In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, where customer experience reigns supreme, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has become a game-changer for hotels, restaurants, and bars. Gone are the days when a comfortable bed and good food were enough to satisfy guests; today, it’s all about creating memorable experiences that delight all the senses. Let’s look at the role technology integrations play in the hospitality industry, and explore how different types of businesses apply them to wow their guests.

Enhancing Ambiance in Hotels

Hotels are no longer just places to stay; some have transformed into meticulously designed escapes that promise an immersive experience from check-in to check-out Perhaps they’re met by the gentle scent of sandalwood and soft warm lighting as they descend into the hotel’s spa facilities, where the staff greets them by name thanks to the automated notification triggered by the geotagged keycard scan. This not only sets the tone for the guest’s stay, but also creates a lasting first impression. Moxy, a brand of affordable boutique hotels, offers a stylish twist with its contemporary interior design and use of technology to create a luxurious ambience for guests. Jewel tones, spotlights, professional audio, and a welcome from the iconic fuchsia LED sign, guests know what to expect from their visit – for a fraction of the cost.

In-room entertainment has also undergone a transformation with the integration of smart TVs, streaming services, voice-activated controls, and even in-room fitness classes. Guests can personalise their stay at the touch of a button; from adjusting room lighting to playing their favourite playlist on professional quality sound systems.

Modern access control systems, such as car park barriers, QR code scanners, key card entry, and flow monitoring can all be integrated into your guest journey, to allow for a secure stay and up-to-date data control. This means that your guests can enjoy their visit comfortably and safely.

Dining Delights in Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, AV technology has become ingrained in the modern dining experience. Digital menu boards not only showcase mouth-watering dishes but also allow for dynamic updates based on availability and seasonal offerings. Interactive table displays or table-top QR codes can provide additional information about the menu items, enhancing the overall dining engagement. EBONY, a Dubai-based interactive restaurant, has taken its dining experience to another level by using table-top sized tablets for customers to order on, watch their meal being prepared, and of course – eat upon. Whilst tablet-based ordering has become increasingly popular over the last few years, this application is unique in allowing customers to experience their whole dining journey using the technology, revolutionising premium cuisine technology.

In many fast-food settings, the whole ordering process has been automated through touch-sensitive displays, allowing the staff to focus on the preparation and delivery of food.

When it comes to atmosphere, ambient lighting and soundscapes can be synchronised to create a specific mood, whether it’s a romantic dinner setting or an eclectic vibe for social gatherings. From LED lighting strips to spotlights, some avant-garde establishments have even adopted projection mapping to transform dining tables into dynamic canvases, offering a multisensory feast for diners.

Revolutionising Nightlife in Bars

Bars and clubs, with their lively and dynamic nature, thrive on the crowd’s energy but often coast on the wings of impactful tech. AV technology takes centre stage in enhancing these spaces, offering a range of possibilities. LED screens behind the bar or DJ booth can display custom visuals or live social media feeds, connecting and fostering a sense of community.

Professional, powerful audio systems equipped with advanced acoustics and spatial sound technology ensure that every beat is felt, creating an energetic experience. And for those slower, cozy nights, where the jazz plays on and on, or the band plays their favourite acoustic covers, a tailored sound installation can ensure the music still resonates in just the right way.

Powerful lighting installations like blacklights, moving heads, and programmed LED strips add impact where screens are unviable. Some bars have even embraced interactive installations, allowing customers to participate in creating visual displays or even controlling aspects of the music playlist through mobile apps, using customised software. All of this in a bid to create the most memorable night out possible.

Tailoring AV Experiences to Venue Atmospheres

The applications of AV technology differ across these venues, adapting to the unique needs of each venue and their visitors. While hotels focus on creating a seamless and personalised stay, restaurants aim to blend technology with atmosphere and convenience, and bars thrive on the synergy of audio and visuals to amplify the nightlife experience.

Integrating AV technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for hospitality businesses aiming to stay ahead of the competition Looking ahead, we can see that technology will continue to impact how we eat, sleep, and revel in entertainment.

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Hotels across the globe are engaged in fierce competition: who can create the most intricate, immersive, experience-enhancing, and/or wacky guest experiences? We’re taking a little trip around the globe to have a look at the most memorable tech solutions of in the hospitality industry to date. Join us and let us know if you agree with our list.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 15.36.22

Sensory Soundscapes at W Hotel, Barcelona
As you walk into the lobby at the W Hotel in Barcelona, you enter a dynamic sound environment that adapts to the time of day and the crowd’s energy. This amazing immersive sound installation sets the tone for an auditory journey unlike any other, and it’s often used as a collaborative project with local artists and DJs to mimic Barcelona’s vibrant city streets. A truly innovative AV solution that attracts crowds from all over.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 15.44.29

Acoustic Luxury at Rosewood London
Rosewood London takes a different approach by incorporating acoustic panels and soundproofing technologies in their rooms. Guests can enjoy a tranquil and noise-free environment, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. The AV technology ensures that the auditory experience is as luxurious as the rest of the hotel.

Digital Canvas at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
Situated amidst the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan has redefined visual experiences. The hotel’s façade serves as a massive digital canvas, showcasing vibrant interactive art installations. This visual spectacle transforms the entire building into a dynamic work of art, captivating guests and passers-by alike.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 15.49.51

Mood Altering Lights at CitizenM, Amsterdam
CitizenM in Amsterdam pioneers the use of customisable in-room tablets that allow guests to control every aspect of their stay, including the hue and intensity of their room lighting. The hotel uses innovative technologies to create a mood-enhancing atmosphere, allowing guests to tailor their room’s atmosphere according to their preferences.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.08.05

Dynamic Exterior Lighting Extravaganza at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai
The iconic Burj Al Arab takes luxury to new heights with its dynamic lighting system. The sail-shaped structure comes alive at night with a choreographed display of lights accentuating its architectural brilliance. The interplay of colour and light transforms the hotel into a beacon of opulence, visible from miles away. Cleverly, guests inside are undisturbed by this eye-catching display, meaning they won’t lose any sleep while they are at the centre of a lighting spectacle that draws visitors from across the globe.

Robotic Access Control at Henn-na Hotel, Japan
Henn-na Hotel in Japan has embraced the future with robotic staff and cutting-edge access control systems. Facial recognition technology allows guests entry to their rooms, eliminating the need for traditional key cards. This enhances security, saves the hotel on plastic waste, and adds a futuristic touch to the overall guest experience.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 16.04.05

Seamless Connectivity at The Peninsula, Hong Kong

The Peninsula in Hong Kong has pioneered intuitive connectivity for their guests. They can control room settings, access hotel services, and even plan their itinerary through a dedicated app. The integration of connective technologies ensures that guests have everything they need at their fingertips.

It’s clear that AV technology has become an integral part of the hospitality narrative for hotels across the globe. From sensory soundscapes to visual spectacles, these inspirational tech systems showcase the limitless possibilities that AV technology brings to the world of hospitality.

At Hutchison Technologies, we are proud to deliver modern AV technologies that will enhance your guest’s stay, create seamless guest experiences, and guarantee that a stay at your hotel is truly unforgettable.

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Hydrohex: Hutchison Technologies latest partner in Aquafitness

Hydrohex is a virtual workout platform for swimming pools that activates quiet pool times with engaging and immersive fitness content. The cinematic underwater views and inspiring instruction, categorised clearly into four class types, have proven instant success among members as well as supporting pool operations.

Hutchison Technologies is proud to be partnering with Hydrohex to deliver a series of IP-rated screens and audio solutions that can transform pool hall activities, programmes, and experiences when using Hydrohex’s virtual aquafitness classes. To celebrate this partnership, we spoke with Hydrohex in their latest blog about the concerns when it comes to safely installing AV technologies poolside and how these solutions can revolutionise pool facilities. 

Diving into the Future: Redefining Pool Experiences with AV Solutions

As the digital revolution sweeps across diverse sectors, swimming pools are beginning to ride the wave of opportunity provided by digital solutions.  Our journey at Hydrohex, coupled with our successful collaborations with partners like Hutchison Technologies, has led us to embrace the dynamic potential of Audiovisual (AV) solutions. In this article, we delve into the benefits of screen installations in pool facilities and walk you through vital technical insights for seamless integration.

Why Screens and Displays Make Waves in Swimming Pools

Integrating screens in swimming pool environments offers a plethora of exciting advantages:

Information Flow and Branding: Screens are an excellent medium for sharing essential details like pool rules, opening hours, and upcoming events. Plus, they double as an effective marketing billboard for fitness, swimming, and wellness services.

Visual Safety Aids: Screens can serve as visual safety compasses, displaying emergency protocols and safety guidelines, ensuring everyone enjoys a secure and fun-filled pool visit.

Boosting Engagement: From interactive games to virtual aqua fitness classes and unique educational content, screens can transform the pool experience, captivating and engaging swimmers of all ages.

A launch day in Burlövsbadet, Sweden

Taking it a Step Further: The Symbiosis of Sound and Visuals

To gain a deeper understanding of these benefits and the considerations involved, we turned to our trusted partner, Hutchison Technologies. Known for their extensive experience in AV solution implementations in aquatic facilities, they have valuable insights to share:

AV solutions comprise both screens and audio systems. Could you share the challenges you encounter when installing these elements in pool areas, and how you overcome them?

Screens: The key challenge is retrofitting the screens in an existing pool hall. This can involve installing a structural bracket arrangement to support the screen safely. For a new build project, this is considered at the design stage. We overcame this challenge by carefully surveying and planning each installation. 

Audio: By design, swimming halls are built in a certain way, making an excellent acoustic environment hard to achieve. The construction consists of hard reflective surfaces with large volumes, creating a loud environment with many echoes where the noise can reach extreme levels.

Delivering a high-performing audio solution in a swimming hall requires careful consideration of the acoustics. The audio systems need to perform well for vocal intelligibility and motivational music. Stage one is an acoustic assessment and advice on controlling the ambient noise level and the acoustic reverberation performance. The benchmark is an Upper limit for the indoor ambient noise level LAeq,30mins dB, and an RT60 reverberation time between 1.5 – 2.0 seconds.

In a few sentences, can you explain how you ensure that screens fit well into the overall design of the pool area, while maintaining their practical function?

