Lagging office WiFi can be incredibly frustrating. The last thing you need is for your connection to slow down right when you’re about to enter a video call or upload documents for an important project.

Unfortunately, network performance issues are all too common for all business sizes. So why does your WiFi lag, and what can you do to solve the problem?

In this article, we’ll look at the most common causes of office WiFi lag and how a networking and connectivity partner can help you get your connection back up to speed.

Interference from other devices

Interference from other devices is one of the most common causes of office WiFi lag. It’s likely that your office is full of other wireless devices and signals, such as Bluetooth headsets, wireless printers, and even your neighbouring business’ WiFi network. All of these signals can interfere with your connection and cause it to slow down.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce interference and improve your office WiFi performance. You can start by positioning your router in a central location, away from other wireless devices and signals. You should also make sure that your router is in a well-ventilated space and that it’s not surrounded by metal objects, which can also interfere with your signal.

Poor network configuration

Another common cause of office WiFi lag is poor network configuration. If your network hasn’t been properly configured, it can lead to slow speeds and poor performance.

When setting up your network, it’s important to make sure that you’ve chosen the right settings and that your router is configured specifically for your intended use. You also need to make sure that your devices are connecting to the correct network and that they’re using the correct security settings. Even things like your firewalls, remote desktopping, and proxies can have an impact on overall network performance across the office.

Poor network configuration is akin to a ship with a hole in its hull: no matter the fuel and supplies, it won’t stay afloat. To ensure your network is optimized for speed and performance, it’s best to work with a networking and connectivity partner. They can identify and fix any WiFi issues, so you can get back to work quickly—just like patching the hull of your boat to reach the shore.

Outdated network hardware

Outdated network hardware is another common cause of office WiFi lag. If your router or other hardware is old or out of date, it can cause speeds to slow down and decrease performance.

Your network and connectivity partner can help you identify the age and efficiency of your existing systems. If your network hardware is old, it’s a good idea to invest in new hardware. You should also make sure that your network is using the latest version of WiFi technology. WiFi 6 and 5 are the latest generations of wireless technology. WiFi 6 offers faster speeds, increased range, and more reliable connections than WiFi 5. Additionally, WiFi 6 is more power-efficient, reducing battery drain on connected devices, which can make a real difference in a modern office environment.

Heavy network traffic

Heavy network traffic can also cause office WiFi lag. If your network is being used by a large number of devices at the same time, it can lead to slow speeds and poor performance.

The best way to reduce heavy network traffic is to limit the number of devices connected to your network. You can also use network monitoring tools to identify and limit any devices that are using too much bandwidth. You could also increase your network capacity. You can do this by upgrading your network hardware or adding additional access points to your network.

By increasing your network capacity, you’ll be able to handle more devices and have more bandwidth available to each device. This will help reduce office WiFi lag and ensure that your connection is always up to speed.

How a Networking & Connectivity Partner Can Help

If you’re having problems with your office WiFi, a networking and connectivity partner can help. A professional partner can help you identify the cause of your office WiFi lag and provide solutions to get your connection back up to speed.

For example, they can carry out a site survey and identify potential issues that might be impacting your overall network access, like badly positioned routers, outdated hardware, and systems that aren’t configured optimally.

They’ll also be able to come up with technical drawings and solutions that should optimise your setup, giving you real insight into what they’re suggesting as a solution. Additionally, they can provide remote support, cable management, and ongoing network maintenance to help keep your network running smoothly.

Working with a networking and connectivity partner can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. You’ll be able to get your connection up to speed and get back to work as quickly as possible.

We hope we’ve helped you understand the most common causes of office WiFi lag and how a networking and connectivity partner can help you get your connection back up to speed. If you’re having problems with your office WiFi, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team to get your connection up and running quickly and efficiently.

2022 has been… something else. Just as we were starting to see  ‘business-as-usual’ membership numbers after pandemic lockdowns, the energy crisis is now hitting gyms hard. A recent survey showed that 39% of people are already finding the increased cost of living is impacting their ability to be active, and many are considering showering at the gym instead of at home to save money, leading to higher energy bills for operators over the winter. 

On top of this, Covid changed the face of the fitness industry and businesses are still having to adapt to ensure their ongoing survival. The population is more aware than ever of the importance of exercise after many months locked inside with limited access to exercise spaces and equipment, so virtual fitness has become a seemingly permanent fixture in the industry as a result. 

In this new age of fitness, and with rising energy costs becoming increasingly difficult to manage, fitness businesses will have to think differently to survive. Gyms need to find ways to maintain cashflow positivity while keeping their facilities accessible for members, making the most of the rising trend for virtual fitness classes, and being economical with their energy usage. 

Here are some ways the fitness industry is navigating these challenges.

Improving engagement levels 

virtual fitness in gym

Public interest in fitness is on the rise with 82% of consumers stating they exercise regularly or intend to start soon. However, there is actually about a 60:40 split between people wanting to work out in gym spaces vs at home, showing a significant increase in interest in virtual workouts.

Leisure centres might make the most of these changing consumer behaviours by offering multi-platform options that extend beyond their physical space. 

Martin Franklin, Europe CEO of Les Mills states that ‘The ability to reach beyond your existing membership and attract fresh faces into facilities will be key to long-term growth; a welcoming force and establishing routes for beginners to find intrinsic motivation to exercise, will be key to their long-term adherence.’ 

One way to do this is to increase your offering beyond traditional gym classes with access to virtual options, such as those offered by content providers like Les Mills, FIIT and more. You could take this opportunity to re-engage people who have memberships with you but rarely use them.

Remind them why they joined in the first place and what you have done since then to improve your services. Help them better understand the value of their membership so they don’t see it as an expendable cost. 

If you want to see how a hybrid offering like this might look, check out how the Gym Group partnered with Fiit, the #1 rated fitness app, to provide a unique offering to their members.

Increased focus on sustainability

Younger members, who currently make up about 48% of global consumer expenditure, are more concerned about sustainability and ethics than other demographic groups. 

Organisations across all industries are considering their environmental impact and are making more serious commitments to sustainability with their business choices, and the fitness industry should take note. 

Finding ways to reduce energy usage in your facilities has the double impact of improving your sustainability credentials and also saving money during a time of soaring energy prices. Small changes such as using LED lights instead of halogen throughout your building and installing automation for virtual fitness classes to stop projectors, screens and lights running when the studio isn’t being used can make a big difference to your overall energy use. 

You could also look into more environmentally friendly equipment options such as Energym RE:GEN Studio bikes. These bikes capture the power generated by an indoor cycle workout and send it to a central lithium-ion battery, storing that energy until the gym is ready to use it, helping to offset a gym’s energy usage.

The amount of power generated depends on several factors, including the number of bikes installed, the intensity of the class, and the number of classes per day, but as a general estimate, one gym could provide enough energy to power 7.8 households per day (at 9kWh per household, ONS 2017).

Energym CEO Will Flint says “We recently worked with Hutchison Technologies on a large-scale installation at STORM, a Holmes Place Cycle Studio based in Berlin. This studio boasts 42 bikes and runs 5 classes a day. Feeding the energy generated by these classes back into the facility is expected to save 5.4 tonnes of CO2e per year for the studio or 37.5 tonnes of CO2e over the expected lifespan of the bikes. While the numbers vary on the country’s energy grid efficiency, it’s an incredible saving for the studio and should be considered be a game-changing solution for many similar studios in the UK” 

Rethinking under-utilised spaces

Many gyms have large areas of floor space that are not being utilised to their full potential. While these could be shut off to the public in an attempt to save further heating and lighting bills, they could also be turned into more profitable and engaging spaces.

Areas such as squash courts or other sports hall spaces might not be getting booked as often as they once were, so leisure centres should think outside the box when it comes to managing them. Similarly, underperforming studios that run only 2-3 classes a day could be reinvented to serve a wider variety of members throughout the day.

Technology such as the Multiball Squash Court Conversion can breathe new life into under-utilised spaces. With its interactive technology, one space can be used to host multiple different types of fitness disciplines from kids’ games, to HIIT classes, cycling, and yoga without losing traditional squash capacity. Smart lighting and audio integrations allow the space to be transformed to suit the user’s needs with just the touch of a button, making it accessible for gym-goers of all ages and abilities; from kids to athletes and pensioners.

