Environmental Policy

"We’re committed to growing our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible – and sustainable –way." Mark Hutchison | Technical Director

Last updated July 2023

Hutchison Technologies Ltd incorporates the principles of fairness, equality, diversity, accountability, responsibility and transparency into every aspect of our Business Code of Conduct. These principles apply to our dealings with our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders at every level of our business.
The information captured in the sections below is intended as a reference point, but it is not exhaustive and is liable to change as corporate social responsibilities evolve.
Hutchison Technologies Ltd promotes fair working practices across our businesses. Our Business Code of Conduct outlines the principles, practices and behaviours that we are committed to upholding in all of our operations. This includes a supplier framework, environmental policy, health & safety policy, an employment framework and our commitment to the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

Our aim is for Hutchison Technologies to uphold and follow the highest standards of environmental awareness and best practice.

As a responsible business, we aim to ensure all reasonable measures are taken to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to support our people to play an active role in this.

Sustainability in our business

We help our customers deliver incredible experiences and remain at the cutting edge of their industries by pushing the boundaries of our own. That means we’re constantly reinvesting in our people, practices, and our business infrastructure. Within these commitments, we take our responsibility for the environment and future generations seriously.

We’re committed to growing our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible – and sustainable – way. Our technology excellence and ethically managed operations have strengthened our position as the technology partner of choice to some of the world’s leading brands.

We believe all businesses should do more than simply meet legal requirements. For Hutchison Technologies, that means taking additional voluntary measures. That’s why we use hybrid and electric vehicles, deploy energy-efficient technology, eco-friendly lighting and use sustainable materials in our manufacturing process.

Policy statement

Hutchison Technologies is committed to effectively managing our environmental performance to minimise the impact of our business on the natural environment and the community.

This commitment extends to all workplaces and colleagues, and to anyone affected by our operations. Our objective is to integrate the assessment, management and control of environmental issues into the management of our business.

Key activities within our ‘Green Growth Strategy’ include:

Organisational responsibilities

While everyone has a role to play in protecting and preserving our environment, Technical Director Mark Hutchison has overall and final responsibility for our environmental policies and practices.

The effectiveness of our Environmental Policy is dependent on the people who are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our work, whether in the office or on-site, are being carried out with due consideration for the environment. Although ultimate responsibility lies with the Director, specific duties are designated to others according to their function, experience and training.

This policy should be monitored and reviewed regularly, particularly as our company changes in nature and size. To ensure this, we will carry out a formal review on an annual basis. Any revisions will be shared with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders as appropriate.

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