Current LED Screen technologies come with low-profile mounting solutions that allow the screens to be prominent and impactful but not intrusive. Once the correct location is selected based on the range of applications the display will service, the installation is planned, considering trims, and finishing details to ensure the result is in keeping with the pool hall aesthetics.  

Screens have a clear visual impact, but how do you ensure audio systems are also given due consideration in the overall pool design without compromising their functionality?

Achieving high-quality intelligible audio in a swimming hall takes careful planning, design, control of the acoustic environmental factors and the correct loudspeaker selection for the main application and the speaker placement.  

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for swimming halls, and each project requires careful consideration and design. Selecting high-performance products that perform proficiently in the vocal frequency range for high intelligibility and deliver motivational music performance with depth and clarity for aqua aerobics and Gala events.

Can you provide an example of a project where both audio and visual solutions played a crucial role in transforming a pool area, emphasising the impact of each?

We have delivered many successful Aquatic Centres, Health Club, Spa swimming and Therapy pool projects. Our guiding principle is to consider the project brief, customer use case, ambient noise levels, acoustic reverberation performance, and acoustic control measures (and opportunities to add acoustic absorbent materials) – then, we design the professional Audio Solution considering the anticipated acoustic performance of the space. 

Swimming Centre Matinkylä, City of Espoo, Finland

Crucial Insights for Successful Screen Integration

To ensure that your screens perform optimally in a pool environment, here are some technical considerations to keep in mind:

Selecting IP-Rated Screens: Pool spaces pose challenges like humidity and water splashes. IP-rated screens, built to resist moisture, are a dependable choice for such environments.

Maintaining Safe Distances: To prevent damage and ensure safety, screens should be placed at a safe distance from the water’s edge. IP-rated displays need to be a minimum of 2 metres away, while non-IP-rated displays should be 3.5 metres away. An elevation of 2.5 metres above the water is also acceptable for either.

Addressing Glare: Glare from windows or open-air pools can affect screen visibility. Choosing a screen with the right brightness can help combat this issue. LED walls and outdoor screens, with brightness exceeding 2000 nits, ensure optimal visibility even under strong light.

In Summary

Integrating AV solutions, especially screens, into swimming pools opens up a world of possibilities to enrich the pool experience. They can revolutionise how we interact with pool spaces, enabling effective communication, enhancing safety, and ramping up engagement. However, for successful and lasting integration, thoughtful consideration around IP-rated screens, safe screen-to-water distances, and screen brightness is paramount.

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The hospitality industry is regaining its momentum nicely, but a hidden storm brews beneath the surface: a staffing crisis. From skyrocketing labor costs, higher expectations of working flexibility, and a historically high turnover rate, hotel operators are finding it harder than ever to secure the manpower they need. But fear not, hoteliers! There’s a beacon of hope shining brighter than any room service light: smart technology. And the best part? It’s an unsung hero and a dazzling showman, all in one.

Imagine guests gliding through a contactless check-in via sleek access control, empowered by facial recognition and digital key distribution. No need to queue and wait for a receptionist to take their details. Meanwhile, your reception staff, freed from the mundane, can focus on what truly matters – personalized service and genuine hospitality. This is the magic of automation, the first step in your tech-powered staff-saving journey, accessible to everyone, regardless of tech savviness.

Step into a guest room upgraded with smart control tablets. Guests can adjust the temperature, order room service, book a spa treatment, or request towels with a tap, minimizing the need for phone calls and frantic housekeeping sprints. They even explore entertainment and leisure from within their room, through virtual leisure providers and streaming services. It’s efficiency at its peak, freeing your valuable staff to handle more complex tasks and cultivate guest relationships. And for guests less comfortable with technology? Simple, intuitive interfaces and clear instructions ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of smart living.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now, step behind the curtain. Subtle sensors monitor guest activity, adjusting lighting and temperature based on occupancy and preferences, saving energy and ensuring comfort. Smart systems anticipate needs before they arise, notifying housekeeping of refill requirements seamlessly and keeping the experience frictionless.

And then, the show begins. Powerful visual displays transform the lobby into a canvas of art and light, showcasing your hotel’s unique personality or displaying local landmarks. Eye-catching feature lighting dances across architectural details, guiding guests into secondary spend areas like your bar, lounge, spa, or restaurant. Well-tuned sound fills the air, creating a symphony of ambiance that complements every moment.

Here’s the bottom line: in a world starved for qualified staff and demanding environmental action, smart technology isn’t just a luxury, it’s a multifaceted magician and maestro. It streamlines operations, empowers guests, reduces costs, and protects the planet, all while disappearing into the background and then stealing the spotlight, creating an unforgettable guest experience.

And when you partner with us, we’ll tailor a solution that’s as unique as your hotel and its guests. We’ll ensure everyone, from tech geeks to technophobes, can enjoy the benefits of a smarthotel experience.

Remember; in a world of automation, human touch remains king. Smart technology empowers your staff, not replace them.

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The traditional image of a hotel business hub – a dusty corner filled with forgotten binders and clunky fax machines – is rapidly becoming outdated. In today’s dynamic hospitality landscape, the executive lounge has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a critical hub for corporate productivity.

For busy executives, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, this meticulously designed space represents a strategic resource, enabling the integration of business and leisure travel – or ‘bleisure travel’. It’s worth understanding the full scope of what’s on offer in a modern business suite, and why any hotel should consider dedicating some spaces to one.

The Techy Parts

Connectivity: At the heart of any productivity hub lies fast, reliable broadband. Imagine video conferencing running flawlessly, documents uploading instantaneously, and deadlines met effortlessly – all fuelled by the secure and robust backbone of a superfast Wi-Fi connection.

Versatile Meeting Spaces: From brainstorming sessions to formal presentations, these adaptable rooms cater to diverse needs. Think flexible layouts, cutting-edge technology that encourages collaborative ideation both in the room and with online participants. Or offer privacy pods for 1-2-1 meetings, calls, and a moment of quiet.

Streamlined Document Management: Paperwork, though inevitable, need not be a cumbersome process. High-quality printing, scanning, and cloud integration transform document management into a streamlined and efficient experience.

Comfort and Focus

Ergonomic Sanctuary: Work shouldn’t come at the expense of physical well-being. Imagine adjustable chairs designed for optimal posture, ample legroom for movement, and even standing desks for those seeking a change of perspective. Multiple monitors, docking stations for various devices, and configurations that adapt to individual needs mean that guest just show up and plug-in, it’s that simple.

Power Flow: Laptops, the workhorses of the modern era, demand constant nourishment. Strategically placed power outlets throughout the space ensure uninterrupted workflows, eliminating the frustration of low battery warnings and frantic cable searches.

Considerate Acoustics: The constant tip-tapping of keyboards, buzzing of notifications, and chimes of every Teams call will send even the calmest exec into a frenzy. A good business suite therefore installs acoustic treatment on walls, ceilings, and maybe even between desks to absorb some of that excess sound.

Fuel for Mind and Body: Beyond technology, a well-stocked coffee bar with healthy snacks provides sustenance for both the mind and body. Additionally, a dedicated relaxation zone offers a haven for those crucial mental breaks, facilitating recharged focus and renewed productivity.

Don’t Forget About the Human Touch

Personalised Touches, Lasting Impact: Remembering guest preferences, stocking their favorite snacks, and setting up their preferred meeting room layout – these small gestures transform the experience from transactional to truly personal, fostering guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Sleek Integration: Consider whether there’s an easy way for your guests to access the business suite from their room, book a meeting room, and pre-order refreshments if they’re bringing in third-parties. Does it happen via an app or an in-room tablet, or do they interact with reception for custom requests?

24/7 Access for Unrelenting Productivity: The business world never sleeps, and neither should your access to tools for success. Extended hours or even 24/7 access for registered guests cater to the globetrotting executive and the midnight oil burner alike.

The modern productivity hub isn’t just an amenity; it’s a strategic investment. Attracting corporate clientele, forge lucrative partnerships with local businesses, and solidify your hotel as the go-to destination for the busy, modern traveler. This powerful asset unlocks new revenue streams, enhances guest satisfaction, and cements your position as a leader in the hospitality industry.

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Bringing modern solutions to traditional aesthetics at Glengoyne Distillery 

Glengoyne Distillery, nestled on the outskirts of Glasgow, is a renowned producer of premium whisky and spirits in the heart of Scotland. One of its standout features is its immersive guided whisky tours for its guests, which are set against the picturesque backdrop of the local hills and glens.

The team at the distillery approached us through our showcase campaigns on social media, seeking to upgrade their visual and connective system in order to blend with the traditional, sleek setting of their visitor experience centre.

Glengoyne had an existing visual system for presenting videos and information during tours within their comfortable relaxation area. However, the system was outdated and was frequently disrupted by display issues. It was time for a sleek, modern upgrade that seamlessly integrates with the room’s aesthetic and is user-friendly for onsite employees. Our task was clear: to enhance the guest experience through innovative technology solutions that did not distract from the tours and the traditional setting of the room.

Working closely with the distillery’s team, we replaced the outdated screens with two commercial-grade 65” Samsung screens – blending into the space with architecturally trimmed white frames. These screens, resembling framed pictures, elevated the room’s ambience while delivering superior video quality.

To streamline operations, we installed a Brightsign Unit – a commercial signage media player – for easy content management and playback. This dedicated unit eliminated the need for cumbersome laptop connections, allowing employees to access and upload content effortlessly from anywhere within the network. Additionally, we connected a Bluetooth system for direct input from users’ mobile devices into a pre-existing audio setup – ensuring a smooth sound experience.

What sets this project apart is the discreet yet powerful technologies that are woven into the space. While the setup may appear minimalist, its functionality and connectivity offer a truly immersive experience for guests.

After installation, our team trained the onsite employees at Glengoyne on the new systems’ capabilities. Through these comprehensive sessions, we ensured that the client was fully equipped to maximise the potential of combined solutions.

Following the successful integration, we maintain regular communication with Glengoyne’s team, providing ongoing support and assistance with maintenance as needed. Our collaboration with the distillery was a testament to our commitment to bringing modernity to the most traditional spaces. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and we cannot wait to get started on similar projects.

Looking to create an incredible cycle studio vibe, UK based premium hotel chain Village Hotels chose an immersive solution.

