We used a host of tech tricks to create unique subterranean spaces, kitted out in Gymbox’s trademark raw and edgy style.

  • Feature and effect lighting enhanced by water-based hazers producing light-diffusing smoke-effects
  • Satellite and network infrastructure delivering TV and internet services to fitness equipment
  • Automated audio levels which adjust according to time of day and ambient noise
  • DJ booth for club-inspired workout and special events
  • Access control and membership cards

The vision

As an unconventional disruptor to the boutique fitness market, Gymbox wanted to create something truly unique. They asked us to help them build a brand standard to launch and scale their unique fitness concept.

The project

We worked with the gym’s founder and operational team to provide the full works of integrated technology solutions to bring their brand essence to life.

The solution

Custom beats were a must for this crowd. Gymbox wanted to be able to set their own tone, from smooth daytime tunes to banging night-time beats. The brand standard for the gym floor quickly became Bose® audio. These premium speakers enabled an adaptable, professional sound around the club circuit and now across their entire gym estate.

Speaker placement became part of the overall look and design. Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers were located around the gyms with Bose ControlSpace powering the overall system. Bose Panray subwoofers were also used at the DJ booth to provide kicking bass.

iPad control and digital noticeboards have ensured brand continuity from the start. This gives staff password-controlled access to visual messaging and audio control throughout the club. Instructors can also personalise their playlists for unique classes every time.

Lighting has been synonymous with the Gymbox brand. Everything from coloured spotlights to UV par-cans to bespoke strobe-effect LEDs has been featured across the studio areas.

The result

We’ve been with Gymbox from the start. The brand now encompasses Olympic-sized boxing rings, combat cages, world-class free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers.

We’ve helped the team shape and grow every essence of their technology requirements to showcase these elements, keeping the principles the same, but bringing a disruptive element to the signature style of each new gym.

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