Integrating technology like this at your facility allows you to make the most of the rising demand for virtual classes, create a more accessible space for users, and even support community initiatives by more easily by hosting events like kids’ cinema days, charity events and more.

NHS partnerships

man with prostetic leg in gym

Another opportunity for leisure centres and fitness facilities is to partner with local NHS providers to offer a more comprehensive health delivery service. Initiatives like Integrated Care Systems, which have come into legislation this year, are a great way to get the wider population into leisure centres and create more positive associations with fitness spaces. 

The NHS has a long waiting list for medical treatments, so they are looking to tap into local alternative resources to help support patients wherever possible. This can span from simple exercise routines to specialised physio and recovery treatments.

Estimates indicate a potential resource of 50,000 technically competent and highly skilled individuals across the UK who have condition-specific qualifications which could support the NHS. Funding to cover certain services is available to operators wanting to work more closely with the NHS. 

So in addition to the funding received, participating operators also open their doors to a demographic who might otherwise never have considered joining. All of these are opportunities to boost your finances as well as create a tight-knit connection to the local community and build a more resilient business.

More inclusivity

Bringing inclusivity to the fitness industry

Finally, perhaps the most important thing any leisure centre or fitness space can do to ensure its longevity is to invest in improving accessibility and inclusivity. 

From considering the language you use in your marketing, to installing machines that can facilitate bodies of all sizes and abilities, you should work to address your own biases and make your gym a more welcoming space for all.

Consider whether you have the ability to build ‘privacy zones’ or ‘quiet zones’ for those who feel self-conscious about working out on the main gym floor, or struggle with sensory overload. Expand your class offering to include timeslots for those new to exercising at a gym, and inform all new members during induction of these additional benefits they can take advantage of so everyone feels your facility works for them. 

One of the largest neglected demographics for fitness in the UK is pensioners. Only about one in four people above the age of 65 regularly exercise, despite the many benefits that being more active can bring to their general health and well-being.

By focusing on making leisure centres and gyms a more inclusive and accessible place for all, operators will widen their customer base, create customer loyalty and improve the likelihood of weathering crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic or current energy crises. 

To learn more about how your fitness centre can use technology to think outside the box and build longevity, speak to a member of the Hutchison Technologies team today. 

Access Control takes many shapes and fulfills many functions: from adding a barrier for entry to tracking hot zones in facilities. These systems have become an integrated aspect of many businesses as they look to safeguard their premises, staff, and assets. So what access control options do you have in 2023, and how might you put them to use? Read our guide to find out.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Biometric Scanners

biometric security

Biometric scanners are one of the most popular types of access control systems for corporate settings. They use a variety of technologies to identify a person by their physical characteristics, such as their fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris patterns. This type of access control is popular in high-security settings, such as government buildings, military installations, and financial institutions, however it has also been widely implemented as a clock in-out system for shift workers in a variety of industries.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses started using facial recognition scanners in order to provide an access control solution that didn’t require physical interaction (for hygiene reasons), and could also monitor the temperature of all those who entered and left the building.

Biometric scanners are expected to become even more sophisticated and reliable in the coming years, with improved accuracy and speed in recognition. The technology is also likely to become more secure, with higher levels of encryption to protect user and employer data. Additionally, the introduction of artificial intelligence to the technology is likely to lead to better user experiences, with improved user authentication and faster access times.

Keycards & NFC Passes

smart card

Keycards and NFC passes are another popular type of access control system, though in reality they only make up part of the overall acces system. Often found in more public, commercial settings where overall security is less of a risk factor, these tokens provide an easy, and cost effective, way of granting access to a large and changeable body of individuals. They use a card or tag that contains a unique identifier that is read by a card reader. Keycards and NFC passes are commonly used in office buildings, schools, and other buildings that require secure access.

As with biometric scanners, cards and NFC passes are expected to become more secure over the coming years. Customisation options are also likely to become more accessible, with the ability for users to program their own access codes and other settings. The real advantage of digital access passes is their ability to integrate into other softwares like Customer Management Softwares and geotagging, allowing businesses and corporations to build very specific, tailored user journeys.



Keypads are a classic access control system that requires users to enter a code to gain entry to a building or other secured area. These are widely used in businesses and homes to control who has access to certain areas. Unfortunately, a major downside of these systems is the security risk posed by code sharing and other human error issues.

However, keypads can be a great addition to other security measures, such as keycards and biometric scanners. If you need to grant access to a zone within a larger building and a code is the best way to share access with a larger group of people, keypads could be the answer.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags


This one is technically cheating, because RFID is (more often than not) the technology that makes keycards work as well. However, we felt it deserved its own callout as it’s really quite versatile technology.

RFID tags are small devices that contain a unique identifier that can be read by an RFID reader. This type of access control system is used in many different settings, such as secure offices, warehouses, and other areas where physical access needs to be monitored. The beauty of RFID tags is that they can be used in really creative applications. For example, RFID tags could be used to create a virtual perimeter, where the tags would be used to detect when someone is entering or leaving an area. This could be used to monitor employee movement or track the flow of goods in a warehouse.

Other Access Control Methods and Hardware

magnetic swipe card reader

In addition to the access control methods discussed above, there are a number of other systems that can be used to control access to a building or secure an area. Many of them function by relying on the same technologies as those listed above, or are in some way best used in tandem with these. Consider for example:

Card and barcode readers

Without card and barcode readers, you can issue as many keycards, NFC passes or other tokens as you want, but you’ll have nothing to process their access info. While these are often taken for granted, there’s actuallly quite a large scope of readers with different specialties and advantages out there. Whether you need it to scan two types of cards, integrate into a loyalty system, or any other business specific function; it’s best to speak to an access control expert to get a better idea of what reader would suit your purposes.

Voice Recognition & Gesture Control

Voice recognition systems use audio analysis to identify a person by their speaking voice. The technology for this is still not reliable enough to be implemented as primary security access solution, but it can play an active role in user experience enhancements, like controlling lights, elevators, remotely opening doors, etc. Similarly, there’s been a lot of headway made in the field of gesture control, allowing people to interact with the system at a distance using an intuitive and pre-programmed set of gestures.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards contain a chip that is activated by a reader when a person is in close proximity. This too makes for a great user-journey enhancer but does little for real security purposes. A practical application of this might be a waitress who’s clearing tables and needs to enter the kitchen. Her proximity card (which also identifies her when placing the table’s orders in the first place) automatically registers her approaching the kitchen and opens the doors for her, so she doesn’t have to worry about dropping plates.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripe cards are credit card-like cards that contain a magnetic strip. Their application often mirrors those of keycards, though they’re often slightly less practical as the motion of the swipe while attached to a lanyard around the neck can really break a stride. It therefore makes sense that these cards are likely going to be phased out over the coming years and replaced by their newer, more versatile and less intrusive younger cousins.

Bluetooth and location-based Access Control

Bluetooth-based and location-based access control systems use signals emitted by a portable device to grant or deny access. These digital systems are often extremely customisable at short notice, through a central user interface. This is an incredibly useful feature, as it allows for an extra layer of security without having to worry about physical keys or access codes that could be intercepted or stolen. The downside of any of these is that they will require a full battery to function, meaning that there’s a chance of the device not working when it runs out of charge. Keycards and other physical tokens don’t struggle with this, for obvious reasons.

Physical Barriers

Products like parking barriers, maglocks on doors, one-way turnstile gates, and many others make up a vital part of your overall access control system. Physical barriers are an effective way of controlling the flow of people and vehicles into and out of a particular area.

The most common physical barriers are turnstiles and parking barriers, which are usually found in public spaces such as train stations, stadiums, and airports. Other physical access control methods include parking barriers, which are used to restrict access to parking areas, and gate systems, which can be used to secure driveways, areas of land, or other restricted access areas.

Depending on the level of security required, different types of barriers might be suitable. For military installations and government buildings, these barriers will typically be designed to be more robust and might create a floor-to-ceiling obstacle that can’t be ‘hopped’ over, whereas a lower-security space might make do with a standard, hip-height turnstile or gate.