The Project

Village Hotels partnered with Les Mills to offer THE TRIP™ to their guests across four of their locations in the UK. As the preferred technology partner for Les Mills, we were asked to install this immersive solution for the hotel chain.

The solution

We worked with Village Hotels to map out the requirements for each space. We ensured the right speakers were used for peak audio performance while complimenting the aesthetic components of the environment.

We lit the darkened, yet cinematic studio through the illumination of bike tiers, with floor-mounted diffused LED strips defining the different levels. We complimented this with encapsulated overhead RGB digital strips to extend the tunnel-effect produced by the video content into the studio.

The team at Village Hotels wanted control over the feature lighting to complement the content on screen. This was made possible through a custom integration between our proprietary lighting control interface and the Les Mills app.

The result

Village Hotels were first to leverage studio lighting for immersive fitness. The final result was a vision of powerful forward-motion video content and finely calibrated AV. 

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An elegant audio visual solution to reflect the luxury lifestyle ethos of this ultra-heritage brand.

The vision

In 2015 a French fashion house began an extensive renovation of the iconic Time Life building, London. We worked their operational management team, designers, and contractors to create a comprehensive audio solution for their flagship UK store. 

The project

The interior design was to capture the spirit of this signature French brand throughout the use of all-natural materials down to terracotta mosaic floor featuring their logo. We worked across the brand’s operational management team, designers and contractors to create a complete audio solution to complement and enhance their brand essence.

The solution

Bose® Pro ceiling speakers were chosen for their premium audio and unobtrusive design in the luxury retail space. iPads provide full access to audio settings, enabling adjustments within departments or modifications to showcase a new display.

Digital signage screens were installed behind mirrored panels and then effortlessly integrated into the store’s high-end fixtures. This enables marketing content, such as runway footage either scheduled in-store or uploaded direct from their Parisian head office to provide unparalleled brand continuity.

In-store events were an integral part of the vision for the new space. The audio volume and tone had to be universally controllable by the management team, and offer precise sounds at all times; therefore, a sophisticated audio solution was vital.

The team worked to curate classical sounds to work with the variant use of space with tones which could easily accompany the clink of champagne saucers, or simply minimise the tête-à-tête of background conversation during special events. Moreover, the pro audio installation selected had to maintain the prestige of this retail setting.

The result

We have supplied premium audio quality, flexible enough to negotiate the demands of a beautiful interior space, whilst providing scalability for hosting in-store events. Aesthetically and operationally, the audio visual installation has enabled the haute couture brand to elevate their flagship investment to full effect.

By collaborating closely with the site’s operations team, we provided an integrated solution to seamlessly enhance the elegance of the brand.

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For the last few years, we have been delivering a variety of lighting, audio, visual, and access control installations across a variety of retail setups. From flagships and boutiques to multi-site stores, we create innovative, seamless spaces that control foot flow and create unforgettable consumer experiences.

The vision

Being centrally based and on a large scale, the vision for this store was to draw focus to the journey customers would experience from the moment they walk in through the door. Community participation and presence within the store was great motivation for the store’s location, therefore having the professional tech to deliver was a must.  

The project

Having previously worked with the client, this store was the first in a brand-new experiential shopping concept within the brand portfolio. We delivered a variety of technologies recently throughout a flagship store, from audio, to centralised control, and acoustic treatments. The space lends itself now not only as a clothing store but also as a space for people to meet to have coffee, take pictures, share content on social media, be pampered, and attend DJ-led events.

The solution

The store facilitates an expansive layout, hosting multiple departments, and comprises three floors: the men’s department in the basement; ladies’ wear on the ground floor; and ladies, kid’s wear, and makeup bar on the first. Each of the floors has ‘zones’ that host certain products or that project vibes more suited towards the consumer shopping within that specific area. We also delivered speakers and Bluetooth connectivity in the staff-only areas, allowing the store employees to not only sync their devices and play music, but lending the space to extend out to hosting community events.

To make sure that the store was getting the best quality audio for the correct levels permitted throughout the space, we used the same speaker – SONANCE Cabinet – throughout each of the zones – maintaining the same high quality and ambient levels. These speakers are high-grade and can often be found in commercial ranges, high-end brands, and cinema setups. Having worked with them prior to this project, our in-house technicians knew that they would be the perfect fit for this space. To customise them to fit perfectly, our team painted the speakers to match the exact colour palette of each of the departments and zones – blending them seamlessly. For example, in the men’s department, the aesthetic is traditionally darker and more masculine, the speakers were painted a darker Pantone to suit this. Each of these speakers is positioned uniquely and mounted individually to get the ideal sound.

The store managers centrally control the zones via an iPad, through which we ran our custom software and app. Playlists, sound levels, and audio patterns have been automatically programmed, however, managers are able to manually set the levels in each of the zones if there are events running. The automated sequences have been programmed to detect the current ambience of the store and run output audio that will reflect this. For example, if it is busier, the music will play slightly louder and upbeat.

The design of this space was a unique concept for us and a new opportunity to design a custom setup. Each floor was different to the next, resulting in certain areas requiring more coverage, speakers, balancing, and calibration to work alongside the other speakers in that area. At Hutchison Technologies we always make sure that a project is delivered perfectly and exactly to the client specification. We spent more time on site with this project to make sure of exactly that, manually checking that each speaker installed was perfectly Equalized to the exact spec. The sound needed to match the aesthetic of the store and focus on the experiential perspective the client was visioning. Our team reflected on the walk-through of a customer’s experience whilst on the shop floor, tweaking each zone to shift slightly on a subconscious level. For example, the audio was to be lower and softer in the kid’s section, whereas if there was an area which had party dresses and clothes, it was to be livelier.

The biggest challenge our team faced during this project was the size of the store and the existing ceiling obstacles. We had to consider fully the placement of the speakers in order to allow them to work efficiently, avoiding distortion, and making sure there were no dead zones. When conducting our walk-throughs, we had to readjust or move certain speakers to get that perfect flow. Our team worked effortlessly around lighting boxes and escalators, to ensure they were safely installed, accessible, and hidden from customers.

We continue to be the brand’s sole AV provider and we are continuing to work on various other locations. We look forward to seeing what new solutions and innovative technologies we will bring to their next setup.

For the last couple of years, we have delivered a variety of audio, lighting, visual, and seamless control solutions across ANGUSalive’s leisure facility and campus sites. As their chosen AV partner, we have worked together to create environments that encourage and motivate members in their workouts and fitness classes.

The vision

ANGUSalive is the local culture, sport and leisure trust for Angus County. They offer a range of services, activities, and events across Sports & Leisure; Museums, Galleries & Archives; Theatre & Venues; Countryside Adventure and Libraries. A not-for profit, they seek to reinvest in the local community in providing the availability of services and venues to the residents of Angus.

The project

Throughout our partnership, ANGUSalive have brought us on to facilitate integrating audio, visual, lighting, and control solutions across many of their local establishments. We recently worked with them to deliver a series of solutions to a newly developed training gym in Forfar Community Campus & Academy. In this facility, we provided: lighting fixtures throughout the functional training and cardio zones; audio speakers around the space; and an access wall panel that controls the fixtures.

The solution

We designed an energizing fitness studio for ANGUSalive’s Forfar site that combined the use of striking LED lighting, spotlighting, distributed audio speakers, that are operated by a BrightQ wall panel controller. These technologies seamlessly link up to provide a motivating workout environment for visitors when using the facility. The main gym is broken into two zones: the functional training and weight lifting. Both areas shave concentrated audio for a surround sound experience for members, no matter where they choose to concentrate their workouts.

We developed lighting designs for throughout the fitness suite, which we refined to fit the exact space and specifications perfectly. Due to the large number of machines and concentrated training areas within the suite, we identified that certain areas would need additional illumination – such as within the central weight and boxing zone. We used a series of mounted lights across the ceiling to provide brighter illumination in these areas. Around the perimeter of the functional training zone, we used LED lighting intrusions are controlled by the BrightQ wall panel – which operates as a single universal DMX controller and was programmed by our Technical Development Team to run seamlessly. These lights can be synchronised to suit the audio playing, in set lighting patterns, or as static lighting. Colours have been pre-set and we are able to remotely load additional colours in-house to the system at the site.

Previously the space was running on an older audio system that needed upgrading. We provided a complete overhaul of the gym audio system, integrating a series of fully distributed Mask – 6CT speakers around the perimeter of the zones. We custom toned these speakers to blend into the white of the walls, blending them seamlessly whilst providing maximum audio experience. The audio levels can be controlled by both onsite staff and members of the facility, to ensure a balanced audio experience is achieved.

We look forward to what else our partnership with ANGUSalive will bring over the coming years, and we can’t wait to be involved in their upcoming projects – stay tuned.

Places for People, owners of Places Leisure, is a social enterprise that works with councils and local councils to build community spaces and leisure centres.

With a nationwide reach, they aim to provide all types of places for all types of people, including homes, developments, and leisure facilities. As Places of People’s preferred AV partner, we have collaborated with them throughout their growing portfolio of sites.

Our Services

Our support for the social enterprise ranges from supplying complete AV packages across sites, audio, feature & effect lighting, and iPad control, to immersive studio experiences and much more. With a continuously growing portfolio of sites, Places for People needs an experienced AV team that can deliver, implement, and provide effective aftercare solutions consistently. That is where our team of qualified experts and technicians come in.

Most recent projects

Recently, the Places for People team have brought us in to help design, integrate and maintain all AV and tech systems in their Wokingham Leisure Centre and Camberley sites. For both of these projects, we were brought on board right at the start to help configure the required solutions alongside other contractors, to ensure a smooth delivery upon build-time. Upon delivery, our team stayed to train the staff who would be running the site, to ensure everyone was up to speed and knew how to make the most of these bespoke systems.

Our services for these two facilities were not limited to the gym spaces: we were able to optimize and improve the member experience from start to finish, from the music they hear the moment they enter the facility, to the all-round tannoy systems throughout the facility To achieve this, we worked very closely with the PFP team and used all our industry experience and project management know-how to ensure the result was as strong as the pitch.


The reception desk received a full tannoy setup, which we interlinked with the in-ceiling speakers across the facility to provide great-sounding background audio, as well as clear safety and staff announcements across the site.

