Bars & restaurants

Unique venues, signature restaurants, international chains. While each delivers a different experience, they all need high-quality solutions, reliable support, and on-brand experiential design.

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Bars & restaurants 

Refreshment for people

Michelin-starred restaurant, fast-food chain, traditional pub or sophisticated cocktail bar – whatever the venue, in the highly competitive hospitality industry, atmosphere counts as much as food, drink and service. Hutchi can engineer a unique and memorable experience that’s precisely on brand for your bar or restaurant business.

We work with nationwide and international chains, unique nightlife venues and signature restaurants. While they each aim to deliver very different experiences, they all need high-quality solutions, reliable support, and on-brand experiential design.

Bars & restaurants 

The right ingredients

Background audio with the right playlist can make your venue feel unique, or delineate different, contrasting zones. Screens, projectors or video walls can show anything from gentle ambient imagery to thrilling live action. Sophisticated lighting techniques can turn any room into an intimate hideaway, or create a high-energy club vibe.

Behind the scenes we’ll install robust Wi-Fi for customers and payment terminals, secure building access systems for staff, and cabling and networking infrastructure for the entire venue.

Case studies

A flavour of our work

We’ve been serving famous names in the bar and restaurant industry for decades. Take a look at some of our hospitality projects in these case studies



Our approach is to develop the solution to shape the environment, specifying the technology that’s right for each project. Within the hospitality industry – where atmosphere and reliability are key – all of our solutions are relevant. Clients can rely on us for one, several or all of these:

Bars & restaurants 

Ask us about

Every project is unique, but over the course of thousands of projects we do see some recurring themes. If you want to improve visitor experience at your facility, ask us about:

  • Integrated audio, lighting and visual displays
  • Automation for on-demand use
  • Feature lighting
  • Centrally managed digital signage
  • Staff, guest and member WiFi connectivity
  • Access gates and control software
  • Digital and physical membership cards
  • Tannoy and PA system
  • Digital phone lines and network cabling


Our sectors

At Hutchi we create and manage the technology of public spaces.

From our early days, we partnered with leading health and leisure brands to pioneer the integration of sophisticated technology into the world of gyms, fitness centres and leisure clubs. We’ve since taken our passion for technology and innovation into just about every major business sector.

Adapting our core product range and evolving our skills to cover all key sectors, we’ve worked with customers in retail, hospitality, workspaces, education and many other environments, across the UK and mainland Europe.


  1. Health & fitness
  2. Wellness & spa
  3. Retail
  4. Bars & restaurants
  5. Hotels & resorts
  6. Entertainment venues
  7. Workspaces
  8. Education
  9. Managed accommodation

01 Health & fitness

The full spectrum of technologies, seamlessly integrated to lift your facility to another level.

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02 Wellness & spa

Combining technologies to create an atmosphere of luxury and calm.

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03 Retail

Transform your retail space to promote longer visits and increased spend.

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04 Bars & restaurants

Unique, memorable experiences, precisely on brand for your business.

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05 Hotels & resorts

Technology integrations and automations to createfor fantastic guest experiences.

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06 Entertainment venues

Exciting, memorable experiences that have customers coming back for more.

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07 Workspaces

Smooth integration of essential business systems, from videoconferencing to digital signage.

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08 Education

Integrations for your whole campus; from teaching spaces to fitness facilities.

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09 Managed accommodation

Combine and integrate systems for a premium living experience.

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With over 35,000 venues and almost half a million employees, the UK food and drink industry has shown remarkable resilience in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic*, while across Europe the sector continues to boom.

But to stand out in a hugely competitive market, restaurants and bars need more than great food and drink. A memorable experience – made immersive and unique by Hutchi’s technology – can be the key to repeat business and continued success.


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