With a focus on enhancing their member experience, we helped David Lloyd to blend light and music with their functional classes to create a unique and intense workout.

  • Evoson loudspeakers producing hi-fidelity audio and instructor vocals
  • Dynamic feature and effect lighting to segment zones
  • 9 screen video wall display
  • MYZONE integration
  • iPad Control & Automation for audio and lighting

The vision

Looking to conquer the demand for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and the explosion of boutique-studios, fitness giant David Lloyd Clubs met the trend head on with ‘Blaze’, an instructor-led timed circuit-style group workout combining cardio, martial arts, strength training and boxing.

The project

David Lloyd chose to elevate the experience in their new Blaze studios using integrated audio-visual solutions.
As David Lloyd’s preferred technology partner, we helped them from conceptual stage to build a premium workout experience of like that had never been seen before.

The solution

We designed a complete pro audio, screen, lighting, and control solution to bring the Blaze experience to life, nurturing group interaction and empowering instructors.

High-performance Bose loudspeakers were selected to enable clear and equal audio coverage combined with exceptional aesthetic design.

To differentiate the Blaze circuit zones and define each individual stage we used overhead RGBW strips. This spectacular array of sequence and shade combinations is individually programmed and controlled, providing a visual guide through rest breaks, countdowns, and energy boosts.

Large format screens display the overall class time as well as a ticker clock for each interval and set period. We integrated the timers with the audio and lighting, creating inspiring sensory countdown prompts, giving both members and instructors complete freedom to lose themselves in the workout.

For those looking to push themselves that extra mile, MYZONE integration screens real-time workout feedback.

The entire audio, visual, and lighting array was pre-programmed and controlled using our proprietary Auto AV and Control AV tech. To begin, the instructor simply selects the class length and their choice of pre-curated tracks from an iPad, complete with a Blaze-branded graphic user interface (GUI).

The result

“Blaze has been a spectacular success. The AV doesn’t just look and sound amazing – it’s that Hutchison Technologies really understand how behind-the-scenes functionality impacts our member experience. More engaged instructors make for happier and harder working members, which means we’re happy too!”
Michelle Dand, David Lloyd Clubs, Group Health & Fitness Manager

Our end-to-end pro AV solution delivers an incredibly immersive experience for David Lloyd Clubs in-house boutique Blaze. Through ultramodern aesthetics, seamless tech integration, and intuitive control, we created an enhanced and authentic fitness experience to rival even the very best of independent gyms. A national rollout continues across at least 50 of the group’s clubs.

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