Hotels & resorts

From international chains and stylish boutiques to efficient budget options, today’s successful hotels depend on integrated technology to deliver a fantastic guest experience. Hutchi can handle it.

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Hotels & resorts

Hospitality for people

Whether yours is a grand and venerable institution, a stylish new boutique or an accessible budget destination, your hotel will succeed if it delivers a fantastic guest experience.

Today that experience is likely to combine restaurants and bars, health and fitness facilities, business suites and function space, as well as guest rooms and back-office functions. Hutchi can handle the technology for any and all of these spaces.

Hotels & resorts

The complete package

All of Hutchi’s technology solutions work for hotels and resorts, and we’re trusted partners for some of Europe’s leading hospitality brands.

We can install systems for background audio across every room in the hotel, or every hotel in the chain. Screens, projectors and video walls can be deployed everywhere from the lobby bar to the conference suite, and beyond to the fitness centre and guest bedrooms.

Architectural lighting will sculpt space, turning a plain room into a glamorous location, while effect lighting can make a bar or restaurant into something unique and special.

We can design and install secure entry, build in digital phone lines, and install integrated technology to control car parking and room locks.

Case studies

All part of the service

Hutchi works with some of Europe’s leading hotel and resort brands. Take a look at some of our projects in the hospitality industry with these case studies



Every hotel is different, and so is every Hutchi project. Our approach is to combine technologies and develop the solution to fit the environment, and clients can rely on us for one, several or all of these:

Hotels & resorts

Ask us about

Every project is unique, but over the course of thousands of projects we do see some recurring themes. If you want to improve visitor experience at your facility, ask us about:

  • Integrated audio, lighting and visual displays
  • Automation for on-demand use
  • Feature lighting
  • Centrally managed digital signage
  • Staff, guest and member WiFi connectivity
  • Access gates and control software
  • Digital and physical membership cards
  • Tannoy and PA system
  • Digital phone lines and network cabling


Our sectors

At Hutchi we create and manage the technology of public spaces.

From our early days, we partnered with leading health and leisure brands to pioneer the integration of sophisticated technology into the world of gyms, fitness centres and leisure clubs. We’ve since taken our passion for technology and innovation into just about every major business sector.

Adapting our core product range and evolving our skills to cover all key sectors, we’ve worked with customers in retail, hospitality, workspaces, education and many other environments, across the UK and mainland Europe.


  1. Health & fitness
  2. Wellness & spa
  3. Retail
  4. Bars & restaurants
  5. Hotels & resorts
  6. Entertainment venues
  7. Workspaces
  8. Education
  9. Managed accommodation

01 Health & fitness

The full spectrum of technologies, seamlessly integrated to lift your facility to another level.

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02 Wellness & spa

Combining technologies to create an atmosphere of luxury and calm.

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03 Retail

Transform your retail space to promote longer visits and increased spend.

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04 Bars & restaurants

Unique, memorable experiences, precisely on brand for your business.

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05 Hotels & resorts

Technology integrations and automations to createfor fantastic guest experiences.

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06 Entertainment venues

Exciting, memorable experiences that have customers coming back for more.

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07 Workspaces

Smooth integration of essential business systems, from videoconferencing to digital signage.

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08 Education

Integrations for your whole campus; from teaching spaces to fitness facilities.

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09 Managed accommodation

Combine and integrate systems for a premium living experience.

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Bouncing back from the pandemic, the hotel sector in Europe is expected to grow significantly by 2027*.

Increasingly, hotels and resorts are seen as much more than just places to stay, providing
many of the services we see in stand-alone food and drink, entertainment and fitness businesses.
Hutchi has expertise and experience in all these key sectors.


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