Pools and Public Spaces

We installed background audio in all public settings including the café areas, therapy rooms, pools, changing rooms, corridors and kids play zones, and each zone was calibrated to ensure the sound worked within the differing environments without compromising on sound quality. Anywhere the audio needed to be individually controllable, we provided iPad controls to enable the staff to calibrate the experience manually.

Behind the scenes, we also installed a systematic network of cabling that extends to all tech solutions within the centres and covers the whole facility in reliable WiFi coverage for members and staff to use.

Fitness Spaces

When it came to the gym floor, we provided a punchier foreground sound system, lighting installations and eye-catching displays along the walls to allow members to tune into the latest news, sports or entertainment while working out. The zones are individually controllable via an easy-to-use iPad control tablet available to staff to adjust lighting and audio levels as required throughout the day.

Exercise Studios

For the studios, we pulled out all the stops. From completely controllable RGBW LED lights and stunning projection and TV displays for virtual classes, to plug-and-play music systems for the instructors to use to personalize their classes. The piece-de-resistance for each site is the immersive Les Mills Cycle Studio, complete with oversized projection, programmed RGBW feature lighting designs and fully calibrated powerful sound.

What it means to have Hutchison Technologies as AV partner

From the start right through to the ongoing aftercare of the final setup, we have been there to assist in the needs and wants of Places for People, be it a health & fitness-based project, or otherwise.

“The support provided has been excellent, right from initial concept through to final delivery and the finished product really has that wow factor.” Martin Anderson | Capital Projects Director, Places Leisure Camberley

Our delivery of so many technology services allows for a seamless integration that can be remotely accessed, therefore reducing time and money spent on updates and repairs, if at all necessary.

When discussing their experience with working with us, it was our user-friendly and seamless integration that stood out.

It’s all just at the click of a button! The simplicity of use is simply amazing and means that anyone can recreate this multi-dimensional experience and not just the tech-savvy. This is great as it means that any visitor to the centre can enjoy this activity at a time that suits them outside any programmed sessions, offering them convenience and most importantly a bit of fun whilst they work out” – Martin Anderson | Capital Projects Director, Places Leisure Camberley.

When asked about our ongoing partnership and further recommendations to other businesses operating within the industry, Martin commented that “The collaborative partnership that we have in place with Hutchison’s has been fantastic and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking to take on a similar project”.

Wanting to know more on how we can help you upgrade your setup? Eager to collaborate on delivering a premium experience to your space? Contact us today!

ISE looked to enhance their cycle studio to benefit their whole community.

The vision

The Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) at the University of Dundee had a vision to enhance their member experience through a new state-of-the-art indoor cycling facility.

They hoped that by improving the member experience, they could improve membership across students on campus, alumni and the wider community. This included members participating in their Active Living exercise programmes, which aim to give a choice of fun and sociable opportunities to anyone over the age of 60.

The project

ISE wanted to create a competitive member experience, integrating smart bikes from Wattbike into their latest studio upgrade. The team were looking to introduce a professional audio visual solution as part of the upgrade to take their spin classes to a new, immersive level.

The solution

We provided a complete audio visual solution to help the ISE realise their vision.

An impressive 2155mm wide by 1215mm tall video wall was installed in the studio, complemented by two 49” Phillips screens. This ensured uninterrupted visibility around the studio, creating a more immersive experience.

The video wall was programmed, using FitboxVirtual, to display virtual content from Sufferfest. The additional screens were integrated with the Wattbike app, enabling participants’ performance data to be displayed, enhancing the competitive element of the studio.

For the audio solution, we combined legacy audio equipment with new Evoson speakers to deliver great sound while keeping to a reasonable budget to help maintain accessible fees.

To support ease of transition between classes and instructors, the whole solution is touch controlled from a personalised tablet installation.

The result

This was the first Wattbike competitive virtual class available in Scotland and was achieved by Hutchison Technologies integration of the available technologies. We provided a new solution to the Scottish market, utilising and showcasing performance data from the Wattbike App through our integrated audio visual solutions.

“Our aim was to develop a state-of-the-art indoor cycling facility. Our partnership with Wattbike, SUF Cycling and Hutchison Technologies allowed us to recognise that goal, with the winners being all our customers here at the Institute of Sport & Exercise, (ISE), University of Dundee,”
Osla Allen | Exercise Programme Manager, ISE

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Nuffield Health had the vision to transform an underused area of their flagship City Gym site into the biggest and best spin studio in London.

The vision

Nuffield Health is the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the United Kingdom. Established in 1957 the charity operates 31 Nuffield Health Hospitals and 111 Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms. As the UK and Europe-wide audio visual specialists, we have worked with Nuffield Health on a number of technology integration projects including their London project to develop an underutilised space of their flagship London City gym.

The project

City Gym’s greatest challenge was also its greatest asset – the appointment of the new spin studio beneath the site’s spectacular railway arches. Our role was to design and implement a fully-inclusive AV solution to enhance the site’s spectacular backdrop of railway arches.

The solution

The exposed brick backdrop of the subterranean studio leant itself perfectly to innovative lighting, with the application of analogue RGB strips to illuminate walkways and racked seating for over 65 bikes. Over 50 meters of short horizontal digital RGB strips were affixed into acoustic baffles around the perimeter of the studio mitigating the effect of excess sound while engaging riders’ peripheral vision to create a tangible sense of onward movement. Overhead, digital RGB strips were suspended equidistantly along the length of the arched ceiling, creating the sensation of forward momentum and drawing the eye towards the focal point of the studio, a 4-metre-wide HD projection screen, framed by the railway arch.

As part of our ongoing relationship, we have been on hand to assist with any maintenance or upgrades required within the facility. In late 2023, the studio was ready for an upgraded projector in order to ensure the continued smooth running of top-quality classes. We decided to work with our partners at Epson, who helped us select the perfect projector to suit this space. To accommodate the new projector, our team had to fine-tune the position of the projection cradle, avoiding cut-off content and ensuring members receive the best class experience possible.

The result

“We set out to create the best indoor cycling space in the country, and we’ve met that expectation. The lighting, sound and video in the room are a major part of the experience, and Hutchison Technologies designed a system that delivers the ‘wow’ factor, whilst still being simple for the instructors to use. The feedback from the members has been amazing, and the cycling studio is now a major focus point on our guided tours for potential new members.”
Rick Crawford, Fitness Innovation & Development Manager

Through acoustic treatment, seamless tech integration, and intuitive instructor control, Nuffield City Gym was able to create their vision of a sensory spin experience in their unique venue. 

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With a focus on enhancing their member experience, we helped David Lloyd to blend light and music with their functional classes to create a unique and intense workout.

The vision

Looking to conquer the demand for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and the explosion of boutique-studios, fitness giant David Lloyd Clubs met the trend head on with ‘Blaze’, an instructor-led timed circuit-style group workout combining cardio, martial arts, strength training and boxing.

The project

David Lloyd chose to elevate the experience in their new Blaze studios using integrated audio-visual solutions.
As David Lloyd’s preferred technology partner, we helped them from conceptual stage to build a premium workout experience of like that had never been seen before.

The solution

We designed a complete pro audio, screen, lighting, and control solution to bring the Blaze experience to life, nurturing group interaction and empowering instructors.

High-performance Bose loudspeakers were selected to enable clear and equal audio coverage combined with exceptional aesthetic design.

To differentiate the Blaze circuit zones and define each individual stage we used overhead RGBW strips. This spectacular array of sequence and shade combinations is individually programmed and controlled, providing a visual guide through rest breaks, countdowns, and energy boosts.

Large format screens display the overall class time as well as a ticker clock for each interval and set period. We integrated the timers with the audio and lighting, creating inspiring sensory countdown prompts, giving both members and instructors complete freedom to lose themselves in the workout.

For those looking to push themselves that extra mile, MYZONE integration screens real-time workout feedback.

The entire audio, visual, and lighting array was pre-programmed and controlled using our proprietary Auto AV and Control AV tech. To begin, the instructor simply selects the class length and their choice of pre-curated tracks from an iPad, complete with a Blaze-branded graphic user interface (GUI).

The result

“Blaze has been a spectacular success. The AV doesn’t just look and sound amazing – it’s that Hutchison Technologies really understand how behind-the-scenes functionality impacts our member experience. More engaged instructors make for happier and harder working members, which means we’re happy too!”
Michelle Dand, David Lloyd Clubs, Group Health & Fitness Manager

Our end-to-end pro AV solution delivers an incredibly immersive experience for David Lloyd Clubs in-house boutique Blaze. Through ultramodern aesthetics, seamless tech integration, and intuitive control, we created an enhanced and authentic fitness experience to rival even the very best of independent gyms. A national rollout continues across at least 50 of the group’s clubs.

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Bringing wellness, chiropractic care, nutrition and a functional gym studio centre together, the centre provides members with a full 360 fitness journey.

The vision

Surrey-based husband and wife, chiropractor Dr Joe Tilley and Zoe Tilley had the vision to transform peoples’ lives. Having located a facility from which they could offer a complete wellness centre concept, the dynamic duo began to look at ways to develop the fitness studio. Intrigued by the rise of in-house boutique style studios, they wanted to create something unique as part of their journey to wellness programme.

The project

We worked with Joe and Zoe to fully understand their wellness programme and the design they were looking to achieve. The focus was very much on enhancing the audio visual and lighting, to support member motivation and to create ambient settings according to the programme and patient needs.

The solution

With Bose speakers selected alongside digital programming provided through Yamaha Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a large screen display was also fitted to enables participant monitoring of their MYZONE tracking.

The technology is fully controllable through a bespoke iPad interface, giving the Core Wellness Centre instructors one touch control, not only bringing their ideas to life, but allowing pre-programming and live change of all AV and lighting arrangements.

As part of the Core Wellness Centres fitness programme, the team offer a ‘Game Day Workout’ on a Saturday morning, where lighting was critical to highlight the session’s interval workouts. With 45 seconds of intense exercise where the intensity of the lighting increases as your workout gets harder and harder; followed by a 10 second rest period which features white light to signify rest.

The result

“This is our third expansion, and the vision’s kind of gone to the next level with obviously bringing in Hutchison Technologies and creating something that’s now an experience for people.”
Dr Joe Tilley, Co-Founder, Core Wellness

As new fitness offering in the market, Core Wellness Centres chose to focus on key audio visual and feature and effect solutions to enhance their member experience and ensure that their clientele – from 8years+ – was catered for at their flagship Epsom site.

