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Aberdeen Sports Village

Hosting two slick fitness concepts, HIIT & Run and HIIT & Box.

Health & Fitness

For the last few years, we have delivered a variety of lighting, audio, and visual installations across Aberdeen Sports Village. As their chosen AV partner, we have worked together to create environments that are both energizing and motivating clients to workout in.

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Philips Displays
  • Feature and Effect Lighting
  • Lighting PC
  • Myzone Integration
  • iPad Control
  • Background music
  • Powerful gymfloor and studio sound
  • Electronic access control gates

The Vision

Aberdeen Sports Village is one of the top sport and exercise spaces in Scotland, offering an array of incredible indoor and outdoor facilities. The centre truly has something for everyone, from recreational exercisers to elite athletes.

The Project

Over the years of our partnership, Aberdeen Sports Village have looked to upgrade various spaces across their facilities to deliver inspirational environments. Our projects with the centre have included: creating the Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio; integrating audio and lighting with MyZone for their central gym functional zone; optimizing the lighting and audio setup within their Sports and Conditioning studio for national athletes; as well as providing electronic access control points throughout the centre.

The Solution

Back in 2018, we designed immersive spin studio for Aberdeen Sports Village that combined the use of colorful LED lighting, in-ceiling speakers, and visual displays that all sync to deliver users a unique spin experience. All these elements are controlled by instructors using a central iPad control system that starts various sequences and allows for workouts to be launched manually or through digital class scheduling. That’s how we transformed this old storage cupboard into a unique Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio – breathing life into a tired old space and increasing the availability of spin classes to ASV members. It goes to show that no matter what the size of the space, we can create a setup that betters the offering of your studio.

The next project took place on the main gym floor. Aberdeen Sport’s Village’s gym is used by a large number and variety of users, catering to both students and members of the public. In 2019, we were brought on board to introduce new audio and feature lighting solutions to create an energetic, open-plan, functional training zone. We combined various types of lighting solutions like RGB downlighters, COB lights, and Par Cans to dynamically illuminate the gym floor and training rig. To offer live workout feedback, two 55” Philips Displays with live-Myzone integrations were installed onto the training rig. By adding these energizing touches, the entire space was transformed into a motivating, modern training zone for all members.

As well as upgrading the functional training zone, we also updated their TV signal feed on their cardio zones, to ensure Aberdeen Sports Village were able to get the most out of their cardio equipment. We zoned the audio on the gym floor, so the perceived audio levels now remain consistent, regardless of background noise. The AV and lighting are controlled via a simple and intuitive iPad control solution. This allows audio levels and lighting colour, effect, brightness and speed to be adjusted by staff, giving them total, yet simple control of all the new technological features.

2022 brought a new wave of opportunities to upgrade, and of course we were excited to get involved. Aberdeen Sports Village were looking to create a space for their partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union to offer a space for team workouts and strength training. We transformed a secondary, underwhelming spin studio into a ‘Strength and Conditioning Studio’ that is fully equipped with surround LED lighting and cabinet speakers that are automated by a central digital interface and controlled by an access panel on the wall. This setup creates a dynamic and stimulating environment that inspires team members to push themselves within strength training.

Following the pandemic, Aberdeen Sports Village saw an explosion of new memberships and a substantial increase of students on the premises once in-person teaching resumed. To maintain security and membership tracking, we were approached to install and maintain electronic access control gates around the centre. Using a combination of access lanes, speed, and swing gates, we secured the full facility and now provide ongoing support by providing access keycards and other access tokens for the centre. Not only has this ensured security access across the site, but it has also allowed enhanced monitoring of member footfall at Aberdeen Sports Village – thus providing staff with valuable data on peak-times and hot-zones within the facility.

We look forward to what else our partnership with Aberdeen Sports Village will bring over the coming years.

Hutchison Technologies have made the process for creating a space seamless – from the design, the support, the ideas.. They are just excellent in all of these departments 

– Ludwik Metelski, Director of Business and Governance, Aberdeen Sports Village

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