Visitor management systems

Depending on your business-type, you might know these as customer relationship management systems, visitor management systems or guest management systems. Regardless of what you’re calling it, this is usually a software integrated with your access control that allows you to track the comings and goings of customers against their personal profiles. A modern system like this allows you to learn from customer behaviours and over time build tailored, improved customer/member/guest experiences.

If you’re not entirely sure what access control system will work best for your business, why not download our access control guide and checklist, which will enable you to identify your priorities and have an informed chat with your supplier of choice to make sure your needs are fully met.

Each of these access control systems have their own unique set of features, and can be used in a variety of settings. As technology continues to advance, so too will access control systems, with more options available for businesses to choose from. To get expert support on your access control and how it can enhance your visitor experiences, speak to one of our team, who are always happy to help advise.

The cost of everything seems to be rising, and the AV and lighting industry isn’t immune. If you’ve been trying to cost up an AV project recently and are finding it hard to pinpoint what a reasonable cost might be, you’re not alone. In this article, we explore why this might be happening, and what you can do to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Why are my AV & lighting quotes fluctuating so much?

There are several potential causes of changing supplier costs, such as higher labour costs, material costs, import costs, and increasing overhead expenses due to the rising cost of living and energy crisis.

Worker shortages

Many companies have been adversely affected by strikes and worker shortages, which have caused operational disruptions and put a strain on their ability to deliver on quotes. Not only have these labor-related issues had a direct impact on the company’s ability to meet demand, but they have also caused indirect repercussions such as delays in shipments, overworked staff, and supply chain disruptions. This has resulted in increased costs for AV and lighting supplies, as well as a decrease in the amount of stock available.

Changes to manufacturing and import

The rise of tariffs, sanctions, and other trade restrictions have made it more expensive to import materials and components from outside the country. This has led to a decrease in the availability of certain materials, and an overall rise in prices. Additionally, the increased cost of energy has caused higher production costs, meaning many manufacturers have had to pass on these costs to the end user.

According to a recent survey by AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, “88% of AV providers have seen their labor costs increase in the past year, and nearly 30% report their labor costs have increased by 25% or more.”1

This has resulted in an increased demand for domestic production, and as such, suppliers have raised their prices to cover the cost of labour and materials. Many companies have also had to adjust their business models in the face of rising costs and changing customer needs. All of this has resulted in fluctuating, and often higher, overhead costs that are passed on to customers.

What can I do to protect myself from rising costs?

If you work with a regular supplier, there are steps you can take to deal with these fluctuations and protect yourself in the long term. Even if you’re working on a one-off project, the following points are still applicable as they can be scaled up or down accordingly.

Agree on preset pricelists

One option is to get your supplier to agree on a set pricelist for a set timeframe, so that you know the prices won’t change for a certain amount of orders or spend. Most suppliers will lock in the price of their quote for a set amount of time anyway, usually 30 days, but asking for a 3-6 month pricelists can help manage fluctuations in costs if you’re likely to place multiple separate orders.

This can be a beneficial strategy for both parties, as it provides a stable point of reference for both you and your supplier. This can also ensure that the supplier can predict stock levels more accurately for you, leading to fewer delays in shipping and overall project turnaround down the line.

Request price matching

You could also look at competitors and bring competitive prices to your supplier to see if they can match these, or alternatively, go straight to the manufacturer if installation isn’t an issue. This will help you investigate the market and get the best value for money. Note that while material costs can often be negotiated, installation costs and labour time charges may be less flexible.

Buying direct from a manufacturer

If you’re considering importing your own materials without the help of an established supply partner in order to save money, remember that shipping items individually rather than in bulk can cost more and therefore offset any cost savings made on the products or materials. Also, if you’re going solo, always make sure to have a strong, up-to-date technical drawing for your total solution, so you don’t miss out on any vital pieces of tech that are needed for your solution to work.

DIY vs. professional installation

As per the point above, you might be able to save some money by taking on the installation of your own materials, however, make sure you consider the longer timescales and loss of expertise you’d have to overcome. Reputable AV companies often stand out due to their combination of implementation expertise and industry-recognised brand partnerships. This allows them to buy materials at a lower cost than independents can, enabling them to price up larger projects at a lower cost.

Don’t buy the brand – buy the solution

Professional suppliers and installation experts also know exactly what products are actually needed, and which are ‘vanity buys’, simply based on the reputation of a well-known brand. A good AV company can deliver a great end result using any brand of product, thanks to their in-house expertise and ability to innovate and develop bespoke systems for specific customer needs.

Benefit from experience

AV companies have a team of experts on staff to help each other solve even the most complex problems. Keeping this team constantly available will, of course, affect the total cost of your quote. If you are keen to take on a project solo but want to benefit from your supplier’s knowledge base, ask them if they offer consultation work for a set fee. This can help you keep your project moving along. They might be able to help with troubleshooting, specific integration questions you might have, or even deliver detailed technical drawings for your project.

Create better briefs

Expected labour time can heavily impact any AV or lighting integration quotes you receive from AV suppliers. If there’s any scope creep or additional integrations are identified as needed during the project, this labour time can increase significantly and therefore impact the overall cost of the project. To ensure the quote you receive reflects the final bill, it’s important to provide a comprehensive brief to your supplier and discuss it thoroughly.

Check out this article about how to brief suppliers or download our free briefing template to set off on the right foot.

Future-proofed budgeting

In addition to these options, you could also consider budgeting and forecasting the costs associated with the AV and lighting you require. This should include ongoing maintenance costs that you may not have initially budgeted for such as potential repairs outside of warranty periods, or future upgrades to the system.

Additionally, you should consider the cost-savings that can be made by ensuring your initial installation is future-proof. This would involve investing in up-to-date equipment and materials that can help you stay ahead of the curve. While the initial outlay may be higher, the long-term investment could be more manageable as you will have the benefit of the latest technology and fewer unexpected maintenance costs.

Perhaps your budget could accommodate potential changes in installation and material costs over a few years, rather than just for a single project. Ask your finance team for advice with cost projections if you are likely to set aside large budgets that will need to cover multiple separate projects.

There are a lot of factors leading to fluctuating costs in the AV and Lighting markets at the moment. By taking the necessary steps and doing a little bit of legwork, you could be saving yourself a good chunk of money and headache in the long run.

At Hutchison Technologies, our team is here to ensure that you get the best possible quote for your requirements, and to create amazing end results. We also offer a range of consultancy services and additional support, from full project design and delivery to ongoing maintenance and support. If you have a project in mind, get in touch with us today and let us help you make it a reality.

1 AVIXA. “AVI Insights – Workforce & Workplace Survey.” AVIXA, July 2020.

Occupancy sensors are an important tool for many homes and businesses; helping to save energy, reduce costs, and increase safety. Let’s explore how these little devices work and how they could help change the way you engage with your space.

What are they and how do they work?

Occupancy sensors, or occupancy meters, come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application. Generally, they look like small, circular devices mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Their main function is to detect the presence of people in a room or area. When used to control lighting, or other devices such as air conditioning, they help save energy by ensuring these devices are only running when they are needed.

They use a variety of technologies to measure movement and occupancy, including infrared, ultrasonic, and passive infrared sensors. Infrared sensors detect infrared energy emitted by people, while ultrasonic sensors detect sound waves reflected off of people. Passive infrared sensors measure changes in infrared energy to detect motion and occupancy.

How are occupancy sensors different from motion detectors?

At first glance, occupancy sensors and motion detectors have very similar functions, but there are some key differences. Motion detectors are designed to detect movement and (usually) trigger an alarm, while occupancy sensors are designed to detect the presence of people and activate devices like lighting and air conditioning.

Motion detectors are often used in security systems, while occupancy sensors are used in more complex solutions that often integrate many sensors and smart devices. Furthermore, motion detectors usually cost more and are bigger in size, since they need more powerful sensors to detect motion. On the other hand, occupancy sensors are usually smaller since they only need to detect occupancy and not motion.

What advantages do occupancy sensors offer?

Occupancy sensors can help to reduce costs in many different ways. By optimising the use of devices such as lighting and air conditioning, they can lower utility bills and general ‘wear and tear’ on those systems. Additionally, they can help improve safety by responding to the presence of people and activating the right devices.