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URBANFITNESS – founded by a love for the great outdoors, and the desire to create an inclusive atmosphere to support member training for everything from a 5k to an Ironman!

The vision

Urban Fitness founder Charles had a vision to create a gym based on the principle of marginal gains. They looked to use the latest kit complimented by engaging audio-visual systems.

The project

Urban Fitness needed an end-to-end solution that covered everything from the cabling to experienceable elements the members interact with. Situated in the basement of a Grade II listed building the audio was limited and capped as per the results of a sound test. We had to deliver an audio-visual solution that delivered the impact that Urban Fitness dreamed of while working around the location challenges.

The solution

We worked with Urban Fitness from the conceptual stage to bring their vision to life.
The flagship site at Aldgate and a second site at Chancery Lane were fitted out with an end-to-end solution from card reader integrated turnstiles to complete audio coverage across the spaces. The site features an exciting spin studio with a large screen to display Les Mills exercise content through FitBox Virtual system.

Chasing tape feature lighting was used to create an impression of forward motion in the spin studio, giving members the motivation to push harder.
As part of their gym’s vibe to feed into the principles of marginal gains, the team change the lighting according to the time of day: in the morning they opt for a cool blue light to wake members up, in the afternoon, to hit that lull period, a display of feature and effect lighting beams across the gym walls to inspire their members as they aim for a more intense workout.

The result

“We would always go back to Hutchison Technologies based on the quality and we know that they’ll see any issue through right to the end and we’ll get the product that we really want.”
Charles Tantrum, Director, URBANFITNESS

Challenging the norm of HIIT boutiques, URBANFITNESS presented us with a blank canvas to design and install the full works for their new gym concept. We have been delighted to be part of their growth from idea to conception.

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Virgin Active looked to enhance their Aldersgate club with premium audio visual solutions.

The vision

Virgin Active is an international brand with over 270 clubs across 10 countries. Their clubs aim to offer the very latest equipment in exceptionally dynamic exercise environments. Occupying 45,000 sq ft on a busy Central London junction, in the basement of a large office building, the chain looked to create a flagship private members’ club at their Aldersgate site.

The project

Virgin Active wanted to create an all-encompassing, multi-sensory member experience, also integrating key fitness floor brands including Wattbike, MYZONE, MyRide+ and SWIMTAG.

The solution

We integrated a pro audio system with Bose® Pro speakers, state-of-the-art projectors, as well as ultra-thin LED video walls and TV screens to enable members to evaluate their performance at every turn.

The result

“The Myride Audio Visual experience is a key differentiator, and our operational focus, is its instructor-led classes. Adding video the way Myride+ does to live classes doesn’t detract from the importance of the instructor. It simply empowers a new, exciting, fully immersive experience.”
Tim Foster, Virgin Active Club Performance Director

Through seamless integration and control of our proprietary and key partner technologies, we have enabled a complete audio visual package for Virgin Active that sets the scene for their flagship site.

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We used a host of tech tricks to create unique subterranean spaces, kitted out in Gymbox’s trademark raw and edgy style.

The vision

As an unconventional disruptor to the boutique fitness market, Gymbox wanted to create something truly unique. They asked us to help them build a brand standard to launch and scale their unique fitness concept.

The project

We worked with the gym’s founder and operational team to provide the full works of integrated technology solutions to bring their brand essence to life.

The solution

Custom beats were a must for this crowd. Gymbox wanted to be able to set their own tone, from smooth daytime tunes to banging night-time beats. The brand standard for the gym floor quickly became Bose® audio. These premium speakers enabled an adaptable, professional sound around the club circuit and now across their entire gym estate.

Speaker placement became part of the overall look and design. Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers were located around the gyms with Bose ControlSpace powering the overall system. Bose Panray subwoofers were also used at the DJ booth to provide kicking bass.

iPad control and digital noticeboards have ensured brand continuity from the start. This gives staff password-controlled access to visual messaging and audio control throughout the club. Instructors can also personalise their playlists for unique classes every time.

Lighting has been synonymous with the Gymbox brand. Everything from coloured spotlights to UV par-cans to bespoke strobe-effect LEDs has been featured across the studio areas.

The result

We’ve been with Gymbox from the start. The brand now encompasses Olympic-sized boxing rings, combat cages, world-class free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers.

We’ve helped the team shape and grow every essence of their technology requirements to showcase these elements, keeping the principles the same, but bringing a disruptive element to the signature style of each new gym.

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D.I.S.C wished to enhance their member experience through the installation of a brand-new cycle studio.

The vision

Leisure & Culture Dundee is an independent Scottish Charity with responsibility for the delivery of leisure, sports, library, information and cultural services in Dundee City and includes D.I.S.C – home to the European Hockey Championships. Recognising their member desire for a functional spin studio, along with the need to manage timetable demands, the team were looking for an audio visual solution to enhance the space.

The project

We reviewed the area which included a gym studio and small group exercise space, and advised on lighting and audio requirements which included a solution to run live and virtual spin classes.

The solution

Created a virtual cycle centre featuring Life Fitness Myride with On Demand classes available should members want to load up a class when one isn’t scheduled. HT installed an additional tablet to enable this functionality.

The result

“We were looking to develop the studio space to give our customers a more diverse and enhanced fitness area and cycle studio, whilst providing flexibility around scheduled classes through the use of virtual classes from Life Fitness MyRide® Virtual. The team at Hutchison Technologies were able to consult and advise on the best methods to do this; which has included the integration of instructor controls into our studio and exercise area and of course the fantastic feature and effect lighting to immerse members in their workout, alongside the virtual class function which will now support our popular timetabled cycle classes.”
John McCafferty, Leisure & Culture Dundee

The Centre’s cycle studio and exercise area now offers a modern and flexible space for members and instructors alike having enjoyed a functional equipment, audio visual and lighting upgrade. The state-of-the-art fleet of ICG bikes combined with the digital technology creates a memorable exercise experience. The unique ‘Coach by Colour’ intensity guide, Watt rate power meter and connectivity to external devices give exercisers the power to personalise, view and track workouts for optimum results. 

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“One of the hottest gyms in London” (GQ).

Victus Soul hosts two slick fitness concepts. HIIT & RUN and HIIT & BOX.

The vision

Victus Soul founders, Paul and Pete, had a vision to create a gym that delivered the best HIIT classes in London. They aimed to take their members on truly immersive fitness journeys with the very best instructors in London.

Everything was designed to create incredible member experiences, from the HIIT & RUN and HIIT & BOX classes, to the friendly staff, to the Soul Bar, giving members the best hour in their busy day.

The project

As new disruptors to the London boutique fitness market, Victus Soul chose integrated audio visual solutions to provide individual studio sounds. They combined this with key feature and effect lighting to achieve a striking HIIT experience for their flagship Aldgate site.

We worked with Victus Soul from an early stage to map out their requirements and help them deliver a carefully designed premium experience from the moment you walk through the door.

The solution

We delivered an end-to-end AV and lighting solution across the entire site to help Victus Soul achieve their vision of creating incredible member experiences.

For the audio across the studios, Soul Bar and changing rooms we installed a distributed audio system, featuring best in class Martin Audio speakers.

To ensure their instructors were clearly heard during classes, we equipped them with wireless microphone systems, with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for added intelligibility.

In each studio, we provided large screens to display timer clocks and workout moves to ensure members know what’s coming up.

We also integrated a dynamic feature and effect lighting solution. LED tape and wash lighting were synced to the EQ of the beat to create the ultimate workout experience.

The technology is fully controllable through a bespoke iPad interface. This gives instructors vastly simplified control of the AV arrangement, allowing them to easily pre-programme the AV and lighting for their classes.

The result

The fully integrated, iPad controlled audio and lighting system help to create the heightened member experience Victus Soul were aiming for. They now offer 60 and 40 minute HIIT&Box and HIIT&Run classes, giving people the best hour of their day.

“We’re looking at opening more sites and looking at some franchising options. We would be working with Hutchison Technologies again to redeploy what we’ve done here.”
Paul Trendell, Victus Soul, Founder

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Les Mills THE TRIP™ at the Mariner Centre

We helped bring Scotland’s first Les Mills THE TRIP™ Immersive Cycling Studio, alongside a host of other technologies, to Falkirk’s Mariner Centre.

The vision

The Mariner Leisure Centre is situated in Camelon, just outside Falkirk. Being ahead of the curve, the Mariner Centre chose to install Scotland’s first Les Mills Immersive Cycling Studio as part of a complete refurbishment of the facility.

The project

THE TRIP™ is a live instructor-led indoor cycling class from group fitness class experts Les Mills. It immerses riders in a virtual world of multifaceted video content, synchronised to the beat of the music. With multi-sensory engagement, the experience aims to take workout motivation and energy output to the next level.
As Les Mills’ preferred technology partner and having completed 14 previous immersive sites, we were asked to deliver Scotland’s first Les Mills Virtual Studio for The Mariner Centre.

The solution

We surveyed the space and specified an Evoson distributed audio solution to ensure balanced audio across the studio, complete with two subwoofers to give warm bass tones.
RGB orbit lighting was recessed into the ceiling with overhead digital RGB tape to create a sense of forward motion.
Two Panasonic Laser Light Source Projectors seamlessly blend mind-bending visuals from THE TRIP™ onto a curved cinema-spec screen, with the Les Mills app providing the control interface. In addition to this, we integrated our proprietary lighting control interface with the Les Mills app, allowing instructors to initiate lighting effects during classes.
Alongside the Immersive Studio, we also integrated Les Mills Virtual into the Mariner Centre’s Impact Studio. With par-can lighting, digital RGB tape, a single projector and screen, Evoson audio and a simple iPad control solution, the Mariner Centre can now run dynamic instructor-less classes, ensuring they get the most out of their AV even at off-peak times.

The result

The complete refurbishment of the Mariner Centre has given it a contemporary health, fitness and family offering. The centre now features a 65-station gym, a fitness studio with virtual integration, a Shapemaster Hub and Scotland’s first Immersive Cycling Studio.

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When the University of Strathclyde wanted to add a new cycle studio to their sprawling Strathclyde Sports facility, our AV projects team brought lighting, visual, control and connectivity technologies to create a personalised, electrifying class experience.

