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Everyone Active had identified an access solution at their Westway Sports and Fitness Centre that was not fit for purpose. We were brought on board to resolve their issue, improving their membership uptake and reducing non-member entries.

  • Automated entry and exit access to gym
  • Full-height glass SlimLane speed gate
  • Dual-way intercom connected to reception
  • Integration with membership system
  • ‘Future ready’ scanner
  • Original turnstiles repurposed to reduce cost

“Our experience working with the Hutchison Technologies team has been really positive from the start. They came up with a user-friendly and welcoming solution to our specific challenge.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

About Everyone Active

Everyone Active, founded in 1987, are the longest established leisure contractor in the UK. The company manages almost 160 fitness centres on behalf of nearly 50 local authorities and trusts all over England.

Everyone Active’s mission is to encourage everyone to participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times per week.

The challenge

“We approached Hutchison Technologies with a very specific challenge; the unmanned turnstiles to our gym were being misused, with many non-paying individuals taking advantage of the facilities by jumping over the gates.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We were approached to find a user-friendly access control solution to secure access to the gym without a need for added staffing. Ian wanted the solution to add security, while maintaining a welcoming feel and enable wheelchair access.

The solution needed to integrate with their membership system to enable unmanned access and enable accurate reporting of footfall to the Everyone Active trust.

Another vulnerable access point was the entrance to the climbing wall, where a magnetic-lock door was positioned. The functionality of this door meant that multiple people were let through in one unlocking, resulting in lost revenue.

The solution

“Hutchison Technologies came up with a user-friendly and welcoming solution. Full-body-height entry portals made of glass would add security without blocking incoming natural light. They even offered to take us round several show sites to see the product in action, ahead of making our final decision.

“They were able to programme the opening and closing rate of the doors to minimise misuse of the member cards, and as a result we saw an immediate uptake in memberships and reduction in non-member entries.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We installed a single glass-fronted 1800mm SlimLane speed gate. The glass gate added the security Westway Sports & Fitness Centre required, while maintaining a bright and welcoming feel. The gates are wide enough to allow wheelchair access, and the high fronted glass made it impossible for anyone to abuse the system by jumping the gate.

We fitted a ‘future ready’ reader, ensuring integration with their membership system and the ability to read QR and other codes. This gave the team more accurate reporting data than they had access to before and ensures their investment remains lucrative for years to come.

We also programmed a 5-minute delay into the member cards to hinder them from entering the gate and passing their card to someone else immediately.

Finally, we installed a two-way intercom linked to reception to facilitate remote customer support to this unmanned entryway.

The two existing turnstiles were removed from the gym entrance and repositioned by the reception for the indoor climbing wall, replacing the original magnetic-lock door. The presence of receptionists made it far less likely that people would jump these gates in their new location.

The result

“Our connection with Hutchison Technologies remains very strong, and we know we can rely on the engineers and our account manager Darren to resolve any issues we might experience.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We delivered an access control solution that fit Everyone Active’s requirements. This first reception-less install for Everyone Active has proven to be a tremendous success, with an immediate uptake in revenue and a smoother user experience for their members.

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