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Forty Eight Point One

Hosting two slick fitness concepts, HIIT & Run and HIIT & Box.

Health & Fitness
  • iPads within the main receptions and studios
  • Touchscreens
  • Bespoke coding

The Vision

When GymBox worked with Forty Eight Point One on the development of their new digital signage softwares, they asked us to come on board as their trusted AV partner to help advise on the integration with compatible hardware solutions. 

Our specialist team were asked to provide recommendations on touch screens that would support and augment the software that the client was programming throughout each location. We provided the client with a detailed specification outlining how we would approach this project, and suggested a system on each platform that would be compatible with the required Android systems – which in turn would pull through to the screens.    

The Project

Having provided and discussed the recommendations, we were brought on board to deliver the hardware and ensure compatibility between the screens and Forty Eight Point One’s software. We worked alongside them to bring solutions to various spaces throughout the facility, including within the main receptions and studio setups.   

The Solution

The original screens had been installed roughly fifteen years ago, and thus needed an upgrade. In order to maintain consistency of tech across the sites, our team tried to use as much of the same equipment as they could, and only replace the bare minimum. However, the company that had made the existing touchscreens no longer existed, therefore our team had to develop a solution for them to still be used and run the updates. Our team worked to develop new drivers in-house and made intrinsic code changes to change screen orientations. These changes were then adapted onsite to determine specific touchpoints, sensitivity, and optimum orientation of the screens for users.   

Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made. Each screen has its own Lennox PC on the back of the system through which Forty Eight Point One pushes new content to screens every night; refreshing and playing new content every morning. 

We often use bespoke alterations of hardware and software in our projects, in order to deliver a perfectly tailored result for our clients. Having the ability to make changes spontaneously in-house is one of our biggest strengths as a company. We can set up, test technologies, and programme systems before we take them on site. That way, the solutions will be ready to just ready to plug and play. Being able tackle all aspects internally is a huge advantage and sets us apart from other AV integrators within the industry – who usually require outsourced support for this type of work. 
Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made.  

Client feedback 

Since completing this project with Forty Eight Point One, we maintain an ongoing relationship by providing technical support as part of our aftercare. This includes upgrades to the technology, assisting with any tweaking to programming, and correcting any issues that could possibly come up.  

“Working with Hutchison Technologies has been great! The team has been extremely supportive throughout the project, responding quickly and reliably, and consistently going above and beyond to ensure everything ran according to plan. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and I’m looking forward to our next project together.” 
– Joseph Lion, CTO, Forty Eight Point One 

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