Thirty years since founding their business in Dundee, brothers Bruce and Mark Hutchison continue their hands-on leadership of Hutchi’s team of expert specialists. Today we work with clients across Europe, and suppliers from all over the world.


Hutchi People

We’re agile and creative people – technicians, engineers, designers and customer support professionals – and we’re passionate about our work. Some members of the team are expert specialists in particular technologies – like lighting or enterprise connectivity. Others are project managers, skilled in bringing everything together so it all works perfectly.


And we’re what’s known as ‘supplier agnostic’, with no contractual obligations to manufacturers or brands. That means we’re always free to specify the right equipment and materials for the project, achieving the best solutions available within budget.


Our Story

For three decades and counting, we’ve been building integrated technologies that make spaces work better for people. Right from the start we took a holistic, customer-based approach.

Instead of focusing on a specific product or service like our competitors, we looked at the big picture. We thought about creating experiences, and perfecting spaces. About what our clients needed, not what we wanted to sell. And we planned for ongoing support and service, investing in engineering capability and coverage.

Today we do just about everything in technology for public spaces. Lighting, sound, data connectivity, telecoms, access control, visual systems, loyalty-scheme technology, interactive touchscreens, phone applications and more. And we make everything talk to everything else, with seamless integration that works from day one.

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