However, integrated in the right way, their use can be hugely expanded. From a commercial perspective, occupancy sensors can help track hot zones within a space and help keep on top of maintenance and cleaning. They can also help identify when and why faults with other pieces of equipment (like TVs, turnstiles, etc) occur without needing to deploy staff to every corner of your building to keep watch for misuse and other issues.

Factors to consider when choosing occupancy sensors

When choosing occupancy sensors, it is important to consider the features that are available. Features such as adjustable sensitivity, multiple zones, and wireless connectivity can make a big difference in how effective the sensors are.

It is also important to consider the cost of the sensors, as well as any installation or maintenance costs. If you’re purchasing the sensor to add to a customised system, always remember your final goal so your complete integration will be successful. Sketching out your total solution will help identify the features that are important for you to achieve the desired result.

The use of occupancy sensors can be a great way to save money, increase safety, and improve the overall efficiency of your business. With the right sensors, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your space and taking advantage of the latest technology to help you succeed.

If you have any questions about automation for your business, speak to our team today.

For businesses of all sizes, videoconferencing has become part of the daily landscape, both on a one-on-one and on a multi-participant basis. In order for companies to make this easy from their head office, many meeting rooms are being refurbished into videoconferencing-enabled spaces, with all the kit required for someone to book the space and hold a successful meeting with minimal technical hiccups and glitches.

Now, there’s no way we can outline exactly what every type of business might need in order to facilitate this, but we have asked our technical team to suggest some of their recommended setups for larger meeting rooms.

For the purpose of this article, large meeting rooms include any room made to host more than 8 physical stakeholders during the meeting. We hope there are some useful takeaways here for you, but as with all technological integrations, you’re likely best off speaking to a professional about your space’s specific requirements in order to get the best solution.

Samsung Flip

Software Agnostic Videoconferencing Systems for 8+ Participants


First of all, you’ll want a large enough screen for everyone to see the virtual participants clearly, and to be able to follow and read any presentation slides or shared screens clearly. We recommend not going for a screen under 65” for these reasons.

For this system, we actually recommend the Samsung Flip 2 65”, which will both work as a screen to display participants, and also function as a flipchart with touchscreen technology. Products like these in modern meeting spaces can make a huge impact on the productivity of the meeting, and offer more versatility for the room’s use in general. The Flip can either be wall mounted or installed on a mobile trolley to maneuver around the room for maximum accessibility.


For this setup, we reckon a smart device like the Poly Studio X50 will do a stellar job. Its smart webcam offers smart tracking and framing, and its software offers dual display support so you can screen share while remaining in full view right out of the box.

Now, this video bar does come with a built-in microphone and speakers which will be suitable for a smaller meeting space, but to make sure everybody in the room is picked up properly and can hear everything with equal clarity, we do suggest adding an additional microphone and speaker system, like the one below.

Audio system

Everybody knows by now how much frustration bad audio can cause. Whether it’s eliminating the building works noise from next door, failing to have consistent sound during the meeting, or picking up what that one whisper-presenter is actually saying; a good sound system will help everyone keep focused on the subject matter rather than the techno-blips.

For a room of this size, we think the Shure Table Bundle will make a really good addition. With two table array microphones, distributed across the length of the boardroom table, two speakers that can be either kept mobile or hardwired into the room itself and a processor that takes on all the hard work, every meeting will be an auditory delight.

Wireless Presentation

To enable everyone in the room to share their ideas, Barco’s Clickshare CX50 provides a quick and hassle-free solution. These plug-and-play devices claim to connect anyone’s device to the meeting within 7 seconds, no matter what laptop or videoconferencing software is used. It’s probably worth keeping some adaptors in the room just to make the connection as easy as possible.

Room management PC

To make sure the room doesn’t get double booked and meetings are run on time and within schedule, a room management PC like the 8” Roomz Display by RoomzBlack is just the ticket.

You can choose to keep this on the boardroom table itself for easy access, or wall mount it (or even link it to another display outside the meeting room to display availability).

group vieconference

Microsoft Teams Dedicated Videoconferencing System for 8+ Participants

While many of the systems we recommend can remain the same for the software agnostic and the Microsoft Teams dedicated conference rooms, there are a few differences you might want to consider.


As an alternative to the Flip 2 recommended above, you might want to go for a larger, UHD display like the 75” QM75R from Samsung. This can be paired with a smart mount like the Peerless VCM580 floor-to-wall dual display solution, which helps keep cable management ‘manageable’ and also includes two 2RU rack storage units, which can be very handy in a large room with multiple processors, PCs, amps, etc.


For a conference room of this size, you might want to choose a dedicated webcam that’s compatible with your Teams Software. the Huddly IQ provides an excellent field of view at 150°, as well as the expected smart zoom, tracking, and framing options that have become standard in conference spaces these days. Its smart AI also takes lighting into consideration and adjusts its settings for each participant, which can be a huge advantage in large meeting rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. You can opt to use its 5-element microphone, but as before we recommend using a separate sound system for better audio delivery.

Audio System

To offer an alternative for this room size, you could opt for fully ceiling-mounted audio solutions and high levels of calibration and control of the sound in the room as a whole. Consider for example some JBL Pro Control 26C ceiling speakers, powered through a Biamp Tesire Forte Dan VT4 and Apart REVAMP2150L Amplifier, automated through a NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet POE+ Smart Managed Pro Switch allowing fast and easy switching between different inputs from presenters and virtual participants. This is why the mount mentioned in the display section comes in handy, as all of these additional processors, amps, and PCs will need to be stored somewhere convenient.


Single-Brand Videoconferencing System for 8+ Participants

If you think all of the above sounds like a bit of a faff, or you feel loyal to an existing IT brand and want to stick with them, this setup might be more up your street. We’ve chosen Logitec as our primary brand as it is one of the most popular videoconferencing suppliers globally, but rest assured that other manufacturers like Poly, Cisco, and Yaelink all have the components required to set up a full videoconferencing system as well.

Video and Sound

The Logitec Rally is a really popular system that comes pretty much ready to plug and play. With a stand-alone camera, desk microphone, and two separate speakers included (alongside your expected computing hardware), there’s not much more you would need to get a medium to large size conference room up and running.

If you want to be extra thorough though, you can add additional microphones and speakers to create a more surround-sound effect and ensure everyone around the table it picked up perfectly. A Logitec RoomMate will link all chosen devices together and make sure your meetings run smoothly.


The aptly named Logitec Tap can be integrated to control the meeting and other aspects around the room depending on how it’s been integrated with your larger access control systems, and is compatible with Teams and Meet straight out of the box.

Hardware Mounting

Logitec have their own wall mounts to keep the cabling tidy and all the above-mentioned gear in perfect position. It’s called the Rally Mounting Kit and it delivers a really sleek-looking end result.

Other equipment

For displays, other mounting solutions, and more bespoke fitting equipment that blends into your space more, you may have to look out with your chosen brand’s catalog. Speaking with your AV supplier will help you identify what pieces you definitely need for your large videoconferencing room, and which you can do without.

A good supplier will help sound map the room, suggest any required acoustic and lighting treatments that may help you get the best out of your system, and help troubleshoot the setup both after immediate installation as well as resolve problems down the line.

To find out more about how Hutchison Technologies can help support your office with its technological requirements, check out our interactive guide, or speak to the team for a direct conversation about your needs.

When it comes to technology integrations, choosing the right supplier partner is crucial. With Hutchison Technologies, you can expect a range of services and benefits that we believe will always help you achieve the best result. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with us:

Innovative Technologies

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology trends and implementing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We use state-of-the-art technologies to design and deliver the best integrations, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re looking for audio, visual, lighting, or other immersive sensory integrations to wow your visitors, or are looking for more technical expertise in the realm of networking and connectivity, office technologies like WiFi and videoconferencing, or access control integrations that use smart, custom built connections to enhance your building control – Hutchison Technologies is able to tackle even the most complex of projects with an innovative, can-do spirit.

Our team of experts is always on the lookout for the latest advancements in technology, and we work tirelessly to incorporate these advancements into our solutions. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best technology the industry has to offer, delivered by a team of experts who are passionate about innovation and dedicated to your success.

