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Design consultancy

Planning Integration for people

We engineer technologies that make spaces work for people, using light, sound, vision and more to build and control an experience. Whether it’s part of the fabric in a new project or retrofitted in an existing structure, that technology needs careful planning. That’s where Hutchi’s design and consultancy service comes in.

Design consultancy

Top of the tree, or one of the branches

The ideal scenario for us is when we’re involved in a project at the very beginning, helping to shape the ultimate user experience by designing the technology that will be fundamental to the space. This puts us at the top of the ‘design tree’, and it means we have practically unlimited scope to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We’re often brought in when the project is already underway, though, typically working closely with an architect or a consultant. Here our work will usually cover design documentation, performance spec, technical requirements, product specification and benchmarking.

Design consultancy


Hutchi’s team of specialist technicians, designers and project managers can provide input at any stage of practically any project. Our involvement could be confined to one particular technology, such as access control or lighting, or it could combine multiple technologies with automation, networking and interface design to achieve a complete, future-proof solution.

We work within the internationally recognised RIBA Plan of Work framework. We speak the same language as architects, consultants and contractors, easily and seamlessly joining a multi-skilled team on any project.

Design consultancy


Hutchi is often asked to provide advice on technology even where we don’t take a hands-on role in the design and implementation of a project. We could consult on a project on the other side of the world, for example, with local contractors providing a practical and cost-effective installation service on site.

Typically this kind of consultancy work involves understanding the client’s vision and objectives while bringing new ideas to the project. We can define the brief, provide documentation, and help the team understand the scope and possibilities of available technologies.

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Design consultancy

Sectors and solutions

Our design consultancy capability could benefit projects in any sector. Here’s a handful of examples:

  • Health and leisure spaces like gyms, pools and sports centres rely on multiple technology systems to provide an energising and immersive user experience. Our design input could lift a facility to a higher level.
  • Retail units might combine lighting, sound, digital signage and geolocation into a complete technical scheme, encouraging more and longer visits by shoppers.
  • Hotels, education and residential buildings need secure access control, welcoming reception areas, automated lighting and comprehensive networking. This will all work better if it’s built in at the planning stage rather than added on later.

Design consultancy

Consultancy and design elements

We’ll be delighted to discuss any aspect of the technology requirements for your project. Our clients typically rely on us for

  • An up-to-the-second view of the technologies and solutions available
  • Advice on future-proofing a project
  • First-hand interaction and advice
  • Expert consulting on bespoke projects and innovative technology applications
  • Consultancy support for architects and M&E consultants
  • Operational overhead of operating solutions and ways to streamline

We’ve worked as design consultants for clients in every major sector, including:

  • Corporate Health & Fitness Facilities
  • Corporate Meeting Room Spaces
  • Premium Leisure Facilities
  • 5 Star Highland Resort
  • Group Exercise Experiences
  • Flagship Retail Stores


Our sectors

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Wellness & spa
  3. Retail
  4. Bars & restaurants
  5. Hotels & resorts
  6. Entertainment venues
  7. Workspaces
  8. Education
  9. Managed accomodation

01 Health & fitness

The full spectrum of technologies, seamlessly integrated to lift your facility to another level.

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02 Wellness & spa

Combining technologies to create an atmosphere of luxury and calm.

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03 Retail

Transform your retail space to promote longer visits and increased spend.

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04 Bars & restaurants

Unique, memorable experiences, precisely on brand for your business.

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05 Hotels & resorts

Technology integrations and automations for fantastic guest experiences.

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06 Entertainment venues

Exciting, memorable experiences that have customers coming back for more.

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07 Workspaces

Smooth integration of essential business systems, from videoconferencing to digital signage.

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08 Education

Integrations for your whole campus; from teaching spaces to fitness facilities.

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09 Managed accomodation

Combine and integrate systems for a premium living experience.

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For three decades and counting, we’ve been building integrated technologies that make spaces work better for people.

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