Les Mills THE TRIP™ at the Mariner Centre

We helped bring Scotland’s first Les Mills THE TRIP™ Immersive Cycling Studio, alongside a host of other technologies, to Falkirk’s Mariner Centre.

  • Curved Cinema Screen
  • Panasonic Laser Light Source Projectors
  • RGB Orbit Lighting
  • Digital RGB Tape
  • Evoson Distributed Audio Solution
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Instructor iPad

The vision

The Mariner Leisure Centre is situated in Camelon, just outside Falkirk. Being ahead of the curve, the Mariner Centre chose to install Scotland’s first Les Mills Immersive Cycling Studio as part of a complete refurbishment of the facility.

The project

THE TRIP™ is a live instructor-led indoor cycling class from group fitness class experts Les Mills. It immerses riders in a virtual world of multifaceted video content, synchronised to the beat of the music. With multi-sensory engagement, the experience aims to take workout motivation and energy output to the next level.
As Les Mills’ preferred technology partner and having completed 14 previous immersive sites, we were asked to deliver Scotland’s first Les Mills Virtual Studio for The Mariner Centre.

The solution

We surveyed the space and specified an Evoson distributed audio solution to ensure balanced audio across the studio, complete with two subwoofers to give warm bass tones.
RGB orbit lighting was recessed into the ceiling with overhead digital RGB tape to create a sense of forward motion.
Two Panasonic Laser Light Source Projectors seamlessly blend mind-bending visuals from THE TRIP™ onto a curved cinema-spec screen, with the Les Mills app providing the control interface. In addition to this, we integrated our proprietary lighting control interface with the Les Mills app, allowing instructors to initiate lighting effects during classes.
Alongside the Immersive Studio, we also integrated Les Mills Virtual into the Mariner Centre’s Impact Studio. With par-can lighting, digital RGB tape, a single projector and screen, Evoson audio and a simple iPad control solution, the Mariner Centre can now run dynamic instructor-less classes, ensuring they get the most out of their AV even at off-peak times.

The result

The complete refurbishment of the Mariner Centre has given it a contemporary health, fitness and family offering. The centre now features a 65-station gym, a fitness studio with virtual integration, a Shapemaster Hub and Scotland’s first Immersive Cycling Studio.

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