Access to Industry-Leading Brands

Over the years, we have gathered an impressive portfolio of certifications and partnerships with many of the leading brands in industries across tech and connectivity. From consumer-known brands like Bose, Phillips, Samsung, Yamaha, Cisco, LG, and Martin Audio, to more niche specialist brands like Madrix, Crestron, Apart, Shure, Cloud, Gamma, Avaya, and others. 

Our extensive network of supplier relationships, as well as a direct connection with our sister-company Hutchison International, allows us to quote and use a larger variety of products to deliver the desired results than many others in our field.

Expert Project Management
project management support

From start to finish, we’ll work with you to ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standard. You’ll be working with a dedicated project manager and their team, who will ensure transparent and frequent communication throughout the project delivery.

As we are a tight-knit, diverse, multi-disciplined team, you’ll benefit from niche technical expertise from across the business, while keeping your line of communication straightforward. So no matter whether you’re coming to us for a videoconferencing setup, a custom commercial light, and sound design and installation, or are looking for a way to upgrade your access control systems (or any of our other tech solutions), you can rest assured the right expertise will help you achieve the best result.

Our detail-driven style of project management means we are able to better track all stages of the delivery, from sourcing the right materials to the final fitting. This ensures our quotes are more accurate than many of our competitors, but it also helps us prepare for potential challenges well in advance, ensuring our delivery timeline is achieved within the stipulated budget.

Custom Technical Drawings

Our team of experts works from highly detailed and custom-drawn technical drawings and specifications for each project to ensure the smooth installation and integration of your technology. By preparing to such a high degree of detail ahead of the installation, we are able to deliver projects on more accurate timelines, with better-informed engineers who ensure there are fewer snags post-installation.

We are also able to deliver technical drawings and consultations as a stand-alone service. So if you just need someone to help you pull together all the various aspects of tech required for your build, give us a call and we’ll talk you through how we can support you.

Honest and Transparent Advice and Consultations
branded speaker installation

As part of our project management and overall ways of working, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our clients. This covers everything from product advice (eg. is it worth getting out the big cheque for those brand name products, or can a cheaper alternative deliver the same result?), suggestions on required functionality (eg. We could charge you more to develop this functionality, but the likely hood is that this out-of-the-box function will cover your needs 99% of the time – are you sure you definitely want this now or do you want to add this to phase 2 of the development?) and honest communication around pricing, timelines, and challenges.

We will work to whatever your priorities are. If your priority is to deliver the best result on a tight budget, we will keep that in mind throughout the solution design and project delivery. If your goal is to create something completely unique that will stun your clients for years to come, that’s what we will work towards. We believe that clear communication and a thorough understanding of your expected results are essential to building trust and maintaining long-term relationships.

Within this fast-transforming industry of technology, our team keeps an ear on the ground for new and upcoming developments. Wherever possible, we will always provide transparency if something you’re looking to develop is future-proof or just a fad that will likely look like an outdated investment in 12 months’ time.

Remote and On-Site Expert Support

We understand that timely support is essential, as many of our integrations play an active part in the overall user experience. That’s why we offer both remote and on-site expert support. Our helpdesk team is able to log into many systems remotely and troubleshoot, test, and even resolve many issues without a callout being required.

For our recent installs, we encourage our clients to opt for remote monitoring systems that allow us to flag up any potential risks that are coming up so that we can resolve the issues before they impact service in any way. When an engineer call-out is required, we have a nationwide team of maintenance engineers on the road with many of the most often required parts for speedy repairs.

When you log a fault, you should expect a response from our helpdesk within 2-4 working hours. First-time fixed rates of 90% are our target, with the engineer calling within 48hrs (if required) from initial contact with one of our representatives.

All this to say that once you have decided on a Hutchison Technologies integration, our investment in your facility doesn’t end at the installation. We remain invested in the performance of the systems and your satisfaction long beyond our engineers leave your site.

Bespoke Integration and Software Development
technical drawing of wiring diagram

One of the reasons you might partner with us is that we offer significant experience and expertise in building custom integration and software designs. We understand that every business has unique ways of interacting with its customers, and might have a concept or an idea you want to bring to life but aren’t sure if it’s doable.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a solution that fits your specific needs. Thanks to our varied in-house skillset, we’ve not yet been posed with a challenge that we’ve not managed to overcome through smart integrations and collaboration with our industry partners.

We’ve helped develop and deliver custom solutions for clients across a variety of industries, from boutique high-impact immersive fitness studios to custom integrations between access control and customer relationship management software using IoT sensors, all the way to remote broadcasting solutions for event spaces with bespoke lighting, sound, and camera controls and inputs.

We love challenging ourselves and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, so if you have an idea we’d love to hear about it!

Collaborative Working Methods

When we talk about collaboration, we truly mean we take a full 360° approach to deliver the best results. That means enabling multiple preparatory briefing sessions between our client and our project team, internal collaboration between varying skill sets and expertises, as well as collaborating with industry-leading brands in order to get the best out of every product we use.

This openness to communicate with other stakeholders also allows us to work collaboratively with other contractors you may already have on board to deliver other aspects of your project. After all, our primary objective is to help you achieve the end results that you’re looking for, so communicating with all stakeholders that might impact the project is a vital component to delivering excellence.

A Personal Touch

Building a personal bond with our clients has been a part of our modus operandi since we started 30 years ago. In fact, it’s what we believe has allowed our business to grow from a small family enterprise to the international organisation we are today.

From the talent we attract to enhance our service offering, to the projects we are entrusted to deliver and the clients who choose to work with us time and time again; none of these would be possible without having a strong, personal dedication and passion that backs up our industry expertise.

Our customers see this reflected in the quality of the end result but also in the effort put in at every stage of the process. From customer-facing teams like engineers, helpdesk, and project managers to behind-the-scenes players like our CAD technicians, technical development team, and marketing departments; we are all personally invested to create new, exciting spaces for our clients.

However, it is also noticeable in the way each member of our team has the ability to communicate directly across hierarchies internally, allowing us to cut through the red tape that might otherwise delay projects and liaise directly with the people who can give us the right answer. From junior sales associates to technical directors and right across the board; there are personal interactions possible that make us one of the most efficient companies to work within our industry.

Large-Scale Rollout Expertise

Thanks to our experience working with industry-leading chains in multiple sectors, we’ve honed our project management and delivery to a level that allows us to provide unrivaled consistency in the delivery of our tech integrations.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade a single aspect of your audio-visual setup across your franchise in Europe, or looking to build several identical boutique experience centres across a single nation – we have the infrastructure and expertise in place to do your brand justice.

Ongoing Maintenance and Out-of-Hours Support
large chain rollout

One of the things you can expect when you partner with Hutchison Technologies is expert, and industry-wide recognised, expert aftercare.

We offer ongoing maintenance and training support, ensuring that your technology is always up and running and your staff is fully up-to-date on the latest updates you may receive throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

We also hold ourselves to ambitious support and repair turnarounds, and always ensure that we analyse our repairs so we can continuously improve both our support services as well as our initial installations. Our team is available from 7am to 7pm as standard, but out-of-hours support is available to customers as well, should they decide they want additional support.

So if you’re looking for complex integrations of technology for your business that may require custom software or hardware development, direct liaison with other contractors that are working on your build, and complete project management for a host of different fields of expertise, give us a call.

Partnering with Hutchison Technologies means having a team of experts on your side, dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions for your business. We certainly hope you’ll reach out for your next project, to see what we can achieve together.

We recently spent two days with a host of operators and fellow suppliers at active-net – a health, fitness and leisure sector event for discussing the latest trends and innovations.

One theme that came up again and again was our shared responsibility for improving sustainability and decarbonising efforts across the whole sector.

In this blog we’ve collected some examples of what pioneering owners and operators are doing in this space, and how Hutchison Technologies is supporting sustainability initiatives with smart technology integrations.

Five things – big and small – you can do to improve your sustainability

1 – Make sustainability a priority

This one sounds like a given, but there’s a world of difference between adding a sustainability project to someone’s list of objectives and truly making it an organisational priority.

