Impactful images for people

Video, digital imagery, live streaming. Whatever form it takes, visual media has the power to convey messages and create experiences like nothing else.

At Hutchi we’re experts in the art and science of visual media. We specialise in integrating visual, audio and other technologies to deliver a complete immersive experience for your customers and guests.


Breathing life into space

Video projection mapping turns virtually any surface into a screen, giving you the power to entertain, inspire, convey brand values, or just create a unique and memorable mood.

We’ll supply fixed or portable projection equipment, integrating with lighting and audio for a complete immersive experience. If you don’t want to project onto a specially prepared wall, we’ll install professional screens – standalone or part of an array, flat or curved between 270° and 360°- at practically any size and for any environment.

For a more permanent solution, a video wall can create an extraordinary immersive experience in a reception foyer, fitness studio, nightclub or any space where you need a truly dynamic visual feature. With Hutchi’s LED technology, your wall can incorporate an infinite number of panels to create any size of screen, with no visible joins to break up the image.


Video streaming

Hotels, fitness centres, retail chains and other sectors need to stream live and recorded video across multiple screens. We can configure your hardware and content management system for several rooms in one building, or hundreds of buildings across an international network.


Digital signage and interactive screens

Dynamic digital signage is a powerful communication tool, in any environment. Hutchi can integrate digital information points – touch or motion activated – into video and pixel walls, tablets, kiosks and more, allowing you to instantly change a timetable or a menu, promote an offer, or update a check-in process.

Accredited, but unaffiliated

Other companies are often contracted to particular suppliers or manufacturers, or even owned by them. We’re not. We can source software and hardware from anywhere and anyone in the world. Which means we can always specify precisely the right product and service for your budget and operational requirement.


Visual elements

At Hutchi, we see each project as a unique exercise. We’ll recommend and specify the right combination of integrated technology for your environment and business objectives. In the visual field, key solutions include:

  • Video projection and screens
  • Video walls
  • Video streaming
  • Digital signage/advertising screens
  • Interactive screens
  • Video conferencing/meeting room solutions
  • Live streaming
  • Bespoke video content and programming
  • Kiosks

Our sectors

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Wellness & spa
  3. Retail
  4. Bars & restaurants
  5. Hotels & resorts
  6. Entertainment venues
  7. Workspaces
  8. Education
  9. Managed accomodation

01 Health & fitness

The full spectrum of technologies, seamlessly integrated to lift your facility to another level.

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02 Wellness & spa

Combining technologies to create an atmosphere of luxury and calm.

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03 Retail

Transform your retail space to promote longer visits and increased spend.

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04 Bars & restaurants

Unique, memorable experiences, precisely on brand for your business.

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05 Hotels & resorts

Technology integrations and automations for fantastic guest experiences.

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06 Entertainment venues

Exciting, memorable experiences that have customers coming back for more.

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07 Workspaces

Smooth integration of essential business systems, from videoconferencing to digital signage.

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08 Education

Integrations for your whole campus; from teaching spaces to fitness facilities.

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09 Managed accomodation

Combine and integrate systems for a premium living experience.

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Case Studies

Our visual solutions

For three decades and counting, we’ve been building integrated technologies that make spaces work better for people.

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