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JAB Boxing

Hosting two slick fitness concepts, HIIT & Run and HIIT & Box.

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JAB founders, George and Jamie, had a vision to create London’s first authentic boxing experience. Through a host of AV techniques, we helped them create that experience and take their boxing sessions to the next level.

Key features:

  • Evoson distributed audio system
  • Digital screens
  • Moving head lights
  • UI panels in reception and studio


JAB is a boxing gym in central London, where members don’t work out, they train. Offering boxing sessions for complete beginners through to seasoned fighters, JAB focusses on transforming their member’s performance to a high level of athleticism.

The vision

With inspiration taken from boxing legends, Jamie and George set out to create the world’s first authentic boxing experience. They wanted to create a space where members would be motivated to train their hardest at every session. Their core values of Authenticity, Passion & Camaraderie helped them shape the vision for their London gym.

The challenge

Jamie and George had several problems to solve.

The studio featured a corridor leading from the reception area to the main class space which they wanted to turn into a ‘ring walk’. This walk should make their members feel they were heading into the fight of their lives.

To help create that authentic experience, they wanted their London studio to feature quality audio. They specified that their instructors had to be heard with maximum clarity over music of any volume.

Additionally, the gym was in a residential area with occupied flats above the gym. Residents could hear the audio clearly from four floors up, so JAB needed a solution that would allow the gym and residents to live in harmony.

The solution

Our team worked with Jamie and George from the outset to ensure we could deliver on their vision.

The audio

We installed a full, distributed Evoson audio system in the gym. PEAKSOUND™ WS8 cabinet loudspeakers were used throughout, with a dedicated set of speakers used for instructor vocals. This duet set-up ensured the highest clarity of speech, without diminishing the intensity of the music.

To ensure maximum audio output with minimum disruption to the neighbours, we worked with acousticians throughout and after the project. This allowed us to tweak the system carefully to find the perfect audio balance, allowing JAB to continue delivering impactful music with their classes.

Class playback

We designed a custom class playback system for JAB, allowing instructors to intuitively create and tailor their sessions.

Six screens were installed in the main class studio, which instructors can choose to display a timer, clock, logo, social media or class information. This can be changed at any time through the instructor UI panel to best suit how the instructor wants to run their class.

The ring walk

The ring walk became a core element of the gym. Incorporating video, music and light, it was designed to hype up members before they enter the class. We used a separate audio system to play motivational music, moving head lights for visual stimulus and a digital signage wall to display specially chosen videos.

JAB can start and end the ring walk from the reception desk, or from the instructor UI panel within the studio. The videos that are played on the digital signage wall are easily uploaded by JAB staff via the custom designed web interface. When not in use for the ring walk, the digital signage can show whatever content the JAB team choose.

The result

Using a range of AV solutions, we helped JAB deliver their unique and authentic boxing sessions. Their members now get a boxing experience they can get nowhere else.

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