You need to prioritise it, clearly and consistently communicate your vision, and back that up with actions. Your people need to live and breath the goal.

Everyone Active are a great example of a leisure operator taking this approach. They created a Net Zero Strategy to decarbonise their leisure facilities by 2050 and invested in hiring a Group Sustainability Manager to help implement it.

Their plan includes retrofitting existing facilities with renewable and energy efficiency systems, using low-carbon materials in new builds, transitioning to electric vehicles, and engagement campaigns to encourage behaviour change.

2 – Measure your impact

As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed. If you’re serious about driving change it’s important to put a measure in place that will make progress – or lack of it – visible to everyone.

Carbon footprint is a metric many organisations track as a key performance indicator. It measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are directly and indirectly associated with the organisation. This includes emissions from activities such as transportation, energy consumption, food production, and waste disposal.

There are many carbon footprint calculators available online, and also companies like PawPrint providing services to help organisations educate their employees on how to contribute to reduce their environmental impact.

3 – Repair and reuse instead of replace

When refreshing facilities there is typically a lot of replacing old equipment with new equipment. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but have you always given proper consideration to what existing equipment can be repaired or upgraded instead of replaced?

At Hutchison Technologies, when scoping a new project we start by reviewing what components from the existing space can be repurposed for the new installation, and our engineers take great pleasure in breathing fresh life into components customers assumed would need replaced.

Our digital signage project with Gymbox and Forty Eight Point One is a great example of this process. When planning a digital signage rollout across all Gymbox’s London locations we found the majority of existing screens could be reused if we developed new external drivers to adjust the screen orientation. In this case we avoided the waste and expense of new screens.

4 – Accumulated benefit of small changes

Don’t underestimate the impact of small changes. When added up across an organisation and over a long period of time, small changes to daily habits can have a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

Encourage your people to notice and act upon ‘the little things’. This could be powering down devices or facility areas when not in use; recycling and reducing waste; and choosing more sustainable transport methods (or better yet, cutting out some trips altogether!).

There may also be opportunities to make small energy reducing tweaks without impacting on member experiences. Better Gyms, who operate 258 council-owned gyms, lowered the air and water temperatures at their swimming pools by 1C and reported no significant complaints.

5 – Renewable energy sources and reduced consumption

The leisure sector is increasingly recognising the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources. Installing solar panels, like at the Aylestone Leisure Centre in Leicester, can provide a renewable source of energy that reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

Embracing fitness equipment innovations like Energym’s RE:GEN exercise bike, which convert kinetic energy from exercise into usable electricity, can also help power facilities in a sustainable way.

One of the most creative ideas we’ve seen is Exmouth Leisure Centre’s partnership with a data centre start-up Deep Green. They are heating their swimming pool for free using the heat generated from a washing-machine sized data centre.

By adopting these measures and implementing other energy-efficient practices, the leisure sector can play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change, whilst lowering running costs.

How we’re supporting sustainability

Our ‘repair before replace’ approach to new projects is one thing we do to help our clients be more sustainable but we also provide many technology integrations that can help.

Sensors and control automations allow you to automate integrations like lighting, audio and heating; optimising levels based on the number of people using the space, and turning off entirely when the space isn’t in use.

Teleconferencing facilities and interactive whiteboards can improve the quality of remote meetings and collaboration to the extent that it reduces the need for travelling between sites for face-to-face meetings.

Digital signage across public and staff areas of your venues can be used for communications nudging positive sustainability behaviours by both members and staff.

If you want to learn more about leisure sector technology integrations our Studio Solutions guide shows how these integrations can work in different types of fitness studios.

ExCel London was the place to be for fitness industry professionals last week as Elevate 2023 took over one of their giant halls.

This year’s event brought together the UK’s leading fitness industry experts from both suppliers and operators. Speaker topics and exhibitor solutions included blending gym and home exercise routines, personalised experiences, and how to add value beyond your traditional fitness offering.

So, let’s dive right in and explore some key themes from this packed two-day event.

Blending gym-based and home fitness experiences

HCM Magazine listed ‘Hybrid Models’ as one of the top fitness trends of 2022-23, and the importance of finding a balance between gym-based workouts and home exercise routines was prominent at Elevate.

This isn’t a new trend – it’s grown quickly since Covid times – but both suppliers and operators continued to emphasise the need to embrace both options to meet member expectations of being available wherever was most convenient to them.

Members want access to high-quality equipment, expert guidance, and a motivating atmosphere while at the gym; and flexibility to continue their routines any time at home.

Many member management software platforms at the expo – which historically would have focused solely on managing member journeys through your physical facility – are now incorporating live-streaming, on-demand content, and virtual personal training sessions.

Maintaining the appeal of in-person workouts

Embracing a blended approach to home and in-person fitness gives your members what they want, but it doesn’t come without risk. What if they decide their home workout routine is so good they don’t need you anymore?

That’s why fitness operators are putting more and more focus on creating in-person experiences that can’t be replicated at home. 

Community itself is a great benefit of in-person experiences – Elevate perfectly showcases the enduring power of face-to-face interactions – but technology plays an equally prominent role here.

Our immersive Les Mills studio at the Mariner Centre and first-of-its-kind immersive Fiit studio for The Gym Group are both great examples of transforming space into experiences that are truly differentiated from anything you could do at home. These give members reasons to continue using their facilities alongside their home exercise routines.

Technology integrations like feature lighting, full-wall projections, and booming audio really capture attention and get people talking.

Premium content that’s only available in-person is another way to differentiate the gym experience. You could add Earth+Sky’s cinema-quality wellness classes to an automated unstaffed studio, giving members access to content not available anywhere else.


Fitness operators are reacting to the ever-increasing personalisation of B2C app and subscription services. When Netflix and Spotify can make recommendations based on your history and their interpretation of your personal tastes, it’s only natural that this sophisticated customisation influences our expectations in other parts of our life.

Devices and platforms collecting performance data, like MyZone, are common at the best fitness studios, and many cardio machines allow you to login to track your progress and receive workout recommendations. The popularity of Peloton bikes for home exercise has only served to increase expectations on gym cardio equipment as well.

What feels like a more recent development is more suppliers adding an element of personalisation to their strength equipment. EGYM’s Smart Strength range of machines, for example, include digital displays and personalised workouts. They have setting specifically for beginners as well programmes designed for advanced training plans.

For some fitness operators personalisation will come from their 121 interactions with members, but there is always the possibility to add to this using technology in smart ways.

Member retention is still the holy grail

Acquiring new members is great, but retaining and motivating them remains a top priority for operators across the fitness industry. With that goal in mind, many operators are looking for creative ways to add value beyond their traditional facilities and classes.

This includes finding ways to make your venue somewhere members want to spend more time. For example, David Lloyd have introduced workspaces at some of their clubs that members can use as a remote workplace. They can sit in this dedicated space after a game of tennis and do work on their laptops, dial into videocalls, or meet with other members. 

As David Lloyd’s technology integration partner we helped them bring this concept to life. Ensuring reliable WiFi connectivity for members and adding accessible teleconferencing solutions are just a couple of the integrations we can add to motivate your members to stay longer.

The secret to creating great fitness experiences

With the great variety of speakers and suppliers on display, Elevate was a great reminder that there’s no magic silver bullet approach to creating a great fitness experience. In reality, it’s many different things, done consistently well over a long period of time.

It’s smart personalisation. It’s integrating technologies that are the right match for your members. It’s creating impactful in-person experiences your members can’t replicate at home…while also providing at-home options that feel like a purposeful part of a holistic fitness offering rather than an afterthought bolt-on. And it’s a lot of other things too.

Starting with the member experience in mind is the single constant throughout everything. So whatever part of your business you’re looking to evolve, keep repeating “What would our members want?” and you won’t go far wrong.

We can help bring the wow factor

The projects we get most excited about are the ones where a client wants to transform a space into an experience.

Sometimes that involves things like feature lighting, booming audio, and immersive displays; things that really get people talking. And other times it’s easily accessible WiFi, smooth access control, and reliable phone lines; the invisible threads holding everything together.

