Bringing modern solutions to traditional aesthetics at Glengoyne Distillery 

Glengoyne Distillery, nestled on the outskirts of Glasgow, is a renowned producer of premium whisky and spirits in the heart of Scotland. One of its standout features is its immersive guided whisky tours for its guests, which are set against the picturesque backdrop of the local hills and glens.

The team at the distillery approached us through our showcase campaigns on social media, seeking to upgrade their visual and connective system in order to blend with the traditional, sleek setting of their visitor experience centre.

Glengoyne had an existing visual system for presenting videos and information during tours within their comfortable relaxation area. However, the system was outdated and was frequently disrupted by display issues. It was time for a sleek, modern upgrade that seamlessly integrates with the room’s aesthetic and is user-friendly for onsite employees. Our task was clear: to enhance the guest experience through innovative technology solutions that did not distract from the tours and the traditional setting of the room.

Working closely with the distillery’s team, we replaced the outdated screens with two commercial-grade 65” Samsung screens – blending into the space with architecturally trimmed white frames. These screens, resembling framed pictures, elevated the room’s ambience while delivering superior video quality.

To streamline operations, we installed a Brightsign Unit – a commercial signage media player – for easy content management and playback. This dedicated unit eliminated the need for cumbersome laptop connections, allowing employees to access and upload content effortlessly from anywhere within the network. Additionally, we connected a Bluetooth system for direct input from users’ mobile devices into a pre-existing audio setup – ensuring a smooth sound experience.

What sets this project apart is the discreet yet powerful technologies that are woven into the space. While the setup may appear minimalist, its functionality and connectivity offer a truly immersive experience for guests.

After installation, our team trained the onsite employees at Glengoyne on the new systems’ capabilities. Through these comprehensive sessions, we ensured that the client was fully equipped to maximise the potential of combined solutions.

Following the successful integration, we maintain regular communication with Glengoyne’s team, providing ongoing support and assistance with maintenance as needed. Our collaboration with the distillery was a testament to our commitment to bringing modernity to the most traditional spaces. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and we cannot wait to get started on similar projects.

Looking to create an incredible cycle studio vibe, UK based premium hotel chain Village Hotels chose an immersive solution.

The Project

Village Hotels partnered with Les Mills to offer THE TRIP™ to their guests across four of their locations in the UK. As the preferred technology partner for Les Mills, we were asked to install this immersive solution for the hotel chain.

The solution

We worked with Village Hotels to map out the requirements for each space. We ensured the right speakers were used for peak audio performance while complimenting the aesthetic components of the environment.

We lit the darkened, yet cinematic studio through the illumination of bike tiers, with floor-mounted diffused LED strips defining the different levels. We complimented this with encapsulated overhead RGB digital strips to extend the tunnel-effect produced by the video content into the studio.

The team at Village Hotels wanted control over the feature lighting to complement the content on screen. This was made possible through a custom integration between our proprietary lighting control interface and the Les Mills app.

The result

Village Hotels were first to leverage studio lighting for immersive fitness. The final result was a vision of powerful forward-motion video content and finely calibrated AV. 

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Hutchison Technologies created an immersive fitness studio experience for The Gym Group, making high quality and experiential group exercise accessible to the masses.
We used best-in-class audio-visual tech and custom-coded integrations with third-party operators to deliver a truly unique and engaging solution for The Gym Group’s members.

The Vision

The Gym Group had a vision to help their members blend at-home and in-gym workouts. They had recently partnered with Fiit, the #1 rated fitness app, to provide their members with access to a catalogue of high-quality on-demand fitness classes. This added an on-the-go element to their offering, and they next wanted to use the same content to create a unique group exercise fitness experience in their gyms.

Bringing an immersive fitness experience to their members that typically had only previously been available in high-end boutique gyms fitted perfectly with The Gym Group’s mission statement, ‘breaking down barriers to fitness for all’.

The Project

To deliver these unique classes in-house, The Gym Group required a virtual studio space that delivered an immersive fitness experience.

The key requirements were that the studio classes be a ‘destination’ experience that gives members a compelling reason to attend in-person; that their members should feel like they’re getting a premium experience; and that these new studios don’t remove useable gym space when not in use.

The Solution

To create a truly unique experience, we built custom-coded integrations which linked to Fiit’s API. This allowed the room’s lighting to mimic the changing lights in the studio where the original videos were recorded, giving members the impression of being in the same studio as the instructor.

To bring this all to life we installed an engaging audio-visual solution, including vertical strips of digital lighting tape and powerful Evoson WS speakers. A 4×4 grid of 49” video wall panels was used to broadcast life-size versions of the Fiit instructors into the studio.

