Nuffield Health had the vision to transform an underused area of their flagship City Gym site into the biggest and best spin studio in London.

  • Dynamic feature and effect lighting to segment zones with overhead RBG strips and illuminated walkways
  • RGB strips affixed into acoustic baffles to mitigate the effect of excess sound while creating a tangible sense of forward movement
  • Epson HD Projector 
  • Myride® integration with Coach by Colour
  • iPad Automation & Control
  • Instructor mic

The vision

Nuffield Health is the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the United Kingdom. Established in 1957 the charity operates 31 Nuffield Health Hospitals and 111 Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms. As the UK and Europe-wide audio visual specialists, we have worked with Nuffield Health on a number of technology integration projects including their London project to develop an underutilised space of their flagship London City gym.

The project

City Gym’s greatest challenge was also its greatest asset – the appointment of the new spin studio beneath the site’s spectacular railway arches. Our role was to design and implement a fully-inclusive AV solution to enhance the site’s spectacular backdrop of railway arches.

The solution

The exposed brick backdrop of the subterranean studio leant itself perfectly to innovative lighting, with the application of analogue RGB strips to illuminate walkways and racked seating for over 65 bikes. Over 50 meters of short horizontal digital RGB strips were affixed into acoustic baffles around the perimeter of the studio mitigating the effect of excess sound while engaging riders’ peripheral vision to create a tangible sense of onward movement. Overhead, digital RGB strips were suspended equidistantly along the length of the arched ceiling, creating the sensation of forward momentum and drawing the eye towards the focal point of the studio, a 4-metre-wide HD projection screen, framed by the railway arch.

As part of our ongoing relationship, we have been on hand to assist with any maintenance or upgrades required within the facility. In late 2023, the studio was ready for an upgraded projector in order to ensure the continued smooth running of top-quality classes. We decided to work with our partners at Epson, who helped us select the perfect projector to suit this space. To accommodate the new projector, our team had to fine-tune the position of the projection cradle, avoiding cut-off content and ensuring members receive the best class experience possible.

The result

“We set out to create the best indoor cycling space in the country, and we’ve met that expectation. The lighting, sound and video in the room are a major part of the experience, and Hutchison Technologies designed a system that delivers the ‘wow’ factor, whilst still being simple for the instructors to use. The feedback from the members has been amazing, and the cycling studio is now a major focus point on our guided tours for potential new members.”
Rick Crawford, Fitness Innovation & Development Manager

Through acoustic treatment, seamless tech integration, and intuitive instructor control, Nuffield City Gym was able to create their vision of a sensory spin experience in their unique venue. 

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