The university unveiled the sprawling facility back in 2021 and has since worked to deliver new and exciting spaces to cater to its growing number of members, students, and staff. The cycle studio is the latest addition in a long line of upcoming projects for the university.

“Hutchison Technologies took the idea in my mind and delivered a fully functional lighting system. We couldn’t be happier with the service.” – Iain McCormack | Learning Space Operations Manager

Strathclyde University briefed us to create a mesmerising indoor cycle experience, with future-proofing and flexibility built-in for other events they might host inside the studio. They asked us to focus on lighting, visuals, manual control tech, and backend software development that would connect all the systems together for ease of use.

When entering the studio, members are met by a 20-strong fleet of bikes, with chevron-style strip RBG digital lighting suspended overhead. The strips were installed at varying heights across the ceiling to create an uphill feel that mimics the virtual classes on the display upfront.

The front-facing wall features a bespoke mural dedicated to Strathclyde sport that the bikes look towards, with a purpose-built platform for instructors and equipment. RGB lighting lines the podium and synchronises with the other lighting in the space.

A series of spotlights and moving heads surround the studio, and provide additional lighting and feature effects, including a personalised University of Strathclyde logo beacon which travels around the room in a pre-determined trajectory.

The Uni of Strathclyde specifically requested MADRIX software to store and control the sequences and code, which runs through to the lighting server off the side of the studio. We can load any requested additional sequences remotely in-house, meaning the studio always has access to new sequences and programs with immediate effect.

Whilst planning out the space, our team knew they would have to work around the exposed vents in the ceiling, as well as plans for future placement of air conditioning units. To overcome this, the team lowered the lights on suspended cables, providing easy access for future installations and access to ceiling units. To ensure no pixel quality was lost due to the circuit lowering, the team added additional LED strips and a DMX decoder to provide a stronger signal.

When it came to installation, our project and engineering teams were praised for their innovative problem-solving, dedication to the project, and attention to detail throughout.

“Hutchison Technologies installation team were a joy to work with. Adapting to the challenges on site and stepping above and beyond to create a great space.” – Iain McCormack | Learning Space Operations Manager

Since launching the studio in the last few weeks, classes have seen a rise in popularity. We maintain an excellent relationship with the University and cannot wait to see what future projects they have for our team.

For the last few years, we have delivered a variety of lighting, audio, and visual installations across Aberdeen Sports Village. As their chosen AV partner, we have worked together to create environments that are both energizing and motivating clients to workout in.

The Vision

Aberdeen Sports Village is one of the top sport and exercise spaces in Scotland, offering an array of incredible indoor and outdoor facilities. The centre truly has something for everyone, from recreational exercisers to elite athletes.

The Project

Over the years of our partnership, Aberdeen Sports Village have looked to upgrade various spaces across their facilities to deliver inspirational environments. Our projects with the centre have included: creating the Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio; integrating audio and lighting with MyZone for their central gym functional zone; optimizing the lighting and audio setup within their Sports and Conditioning studio for national athletes; as well as providing electronic access control points throughout the centre.

The Solution

Back in 2018, we designed immersive spin studio for Aberdeen Sports Village that combined the use of colorful LED lighting, in-ceiling speakers, and visual displays that all sync to deliver users a unique spin experience. All these elements are controlled by instructors using a central iPad control system that starts various sequences and allows for workouts to be launched manually or through digital class scheduling. That’s how we transformed this old storage cupboard into a unique Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio – breathing life into a tired old space and increasing the availability of spin classes to ASV members. It goes to show that no matter what the size of the space, we can create a setup that betters the offering of your studio.

The next project took place on the main gym floor. Aberdeen Sport’s Village’s gym is used by a large number and variety of users, catering to both students and members of the public. In 2019, we were brought on board to introduce new audio and feature lighting solutions to create an energetic, open-plan, functional training zone. We combined various types of lighting solutions like RGB downlighters, COB lights, and Par Cans to dynamically illuminate the gym floor and training rig. To offer live workout feedback, two 55” Philips Displays with live-Myzone integrations were installed onto the training rig. By adding these energizing touches, the entire space was transformed into a motivating, modern training zone for all members.

As well as upgrading the functional training zone, we also updated their TV signal feed on their cardio zones, to ensure Aberdeen Sports Village were able to get the most out of their cardio equipment. We zoned the audio on the gym floor, so the perceived audio levels now remain consistent, regardless of background noise. The AV and lighting are controlled via a simple and intuitive iPad control solution. This allows audio levels and lighting colour, effect, brightness and speed to be adjusted by staff, giving them total, yet simple control of all the new technological features.

2022 brought a new wave of opportunities to upgrade, and of course we were excited to get involved. Aberdeen Sports Village were looking to create a space for their partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union to offer a space for team workouts and strength training. We transformed a secondary, underwhelming spin studio into a ‘Strength and Conditioning Studio’ that is fully equipped with surround LED lighting and cabinet speakers that are automated by a central digital interface and controlled by an access panel on the wall. This setup creates a dynamic and stimulating environment that inspires team members to push themselves within strength training.

Following the pandemic, Aberdeen Sports Village saw an explosion of new memberships and a substantial increase of students on the premises once in-person teaching resumed. To maintain security and membership tracking, we were approached to install and maintain electronic access control gates around the centre. Using a combination of access lanes, speed, and swing gates, we secured the full facility and now provide ongoing support by providing access keycards and other access tokens for the centre. Not only has this ensured security access across the site, but it has also allowed enhanced monitoring of member footfall at Aberdeen Sports Village – thus providing staff with valuable data on peak-times and hot-zones within the facility.

We look forward to what else our partnership with Aberdeen Sports Village will bring over the coming years.

Hutchison Technologies have made the process for creating a space seamless – from the design, the support, the ideas.. They are just excellent in all of these departments 

– Ludwik Metelski, Director of Business and Governance, Aberdeen Sports Village

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The Vision

When GymBox worked with Forty Eight Point One on the development of their new digital signage softwares, they asked us to come on board as their trusted AV partner to help advise on the integration with compatible hardware solutions. 

Our specialist team were asked to provide recommendations on touch screens that would support and augment the software that the client was programming throughout each location. We provided the client with a detailed specification outlining how we would approach this project, and suggested a system on each platform that would be compatible with the required Android systems – which in turn would pull through to the screens.    

The Project

Having provided and discussed the recommendations, we were brought on board to deliver the hardware and ensure compatibility between the screens and Forty Eight Point One’s software. We worked alongside them to bring solutions to various spaces throughout the facility, including within the main receptions and studio setups.   

The Solution

The original screens had been installed roughly fifteen years ago, and thus needed an upgrade. In order to maintain consistency of tech across the sites, our team tried to use as much of the same equipment as they could, and only replace the bare minimum. However, the company that had made the existing touchscreens no longer existed, therefore our team had to develop a solution for them to still be used and run the updates. Our team worked to develop new drivers in-house and made intrinsic code changes to change screen orientations. These changes were then adapted onsite to determine specific touchpoints, sensitivity, and optimum orientation of the screens for users.   

Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made. Each screen has its own Lennox PC on the back of the system through which Forty Eight Point One pushes new content to screens every night; refreshing and playing new content every morning. 

We often use bespoke alterations of hardware and software in our projects, in order to deliver a perfectly tailored result for our clients. Having the ability to make changes spontaneously in-house is one of our biggest strengths as a company. We can set up, test technologies, and programme systems before we take them on site. That way, the solutions will be ready to just ready to plug and play. Being able tackle all aspects internally is a huge advantage and sets us apart from other AV integrators within the industry – who usually require outsourced support for this type of work. 
Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made.  

Client feedback 

Since completing this project with Forty Eight Point One, we maintain an ongoing relationship by providing technical support as part of our aftercare. This includes upgrades to the technology, assisting with any tweaking to programming, and correcting any issues that could possibly come up.  

“Working with Hutchison Technologies has been great! The team has been extremely supportive throughout the project, responding quickly and reliably, and consistently going above and beyond to ensure everything ran according to plan. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and I’m looking forward to our next project together.” 
– Joseph Lion, CTO, Forty Eight Point One 

Hutchison Technologies created an immersive fitness studio experience for The Gym Group, making high quality and experiential group exercise accessible to the masses.
We used best-in-class audio-visual tech and custom-coded integrations with third-party operators to deliver a truly unique and engaging solution for The Gym Group’s members.

The Vision

The Gym Group had a vision to help their members blend at-home and in-gym workouts. They had recently partnered with Fiit, the #1 rated fitness app, to provide their members with access to a catalogue of high-quality on-demand fitness classes. This added an on-the-go element to their offering, and they next wanted to use the same content to create a unique group exercise fitness experience in their gyms.

Bringing an immersive fitness experience to their members that typically had only previously been available in high-end boutique gyms fitted perfectly with The Gym Group’s mission statement, ‘breaking down barriers to fitness for all’.

The Project

To deliver these unique classes in-house, The Gym Group required a virtual studio space that delivered an immersive fitness experience.

The key requirements were that the studio classes be a ‘destination’ experience that gives members a compelling reason to attend in-person; that their members should feel like they’re getting a premium experience; and that these new studios don’t remove useable gym space when not in use.

The Solution

To create a truly unique experience, we built custom-coded integrations which linked to Fiit’s API. This allowed the room’s lighting to mimic the changing lights in the studio where the original videos were recorded, giving members the impression of being in the same studio as the instructor.

To bring this all to life we installed an engaging audio-visual solution, including vertical strips of digital lighting tape and powerful Evoson WS speakers. A 4×4 grid of 49” video wall panels was used to broadcast life-size versions of the Fiit instructors into the studio.

An important part of the brief was that the studio space should be available for general gym use when classes are not scheduled. The Gym Group’s studio architect, Zynk, designed an open-backed space that physically opened the space for wider use. Hutchison Technologies configured the audio set-up so that it integrated with The Gym Group’s background music feed when not playing a Fiit class. This innovative combination of space and AV design made it a truly multi-purpose space.

In addition to this main studio concept, smaller Fiit “pods” were also designed and installed. These pods were configured for one or two people to do an on-demand workout class in a semi-enclosed private workout space in one of The Gym Group’s venues. The intention was to create a home workout away from home. Each pod has an iPad to choose your class, a tv screen to view and listen to the class and single colour LED feature lighting.