An important part of the brief was that the studio space should be available for general gym use when classes are not scheduled. The Gym Group’s studio architect, Zynk, designed an open-backed space that physically opened the space for wider use. Hutchison Technologies configured the audio set-up so that it integrated with The Gym Group’s background music feed when not playing a Fiit class. This innovative combination of space and AV design made it a truly multi-purpose space.

In addition to this main studio concept, smaller Fiit “pods” were also designed and installed. These pods were configured for one or two people to do an on-demand workout class in a semi-enclosed private workout space in one of The Gym Group’s venues. The intention was to create a home workout away from home. Each pod has an iPad to choose your class, a tv screen to view and listen to the class and single colour LED feature lighting.

The Result

The Gym Group were ahead of the curve in delivering a truly innovative blending of home and in-studio fitness experiences that will become increasingly common in the post-Covid fitness world.

We helped them break down barriers for high-quality immersive group exercise classes; democratising something that had previously been found primarily in exclusive boutique fitness operators and making it accessible to low-cost gym members across the country.

This first installation wasn’t just a one-off concept. It has since been installed at two more sites and has been designed in a way that can easily scale across the rest of The Gym Group’s portfolio of gyms.

“Hutchison Technologies have helped us with our mission to break down barriers to fitness for all. We can now offer a previously exclusive immersive fitness experience in a low-cost gym environment. The way the in-room feature lighting and audio mirrors what’s happening in the FiiT class really gives the impression the instructor is in the room with you.”
Sarah Grime | Design and Development Manager, The Gym Group

What next?

Although classes are currently pre-recorded, the automation has been configured to also allow for instructors in Fiit’s HQ studio to be live broadcast into The Gym Group studios across the country in future. In these live broadcasts, the feature lighting would mirror the Fiit studio lighting in real-time.

According to the World Health Organisation, today’s society spends more time behind a screen than getting out and being active.

German-based tech company, MultiBall, made it their goal to solve this problem using the power of gamification. A lofty aspiration, which we at Hutchison Techn ologies felt we could get behind.

As a new distributor of MultiBall for the UK, we wanted to show you why we think it is a must for any venue looking to delight their visitors.

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How does MultiBall work?

MultiBall is the world’s first mixed reality sports and gaming platform. By combining gaming technology and physical activity, it turns any wall into a multisensory sporting arena that’s sure to get you on your feet.

MultiBall consists of a lightweight frame with LED senders and receivers, as well as a speaker and motion tracker. The sensor frame consists of a highly reliable and precise tracking system that detects any kind of ball and players movement in real-time. Paired with a projector or LED panel wall, the MultiBall system is ready to go.

Simply touch the wall to use the menu, pick your favourite game or training module and you’re off.

“With MultiBall’s global success and remarkable scope for customisation, we think our clients will come to see this solution as one of the game changers for their facilities in the coming years. The opportunities are limitless, giving our clients an exciting new way to attract and engage new and existing customers.”
Jonny Curley -Director of Sales, Hutchison Technologies 

All you need is a wall

MultiBall takes up very little room and is easy to install on any wall, making it perfect for gyms, schools, retail spaces and hospitality venues with underused areas.

Thanks to a variety of MultiBall models, every indoor and outdoor space can be turned into a mixed reality sports gaming area within 3 hours. 

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Entertain. Educate. Exercise. 

MultiBall comes with 25+ preinstalled Games and Training Apps for every age, fitness and skill level. The games come under three categories: entertain, educate and exercise. New engaging content is continuously developed and updated on your device automatically.

Using MultiBall’s motion tracking technology, all games and modules are focused on improving athletic and cognitive skills. The immersive, time-based gameplay with increasing levels of difficulty and competitive leader boards will keep your members coming back time and time again.

It gets you hooked from the get-go, just like a computer game – but with the benefit of being physically active!

Events & outdoor screens

Using a plexiglass covered wall of LED screens, the mobile MultiBall setup can withstand the hardest kicks and the roughest weather, making it ideal for outdoor events. It can also be easily transported and assembled as a mobile interactive screen for festivals, launches and other events both indoors and outdoors.

Versatile digital signage

The MultiBall setup can be used for plenty of other applications while not in play. It could serve as digital signage to inform members of events or important information around your facility. Or maybe host a dedicated cinema night on your new bright projection wall or rent out advertising space to local businesses to get an immediate return on your investment.

MultiBall models

Discover the MultiBall range with models of varying sizes to fit any indoor or outdoor space. All models come with a five-year warranty.

MultiBall Projector

The MultiBall Frame & Projector range suits a wide variety of applications, from entertainment and basic training to all-encompassing training for professional sport.

Available in various models, ranging from 4.09m x 2.9m to 4.75m x 3.5m, and taking up only 14cm in-depth, this is our most versatile, low impact solution for any facility.

