, but it’s important to keep the customer experience at the forefront even between sets. Having a sophisticated, tailored audio system in place means a smooth transition when switching from a live DJ to a playlist, keeping you on the good side of a make-or-break experience for customers.

Create the customer experience

The atmosphere for any venue, whether that’s a bar, restaurant or café, needs to enhance the overall sense of connection and enjoyment for patrons, so investing in high-quality equipment is crucial. That could be state-of-the-art sound systems for crystal-clear audio, seamless video displays for visual storytelling, or feature lighting for ambiance. Prioritising quality ensures that your venue stands out both in person and online. Investing in your venue will ultimately get more customers coming through the door, which is a win-win.

At Hutchi we do the hard work for you, managing every solution including audio, lighting and visual displays as well as network integration. It’s an exciting opportunity to create unique spaces that stand out from the crowd and inspire your customers to share their pictures and videos online – at no expense from you.

Ready to discover how you can enhance your space? Speak to our team today and start upgrading your guest experience.

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