The Result

The Gym Group were ahead of the curve in delivering a truly innovative blending of home and in-studio fitness experiences that will become increasingly common in the post-Covid fitness world.

We helped them break down barriers for high-quality immersive group exercise classes; democratising something that had previously been found primarily in exclusive boutique fitness operators and making it accessible to low-cost gym members across the country.

This first installation wasn’t just a one-off concept. It has since been installed at two more sites and has been designed in a way that can easily scale across the rest of The Gym Group’s portfolio of gyms.

“Hutchison Technologies have helped us with our mission to break down barriers to fitness for all. We can now offer a previously exclusive immersive fitness experience in a low-cost gym environment. The way the in-room feature lighting and audio mirrors what’s happening in the FiiT class really gives the impression the instructor is in the room with you.”
Sarah Grime | Design and Development Manager, The Gym Group

What next?

Although classes are currently pre-recorded, the automation has been configured to also allow for instructors in Fiit’s HQ studio to be live broadcast into The Gym Group studios across the country in future. In these live broadcasts, the feature lighting would mirror the Fiit studio lighting in real-time.

We’ve delivered a variety of technology integrations throughout Grangemouth Sports Complex, including their gym and Les Mills Immersive Spin studio.

The Vision

The Grangemouth Sports Complex team wanted to transform their existing spin studio into a Les Mills Immersive studio. Their vision was to create an energetic and motivating environment unlike anything else available to their members.

While we were originally brought on board to tackle the integration of wall-mounted speakers and below-ceiling perimeter lighting across the facility, the evolving nature of the project led to us delivering multiple bespoke AV solutions for their various studios, gym hall and pool facilities. First up; two adjoining fitness studios host regular group workouts of varying intensity, run by both live instructors and virtual Les Mills classes. An automated partition divides or combines these two spaces to create the right size venue for the class or event running at any one time.

The Project

We were initially introduced to the project via Alliance Leisure to support Workspace, the contractor managing the wider facility refurbishment, with our unique technology integration.

Our team was tasked with specifying, installing and configuring a variety of audio, visual, lighting, connectivity, control and automation technologies to enhance the Les Mills class experience.

In addition to making this a unique immersive space, the studio needed the versatility to also host non-immersive classes as well.

Another core requirement was that the solution had to be user-friendly for instructors and centrally controlled in from one-place to create a seamless workout environment.

The Solution

To transform their traditional studio space into an immersive spin experience we provided audio, visual, lighting, connectivity and control, and automation integrations.


We installed a distributed split stereo audio system throughout the studio to deliver a powerful soundscape. The speakers are suspended on dropped rods from the ceiling grid; carefully configured for the ceiling’s weight limitations.

Angled towards the central screen, users experience an immersed sound experience that helps focus attention on the visuals at the front of the room.


The in-studio lighting is a combination of Xensio LED tape and spotlights, controlled using MADRIX software. We created a perimeter outline around the curved screen using Xensio orbits to create various effects, all controllable via an iPad.

There are multiple lighting pre-sets that allow instructors to turn the primary studio lights on or off, while keeping the spotlights either reactive or dimmed to fit the environment. Class modes can be selected during sessions to synchronise lighting effects to music or programmed workouts. These modes are not dependent on the Les Mills content running and can be used for independent sessions.

We developed a gradient lighting effect tailored to the main screen position to maximise image quality. This is as part of our lighting specifications we have with Les Mills, and it is a benchmark standard in all of their studios that we work on.

After recommending a tiered layout for the studio bikes to maximise occupancy, we provided larger LED strip lighting that runs across the room – acting not only as a visual lighting feature, but also providing additional safety lighting.


The projection setup distinguished this studio from other immersive studios. It’s a first of its kind integration for an immersive spin studio. The edge blending and content running on the platform is all bespoke to the project, and our team did 3D projection mapping in-house.

The focal point in the studio is a large, curved screen that covers almost the entirety of the back wall. It captures participants’ attention and draws them into the immersive experience.

To create this effect we installed two large Panasonic projectors that together cover this vast screen. The joins between the two projected images is seamless in positioning and pixel quality, with no disruption in viewing experience. 

Connectivity and Control

One of the key requirements was a user-friendly control system that can be operated without hassle by instructors who are not technology experts. We configured every piece of technology in the studio to be controlled using an iPad in the centre of the room where the instructor is typically positioned.


This was the first immersive studio to use the FitBox automation platform, which runs the class content. Running alongside the FitBox platform, our own in-house automation platform allows us to programme and trigger automated class commands.

The Result

The end result was a distinctive and memorable spin studio that quickly became a favourite amongst the local spin class community. Feedback from members has been incredibly positive, and the studio has been a fantastic addition to Grangemouth Sports Complex. 

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the studio. As with all our installations, this immersive studio was designed with remote support in mind – as it’s typically the best way to monitor performance and quickest way to pro-actively resolve any issues.

For any occasion when an issue can’t be resolved via remote-access, our nationwide team of field engineers are always available to support the Grangemouth team in-person.

We also help the on-site team with any new audio and lighting configurations they want added. These kind of adjustments and attention to detail can make a big impact on how different classes are experienced, and are a big part of why people go to a Les Mills Immersive class.

Client feedback

Since the launch of the studio, we have heard nothing but positive feedback – from the client, to the partners we worked with, and the members that get to enjoy this studio. There has been a mass outpour of positivity across social media, and we cannot wait to see the studio continue to be used to its full potential.

Alliance’s Senior Business Development Manager, Jonny Curley, noted that our strong history working with Les Mills and Immersive Fitness was a testament to our partnership.

Jonny also stated that the ‘delivery onsite experience was excellent’, commending our team from throughout the install journey.

This reflects what we at Hutchison Technologies strive to provide; bespoke and integrated AV systems that create amazing experiences for both the client and their customers, guests or members. 

“Hutchison Technologies were the ideal partner for this project with their extensive experience in Immersive Fitness and the Les Mills products. This is the largest immersive screen we have installed to date. From the initial planning of the project to the delivery on site the experience was excellent and we look forward to working with Hutchison Technologies again in the future.”

Jonny Curley
Senior Business Development Manager – Scotland
Alliance Leisure

The University of Portsmouth were looking for cutting-edge audio, lighting, visual, and connectivity solutions for its state-of-the-art Ravelin Sports Centre, and Hutchison Technologies was on hand to deliver. Our team worked with construction experts Wates to develop the technologies and designs that fit the bill, resulting in one of the most spectacular higher education fitness facilities in the UK.

While we were originally brought on board to tackle the integration of wall-mounted speakers and below-ceiling perimeter lighting across the facility, the evolving nature of the project led to us delivering multiple bespoke AV solutions for their various studios, gym hall and pool facilities. First up; two adjoining fitness studios host regular group workouts of varying intensity, run by both live instructors and virtual Les Mills classes. An automated partition divides or combines these two spaces to create the right size venue for the class or event running at any one time.

We designed and integrated a control system accessible through user-friendly studio iPads, granting direct control over the visual content, lighting and audio in the class.

Because we installed all the AV, from the RGB strip lighting and end-to-end wall projectors, the instructor input sources and studio Evoson Peaksound cabinet speakers, we were able to provide complete control over the atmosphere in the space. We set up some pre-programmed custom settings for instructors to pick and choose from, but they can also use the iPad control panel to finetune the experience for their members.

In the larger, separate cycle studio, we provided a dual projection system with two large-scale projectors displaying class content onto the projection-painted back wall. We built a custom instructor podium at the centre of these two displays with movable iPad control for the instructor. A secondary wall-mounted iPad provides the same control functions as in the previous two fitness studios.

We also integrated some impactful feature lighting within the wood-panelled ceiling and beside the screens, in the form of RGBW tape which can be controlled alongside the main house lighting. These strips can be used independently from the rest of the studio or using sequences programmed remotely by our Technical Development team.

Ravelin Sports Centre at the University of Portsmouth has a large swimming pool for recreation, classes, and training sessions for which our team provided audio solutions to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and accessible experience. We installed a fully recessed IP-rated audio system behind the modern wood-slat ceiling, creating a well-camouflaged solutions that projects audio and protects the speakers from the high humidity.

Our team also installed an induction loop system in the viewing gallery of the pool, providing hearing assistance to hearing-impaired spectators. We installed a smaller sub-rack in a separate office to house local controllers and a mic system for the pool facilities. This means managers can switch between playing music from a local source, setting up microphones for events, and playing background music during recreational swim time, quickly and easily.

Finally, on the top floor of the building, there is the main multi-functional sports hall where the university sports teams and clubs meet to train. Split into 2 main functional zones, our team integrated 15 high-spec, large speakers suspended above the court ceiling.

These were designed and positioned to minimise echo within the facility, while maximising sound coverage across the space. Here too, our team built a sub-rack for local Bluetooth and AUX inputs which staff can use these to switch between standard background music, a local source, or microphones.

To maximise the effect of all the tech integrations in this facility, our team collaborated closely with the University of Portsmouth and Wates teams. The integration of the recessed ceiling lighting in the studios proved to be the most challenging integration.

Thankfully we love a challenge, and designed the specific solution that could accommodate the modern timber-clad ceiling and fit around the existing systems, hidden from the naked eye.

The result is an impressive, modern facility that provides members with seamless fitness and wellbeing experiences both for recreation and training. We continue to maintain a strong relationship with the University, providing regular maintenance checks and responsive support.

We created an integrated audio, visual and lighting solution to help London spin studio, static, create mind-blowing live cycling experiences.

“We found Hutchison Technologies to be a great AV partner. Through the design phase we worked together to produce a plan for an incredible studio AV system. They brought a depth of knowledge and experience that was truly next level.”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static


Static London is situated in the upmarket Nine Elms Lane. It is a premium indoor cycling studio for those who are looking to energise their body and mind. Static classes are all-encompassing, with graphics on screen that sync with the studio’s lighting, pulsing and reacting to the music, creating an experience comparable to a night out.

The Vision

Static were looking to create a unique and exceptional experience by offering the best spin classes in the market. To do so, they would equip their uniquely talented instructors with world class equipment and best-in-class AV and lighting.

The Solution

“Hutchison Technologies worked flexibly, allowing us to opt out of aspects that didn’t fit our vision and helped us incorporate bespoke elements and capacity for future upgrades.”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static

Our team of engineers installed three Apart Marine speakers in the changing rooms and eight Apart OVO5t speakers throughout the reception area. This allows for brilliant background music to be played whilst members socialise, warm-up and cool-down before and after classes.