MultiBall LED

For bright environments or events, we recommend our MultiBall LED range which boasts much higher brightness and picture quality. With an impact-proof LED screen, it can be set up quickly with no need for surrounding stands.

MultiBall LED is available in four models including indoor and outdoor versions.

Find out more

Discover our full range in our downloadable Multiball brochure.
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woman Boxing in AV lighting

Are you curious about the audio-visual and feature lighting trends that are set to make a splash in 2023? From 3D printing to virtual reality, the world of AV technology is evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Here’s a rundown of the top AV and feature lighting trends expected to make their mark in the coming year. Get up to speed on what to expect and be prepared to make the most of the exciting opportunities ahead.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been around for some time and is predicted to become more even prevalent in 2023. This technology allows users to experience immersive environments with the help of special headsets and software. AV companies are taking advantage of this technology by creating virtual reality experiences that are designed to provide users with a more engaging and interactive experience.

Examples of virtual reality being used in AV projects include creating virtual tours of museums, allowing visitors to experience the exhibits in a more interactive way; creating virtual concerts, allowing people to experience a live performance from the comfort of their own home; and creating virtual sports stadiums, allowing people to experience the excitement of a live match without leaving their house.

Motion Tracking & Gesture Control

gesture recongition and control

Motion tracking is also gaining popularity for personal and commercial AV & feature lighting installations. By using real-world movements, users can interact with objects in a virtual space through simple gestures. Motion tracking is expected to be even more common in 2023, and with gesture-based control, it has the potential to create even more impactful experiences.

For example, motion tracking can be used to allow users to control the audio-visual system with a simple wave of their hand. Similarly, gesture-based control can be used to allow users to control various parts of the installation with simple hand movements, such as zooming in and out of a picture or controlling the brightness of the lights. It can also allow members of the public to interact with an installation, adding a hugely engaging factor to otherwise straight-forward projection or visual display pieces.

Curved Video Walls and Bespoke Displays

Curved and bespoke-shaped video walls create a visually stunning effect, providing a more immersive experience for viewers, and are becoming an increasingly popular option for large-scale installations. LED displays offer a number of advantages over video walls and projection when it comes to creating bespoke displays.

LED displays are more energy-efficient, have a longer life, boast a higher contrast ratio and come in a wider range of colors. Plus, they can be configured to fit any space, giving you even more design flexibility and creative freedom. As such, LED displays are expected to be even more prominent in 2023 for AV professionals looking to create unique and engaging content for their customers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality could also be popping up in more commercial installations. This technology allows users to experience 3D visuals that are overlaid onto their environment, creating a more immersive experience. AV companies are taking advantage of this technology by creating augmented reality experiences that are designed to provide users with an enhanced viewing experience. Sectors like retail, art exhibitions, and event management in particular are likely to see this technology become more available for them.

3D Printing

3d printing of parts for commercial application

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is already making waves in the AV and feature lighting industry. This trend is predicted to become even more prominent in 2023, as more AV companies incorporate 3D printing into their designs. 3D printing allows for complex designs to be created quickly and cost-effectively, making it an ideal choice for AV professionals looking to create innovative and unique products.

Examples of 3D printing being used in AV lighting designs include creating custom fixtures, unique shapes, and intricate designs. 3D printing can also be used to create components that are too small or complex for traditional manufacturing processes. This technology is ideal for creating bespoke solutions that require one-off parts, without hiking up the price of manufacturing. Additionally, 3D printing has the potential to reduce costs and waste, as it eliminates the need for traditional moulding and machining.

Smart lighting

smart lighting led

Smart lighting is increasingly being used in commercial applications such as offices, retail spaces, and hospitality venues. It is set to continue its popularity in 2023, with features that offer improved energy efficiency, customisable lighting designs, and automated scheduling. Smart lighting can be tied in with other audiovisual technologies to create a more immersive experience for customers and employees alike.

Examples of smart lighting products include RGBW pixel strip lights, Bluetooth mesh lighting systems, intelligent lighting controllers, and smart lightbulbs. RGBW pixel strip lights are a great option for creating customisable lighting designs, as they allow users to control the color, brightness, and intensity of the lights.

Additionally, Bluetooth mesh lighting systems are great for large-scale installations, as they allow users to wirelessly control lights over a wide area. Intelligent lighting controllers make it easy for users to remotely program and control their lighting systems. By combining these with gesture-based control or other control solutions, you can create a truly forward-thinking AV and lighting setup.

The AV and feature lighting industry is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of its users. With the emergence of new trends, 2023 is poised to be an exciting year for AV and feature lighting. From 3D printing to virtual reality, the possibilities are seemingly endless. By taking advantage of these trends, businesses in all industries can hugely impact their brand and customer experiences.

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