If you’re looking for ways to create in-person experiences that keep your members coming back again and again, get in touch and we can help you explore what’s possible. Alternatively, download our free Studio Solutions Brochure to explore the possibilities for your current or next studio setup. 

In the rapidly evolving world of retail, creating captivating and immersive experiences for customers has become crucial. Advanced Audio-Visual (AV) technologies are playing a pivotal role in transforming traditional retail spaces into engaging environments that leave a lasting impression. Flagship stores, boutiques, and multi-site stores are embracing a range of technologies, including lighting, access control, audio, visual, digital signage, and connectivity, to enhance their offerings. In this blog, we will explore the top solutions suited for these retail categories and discuss why they are vital in today’s competitive market.

Lighting Systems

Lighting is a fundamental aspect of any retail space, setting the mood and highlighting products. Advanced lighting systems, such as LED lighting and smart lighting, offer greater control and flexibility. Flagship stores can utilize dynamic lighting setups to create visually stunning displays that showcase their products in the best possible light. Boutiques can use lighting to enhance specific areas, such as product shelves or fitting rooms, creating an inviting and personalized atmosphere. Multi-site stores can implement centralized lighting control systems to maintain consistent branding across their locations and optimize energy consumption.

Access Control Solutions

Access control technologies play a vital role in ensuring the security and smooth operation of retail establishments. Advanced access control systems, including keycard or biometric systems, enhance security while providing a seamless customer experience. Flagships can benefit from access control solutions by restricting access to certain areas or VIP sections, ensuring a sense of exclusivity. Boutiques can implement access control to secure valuable merchandise or designated areas, protecting against theft. Multi-site stores can utilize access control systems to manage employee access and track entry and exit logs for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Audio Systems

Audio has a profound impact on the ambience of a retail space, influencing customer mood and engagement. High-quality audio systems, such as background music or soundscaping solutions, can create immersive environments that align with a brand’s identity. Flagship stores can leverage audio systems to create a unique and memorable sensory experience for visitors, reinforcing their brand image. Boutiques can tailor audio selections to suit their product offerings and target audience, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Multi-site stores can synchronize audio across different locations, ensuring consistency in brand messaging and creating a cohesive experience for customers.

Visual Displays

Visual displays play a critical role in attracting and engaging customers. With advancements in display technologies, such as high-resolution screens, video walls, and projection mapping, retailers have endless possibilities to captivate their audience. Flagship stores can utilize large-scale video walls or interactive displays to showcase brand stories or product features, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Boutiques can employ smaller, strategically placed screens to highlight specific products or promotions, creating focal points within the store. Multi-site stores can maintain consistent visual branding across different locations, reinforcing their identity and creating a unified customer experience.

Digital Signage

Digital signage has become an integral part of modern retail environments, providing dynamic and engaging content delivery. Interactive digital signage allows customers to actively engage with the displayed content, enhancing their shopping experience. Flagships can utilize digital signage to convey brand messages, promote new collections, or provide real-time updates on events or offers. Boutiques can leverage digital signage to provide product information, styling tips, or virtual try-on experiences. Multi-site stores can synchronize their digital signage network, ensuring consistent messaging across all locations and enabling centralized content management.

Connectivity Solutions

Reliable and fast connectivity is essential for seamless retail operations and customer experiences. Robust Wi-Fi networks and other connectivity solutions enable retailers to provide interactive experiences, integrate backend systems, and gather valuable data. Flagship stores can leverage connectivity to offer interactive experiences through mobile applications or enable seamless online-to-offline transitions. Boutiques can provide guest Wi-Fi access to enhance customer convenience and encourage social media engagement. Multi-site stores can ensure consistent connectivity across all locations, enabling efficient data sharing and central management of systems and applications.

The Importance of AV Technologies for Retail

Implementing these AV technologies in retail spaces offers numerous benefits. Firstly, they enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by creating immersive and personalized experiences. Secondly, AV technologies provide valuable data and insights that help retailers make informed business decisions and improve operational efficiency. Thirdly, these technologies differentiate brands from competitors, helping to build a unique identity and attract more customers. Finally, AV technologies have a significant impact on sales and revenue, as they entice customers to spend more time in-store, increase brand loyalty, and drive impulse purchases.

AV technologies are revolutionizing the retail landscape, enabling flagships, boutiques, and multi-site stores to elevate their offerings and create exceptional customer experiences. Lighting systems, access control solutions, audio systems, visual displays, digital signage, and connectivity solutions all play a crucial role in enhancing engagement, security, ambiance, and brand identity. By embracing these technologies, retailers can stay ahead in the competitive market, maximize sales potential, and leave a lasting impression on customers, setting the stage for continued success in the future of retail.

We can help bring the WOW factor

The projects we get most excited about are the ones where a client wants to transform a space into an experience.

Sometimes that involves things like feature lighting, booming audio, and immersive displays; things that really get people talking. And other times it’s easily accessible WiFi, smooth access control, and reliable phone lines; the invisible threads holding everything together.

If you’re looking for ways to create in-person experiences that keep your customers coming back again and again, get in touch and we can help you explore what’s possible. Alternatively, download our free Retail Technology Solutions Brochure to explore the possibilities for your current or next retail setup. 

Are you opening a new store or looking to upgrade your current retail AV systems? We’ve put together the top tech you should consider in your next space.

In the rapidly evolving world of retail, embracing cutting-edge technologies is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and engage customers effectively. Among the various tech advancements, audio-visual (AV) technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing the shopping experience. In this blog post, we will explore a range of AV technologies that every retail business should consider adopting to drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Digital Signage:

Digital signage has revolutionised the way retailers communicate with their customers. These dynamic displays capture attention through vibrant visuals, videos, and animations. Digital signage allows businesses to showcase product information, promotions, and advertisements in a visually compelling manner. With the ability to update content remotely, retailers can quickly adapt to changing marketing strategies and ensure a consistent brand image across different locations. Furthermore, integrating data analytics enables businesses to deliver personalised content based on customer demographics, preferences, and shopping behaviour, thereby enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Interactive Touchscreens:

Interactive touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in retail environments. These user-friendly displays allow customers to explore product catalogues, access detailed information, and compare options at their own pace. Touchscreens also enable businesses to provide interactive experiences, such as virtual product demonstrations or interactive games, creating memorable customer moments. Moreover, incorporating touchscreens in-store can enhance the convenience factor by enabling self-service functions like price checking, inventory inquiries, and even self-checkout. By integrating, retail businesses can streamline the shopping process, empower customers with information, and encourage greater engagement and satisfaction.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented Reality (AR) technology overlays virtual elements onto the real world, providing a unique and immersive shopping experience. AR applications allow customers to visualise products in their own space, try on virtual clothing, or preview furniture placements in their homes. By enabling customers to interact with products in a virtual environment, AR bridges the gap between online and in-store experiences. This technology not only enhances customer engagement but also reduces product returns by providing a more accurate understanding of the product’s look and feel before making a purchase. Integrating AR into retail operations can create a differentiated and memorable shopping experience that sets businesses apart.

In-Store Audio Experiences:

Sound can significantly influence customers’ emotions and perceptions of a brand. Incorporating carefully curated audio experiences in-store can enhance the overall ambience and customer engagement. Whether it’s playing background music that aligns with the brand image or using audio to guide customers through different areas of the store, audio technology plays a vital role in creating a memorable and immersive shopping environment. Additionally, businesses can leverage audio announcements and voice assistants to provide real-time information, such as product features or upcoming promotions, further enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Embracing audio-visual technologies is essential for retail businesses to thrive in the modern marketplace. Digital signage, interactive touchscreens, augmented reality, and in-store audio experiences all have the potential to enhance customer engagement, provide personalised experiences, and boost sales. By leveraging these AV technologies, retailers can create compelling and immersive shopping environments that leave a lasting impression on customers, ultimately driving business growth and success.

We can help bring the WOW factor

The projects we get most excited about are the ones where a client wants to transform a space into an experience.

Sometimes that involves things like feature lighting, booming audio, and immersive displays; things that really get people talking. And other times it’s easily accessible WiFi, smooth access control, and reliable phone lines; the invisible threads holding everything together.