In the spin studio, we supplied two 86” Philips Displays on the front wall for displaying the smart training software, Spivi, and mind-bending audio-reactive graphics. This means members get real time performance data and interactive scenery through Spivi, as well as exciting visuals via Hutchison Technologies integrated software.

Our team installed a Martin Audio distributed audio systems with two 12” Martin Audio subwoofers installed in opposite corners to deliver weighty bass, ensuring ultimate vocal and audio clarity through split instructor vocals. With Bose digital signal processing controllers, the solution delivers balanced, impactful and motivating audio throughout the studio.

For the lighting, we integrated fourteen RGBW wash lights and four pin spotlights that point towards a mirror ball, creating a disco vibe when activated. We also installed four UV cannons and hazers to further emulate a nightclub vibe.

The AV and lighting solution is controlled via a simple and intuitive custom-built iPad interface. The rest of the kit is stowed safely in a locked AV rack, reducing the risk of unwanted tampering.

The result

We are thrilled to have been a part of this exciting project, helping static offer a premium indoor cycling concept that delivers an exceptional member experience.

“The Hutchison Technologies install team was superb and delivered on time, working with and around other contractor teams. Their post-install handover was great. Since the install there have been a few inevitable glitches with a system with bespoke design so many parts, but the support has been admirable in keeping us running and building in redundancy, so we always have a plan B!”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static

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The Vision

Holmes Place, a premium fitness and wellness concept operating in Europe, were looking to launch a boutique brand of gyms that delivered high-intensity fitness classes to avid fitness fans, based in urban built-up cities. The space was to be distinctive against other city-based studios, and was to offer an energetic experience to members. The team wanted to shake the industry, and make waves by creating a unique atmosphere within the boutique fitness space. Thus, STORM was launched, with their flagship boutique located in central Berlin.  

The Project

Our team of specialists were approached to provide a variety of audio, lighting, and control technologies throughout their cycling studio within the boutique. With their vision of a sub-terranean escape and their wealth of expertise within the fitness industry, we provided an outline of how we would approach creating the setup using AV technology. We proposed a series of connected technologies centrally controlled via iPad for ease of access and usability for instructors. We partnered with Energym, a UK-based smart-tech fitness company providing clean-energy-generating fitness equipment, to bring unique fitness and technology solutions to this space. 

The Solution

We designed a cycle studio that combined the use of colourful lighting, including Digital LED tape and RGBW downlighters, and powerful fully-distributed Evoson Audio systems. The space is set up in a triangular formation, allowing members to experience a surround-sound setup during classes. Originally used as a cinema, the space had previously been acoustically treated to throw sound, with accompanying high ceilings that allow for echo-control and projected audio. Our team of specialist engineers were able to calculate the most efficient angles for the speakers that would give the best sound experience for members further away from the front of the class.

We combined various lighting solutions to create a frenetic workout environment, that could be both synchronised and manually controlled within the studio. When members first arrive, they are greeted by a unique lighting feature in the shape of a lightning bolt – symbolic of the brand persona. Using metal work fittings that ENSIGN designed, we installed LED lighting strips  The feature which was built using extrusions, and was a unique integration to deliver to the studio.  

From the doors to throughout the studio, LED strip lights line the walls and ceiling that synchronise with music playing during classes, creating a motivating and energetic atmosphere. Working alongside these effects is an oil-based haze machine which can be set up automatically or manually controlled by instructors throughout the workout.

The spin bikes are positioned across staggered levels from the centre to the back of the studio, and face onwards to the main instructor podium. From here, instructors can control all technologies through a centralised iPad system for maximum delivery and perspective of the classes.

This combination of technologies creates a stimulating environment that inspires members to push themselves within cycle classes. Since the successful installation and launch of STORM Berlin earlier this year, the setup has been very popular amongst visitors, and has literally taken social media by storm with plenty of content being shared showcasing the unique space. We maintain a strong relationship with Energym and STORM Boutiques, supporting in current and ongoing integrations. Our team are very excited to be involved with two very strong partners, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Partner Feedback

“Hutchison Technologies were the perfect partner for the STORM project, with them delivering an incredible, immersive experience that perfectly complements the premium, high-spec experience of our RE:GEN rides which feature within the cycle-studio.”

 Will Flint, CEO, Energym

JAB founders, George and Jamie, had a vision to create London’s first authentic boxing experience. Through a host of AV techniques, we helped them create that experience and take their boxing sessions to the next level.

Key features:


JAB is a boxing gym in central London, where members don’t work out, they train. Offering boxing sessions for complete beginners through to seasoned fighters, JAB focusses on transforming their member’s performance to a high level of athleticism.

The vision

With inspiration taken from boxing legends, Jamie and George set out to create the world’s first authentic boxing experience. They wanted to create a space where members would be motivated to train their hardest at every session. Their core values of Authenticity, Passion & Camaraderie helped them shape the vision for their London gym.

The challenge

Jamie and George had several problems to solve.

The studio featured a corridor leading from the reception area to the main class space which they wanted to turn into a ‘ring walk’. This walk should make their members feel they were heading into the fight of their lives.

To help create that authentic experience, they wanted their London studio to feature quality audio. They specified that their instructors had to be heard with maximum clarity over music of any volume.

Additionally, the gym was in a residential area with occupied flats above the gym. Residents could hear the audio clearly from four floors up, so JAB needed a solution that would allow the gym and residents to live in harmony.

The solution

Our team worked with Jamie and George from the outset to ensure we could deliver on their vision.

The audio

We installed a full, distributed Evoson audio system in the gym. PEAKSOUND™ WS8 cabinet loudspeakers were used throughout, with a dedicated set of speakers used for instructor vocals. This duet set-up ensured the highest clarity of speech, without diminishing the intensity of the music.

To ensure maximum audio output with minimum disruption to the neighbours, we worked with acousticians throughout and after the project. This allowed us to tweak the system carefully to find the perfect audio balance, allowing JAB to continue delivering impactful music with their classes.

Class playback

We designed a custom class playback system for JAB, allowing instructors to intuitively create and tailor their sessions.

Six screens were installed in the main class studio, which instructors can choose to display a timer, clock, logo, social media or class information. This can be changed at any time through the instructor UI panel to best suit how the instructor wants to run their class.

The ring walk

The ring walk became a core element of the gym. Incorporating video, music and light, it was designed to hype up members before they enter the class. We used a separate audio system to play motivational music, moving head lights for visual stimulus and a digital signage wall to display specially chosen videos.

JAB can start and end the ring walk from the reception desk, or from the instructor UI panel within the studio. The videos that are played on the digital signage wall are easily uploaded by JAB staff via the custom designed web interface. When not in use for the ring walk, the digital signage can show whatever content the JAB team choose.

The result

Using a range of AV solutions, we helped JAB deliver their unique and authentic boxing sessions. Their members now get a boxing experience they can get nowhere else.

Check out our other case studies to find out how we’ve supported more of our clients.

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According to the World Health Organisation, today’s society spends more time behind a screen than getting out and being active.

German-based tech company, MultiBall, made it their goal to solve this problem using the power of gamification. A lofty aspiration, which we at Hutchison Techn ologies felt we could get behind.

As a new distributor of MultiBall for the UK, we wanted to show you why we think it is a must for any venue looking to delight their visitors.

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How does MultiBall work?

MultiBall is the world’s first mixed reality sports and gaming platform. By combining gaming technology and physical activity, it turns any wall into a multisensory sporting arena that’s sure to get you on your feet.

MultiBall consists of a lightweight frame with LED senders and receivers, as well as a speaker and motion tracker. The sensor frame consists of a highly reliable and precise tracking system that detects any kind of ball and players movement in real-time. Paired with a projector or LED panel wall, the MultiBall system is ready to go.

Simply touch the wall to use the menu, pick your favourite game or training module and you’re off.

“With MultiBall’s global success and remarkable scope for customisation, we think our clients will come to see this solution as one of the game changers for their facilities in the coming years. The opportunities are limitless, giving our clients an exciting new way to attract and engage new and existing customers.”
Jonny Curley -Director of Sales, Hutchison Technologies 

All you need is a wall

MultiBall takes up very little room and is easy to install on any wall, making it perfect for gyms, schools, retail spaces and hospitality venues with underused areas.

Thanks to a variety of MultiBall models, every indoor and outdoor space can be turned into a mixed reality sports gaming area within 3 hours. 

Talk to us today to find out more about MultiBall.

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Entertain. Educate. Exercise. 

MultiBall comes with 25+ preinstalled Games and Training Apps for every age, fitness and skill level. The games come under three categories: entertain, educate and exercise. New engaging content is continuously developed and updated on your device automatically.

Using MultiBall’s motion tracking technology, all games and modules are focused on improving athletic and cognitive skills. The immersive, time-based gameplay with increasing levels of difficulty and competitive leader boards will keep your members coming back time and time again.

It gets you hooked from the get-go, just like a computer game – but with the benefit of being physically active!

Events & outdoor screens

Using a plexiglass covered wall of LED screens, the mobile MultiBall setup can withstand the hardest kicks and the roughest weather, making it ideal for outdoor events. It can also be easily transported and assembled as a mobile interactive screen for festivals, launches and other events both indoors and outdoors.

Versatile digital signage

The MultiBall setup can be used for plenty of other applications while not in play. It could serve as digital signage to inform members of events or important information around your facility. Or maybe host a dedicated cinema night on your new bright projection wall or rent out advertising space to local businesses to get an immediate return on your investment.

MultiBall models

Discover the MultiBall range with models of varying sizes to fit any indoor or outdoor space. All models come with a five-year warranty.

MultiBall Projector

The MultiBall Frame & Projector range suits a wide variety of applications, from entertainment and basic training to all-encompassing training for professional sport.

Available in various models, ranging from 4.09m x 2.9m to 4.75m x 3.5m, and taking up only 14cm in-depth, this is our most versatile, low impact solution for any facility.

MultiBall LED

For bright environments or events, we recommend our MultiBall LED range which boasts much higher brightness and picture quality. With an impact-proof LED screen, it can be set up quickly with no need for surrounding stands.

MultiBall LED is available in four models including indoor and outdoor versions.

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