An elegant audio visual solution to reflect the luxury lifestyle ethos of this ultra-heritage brand.

  • Bose® Pro ceiling speakers for sleek design and premium audio
  • Digital signage screens ‘hidden’ within mirrored panels to flawlessly integrate with the high-end retail experience
  • iPads provide tailored audio control for the management team

The vision

In 2015 a French fashion house began an extensive renovation of the iconic Time Life building, London. We worked their operational management team, designers, and contractors to create a comprehensive audio solution for their flagship UK store. 

The project

The interior design was to capture the spirit of this signature French brand throughout the use of all-natural materials down to terracotta mosaic floor featuring their logo. We worked across the brand’s operational management team, designers and contractors to create a complete audio solution to complement and enhance their brand essence.

The solution

Bose® Pro ceiling speakers were chosen for their premium audio and unobtrusive design in the luxury retail space. iPads provide full access to audio settings, enabling adjustments within departments or modifications to showcase a new display.

Digital signage screens were installed behind mirrored panels and then effortlessly integrated into the store’s high-end fixtures. This enables marketing content, such as runway footage either scheduled in-store or uploaded direct from their Parisian head office to provide unparalleled brand continuity.

In-store events were an integral part of the vision for the new space. The audio volume and tone had to be universally controllable by the management team, and offer precise sounds at all times; therefore, a sophisticated audio solution was vital.

The team worked to curate classical sounds to work with the variant use of space with tones which could easily accompany the clink of champagne saucers, or simply minimise the tête-à-tête of background conversation during special events. Moreover, the pro audio installation selected had to maintain the prestige of this retail setting.

The result

We have supplied premium audio quality, flexible enough to negotiate the demands of a beautiful interior space, whilst providing scalability for hosting in-store events. Aesthetically and operationally, the audio visual installation has enabled the haute couture brand to elevate their flagship investment to full effect.

By collaborating closely with the site’s operations team, we provided an integrated solution to seamlessly enhance the elegance of the brand.

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