Are you considering your next technology setup? Why not get some inspiration from our latest free Retail Brochure. It explores all our audio, visual, lighting, access control, and connectivity technologies that will support and enhance your business. Looking to explore our technologies further? Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your possible solutions.

As the leaves begin to change and the air takes on a crisper edge, the world of audio-visual (AV) technology is also undergoing a transformative shift. Autumn 2023 promises to be a season of innovation and evolution in the AV industry, with new trends poised to reshape the way we experience spaces. From cutting-edge audio advancements to immersive visual displays, let’s delve into the top AV trends that are set to dominate this season.

Spatial Audio Elevation

Gone are the days of one-dimensional audio experiences as spatial audio ascends into more dynamic spaces – adding acoustic depth and dimension to soundscapes. Through the strategic placement of speakers and advanced processing algorithms, spatial audio envelops listeners in a 360-degree sonic environment. Whether you’re being motivated in a fitness class, attending a conference, or enjoying the atmosphere at a restaurant or bar, spatial audio creates an immersive sensation that transports you right into the heart of the action.

Mixed Reality Integration

This season is all about blurring the lines between the real and the virtual. Mixed reality (MR) integration is emerging as a powerful tool for creating captivating AV experiences. By combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) elements with real-world surroundings, MR opens the door to limitless possibilities. From interactive art installations to educational exhibits that come to life, this trend enables spaces to become dynamic canvases for creativity.

Sustainable AV Solutions

With sustainability and energy efficiency taking centre stage as a strategic objective for any discerning business, AV technology will be up for review. Anticipate a notable surge in sustainable Audio-Visual (AV) technology solutions. An increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing electronic waste within the industry will characterise this surge. Notably, LED displays with significantly lower power requirements will emerge as key players, providing visually stunning experiences while minimising energy consumption. Simultaneously, energy-efficient projectors will become more commonplace, ensuring brilliant visuals without the high energy consumption. Furthermore, eco-friendly audio equipment will revolutionise sound systems by prioritising sustainability without compromising quality. As AV spaces aim to align with eco-conscious values, these innovative technologies will take centre stage, revolutionising the choices made in AV designs and driving the industry towards a greener future. 

Ultra High-Definition Visuals

As the demand for visual perfection continues to rise, as does the expectation of spaces utilising visual quality displays that are strikingly comparable quality to lifelike scenarios. The industry will witness the proliferation of 8K displays, delivering breathtaking clarity and detail. From corporate presentations to interactive digital signage in retail spaces, UHD visuals elevate the quality of content consumption, ensuring that every image and video is a feast for the eyes.

Personalised Content Delivery

In an era of personalisation, AV content delivery is no exception. We will start to see an increase in personalised content experiences that cater to individual preferences and interests. Whether it’s tailoring the playlist in a retail store to match shopper profiles or adjusting conference presentations based on attendee demographics, this trend empowers spaces to engage audiences on a deeply personal level.

The Revolution of AI in Gesture and Voice Control

The days of traditional remote controls are fading into the past. Gesture and voice control are taking over as intuitive methods for managing AV systems. With natural language processing and gesture recognition advancements, users can effortlessly navigate through menus, adjust settings, and control content playback using simple hand movements or spoken commands. The latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enhances user experiences in many areas. We see this in fitness, where AI provides real-time feedback on form, technique, nutrition and workout-tracking analytics based on personalised health and goal profiling. AI is reshaping the retail landscape by introducing innovative applications that not only streamline operations but also enhance the customer experience.

Personalised shopping recommendations, powered by AI algorithms, analyse customer preferences and purchase history, leading to more tailored product suggestions. Virtual try-ons leverage AI-powered image recognition and augmented reality to enable customers to visualise products before purchasing, reducing the likelihood of returns and increasing customer satisfaction. AI-driven demand forecasting and inventory management systems help retailers optimise stock levels, minimising overstock and understock issues. Visual search capabilities empower shoppers to find products quickly by uploading images or using photos as search queries. Moreover, cashier-less stores employing AI technology improve the shopping journey by eliminating checkout lines and enhancing overall convenience. As AI advances, these applications will further revolutionise the retail industry, making it more efficient and customer-centric than ever before.

Autumn 2023 is set to be a transformative season for the AV industry. From spatial audio that transports us to new sonic dimensions to sustainable solutions that prioritise our planet, these trends promise to reshape how we experience spaces. As technology evolves, people can look forward to a future where AV seamlessly blends with our surroundings, creating immersive and memorable moments in every setting.

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Sometimes that involves things like feature lightingbooming audio, and immersive displays; things that really get people talking. And other times it’s easily accessible WiFi, smooth access control, and reliable phone lines; the invisible threads holding everything together.

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Hydrohex: Hutchison Technologies latest partner in Aquafitness

Hydrohex is a virtual workout platform for swimming pools that activates quiet pool times with engaging and immersive fitness content. The cinematic underwater views and inspiring instruction, categorised clearly into four class types, have proven instant success among members as well as supporting pool operations.

Hutchison Technologies is proud to be partnering with Hydrohex to deliver a series of IP-rated screens and audio solutions that can transform pool hall activities, programmes, and experiences when using Hydrohex’s virtual aquafitness classes. To celebrate this partnership, we spoke with Hydrohex in their latest blog about the concerns when it comes to safely installing AV technologies poolside and how these solutions can revolutionise pool facilities. 

Diving into the Future: Redefining Pool Experiences with AV Solutions

As the digital revolution sweeps across diverse sectors, swimming pools are beginning to ride the wave of opportunity provided by digital solutions.  Our journey at Hydrohex, coupled with our successful collaborations with partners like Hutchison Technologies, has led us to embrace the dynamic potential of Audiovisual (AV) solutions. In this article, we delve into the benefits of screen installations in pool facilities and walk you through vital technical insights for seamless integration.

Why Screens and Displays Make Waves in Swimming Pools

Integrating screens in swimming pool environments offers a plethora of exciting advantages:

Information Flow and Branding: Screens are an excellent medium for sharing essential details like pool rules, opening hours, and upcoming events. Plus, they double as an effective marketing billboard for fitness, swimming, and wellness services.

Visual Safety Aids: Screens can serve as visual safety compasses, displaying emergency protocols and safety guidelines, ensuring everyone enjoys a secure and fun-filled pool visit.

Boosting Engagement: From interactive games to virtual aqua fitness classes and unique educational content, screens can transform the pool experience, captivating and engaging swimmers of all ages.

A launch day in Burlövsbadet, Sweden

Taking it a Step Further: The Symbiosis of Sound and Visuals

To gain a deeper understanding of these benefits and the considerations involved, we turned to our trusted partner, Hutchison Technologies. Known for their extensive experience in AV solution implementations in aquatic facilities, they have valuable insights to share:

AV solutions comprise both screens and audio systems. Could you share the challenges you encounter when installing these elements in pool areas, and how you overcome them?

Screens: The key challenge is retrofitting the screens in an existing pool hall. This can involve installing a structural bracket arrangement to support the screen safely. For a new build project, this is considered at the design stage. We overcame this challenge by carefully surveying and planning each installation. 

Audio: By design, swimming halls are built in a certain way, making an excellent acoustic environment hard to achieve. The construction consists of hard reflective surfaces with large volumes, creating a loud environment with many echoes where the noise can reach extreme levels.

Delivering a high-performing audio solution in a swimming hall requires careful consideration of the acoustics. The audio systems need to perform well for vocal intelligibility and motivational music. Stage one is an acoustic assessment and advice on controlling the ambient noise level and the acoustic reverberation performance. The benchmark is an Upper limit for the indoor ambient noise level LAeq,30mins dB, and an RT60 reverberation time between 1.5 – 2.0 seconds.

In a few sentences, can you explain how you ensure that screens fit well into the overall design of the pool area, while maintaining their practical function?

Current LED Screen technologies come with low-profile mounting solutions that allow the screens to be prominent and impactful but not intrusive. Once the correct location is selected based on the range of applications the display will service, the installation is planned, considering trims, and finishing details to ensure the result is in keeping with the pool hall aesthetics.  

Screens have a clear visual impact, but how do you ensure audio systems are also given due consideration in the overall pool design without compromising their functionality?

Achieving high-quality intelligible audio in a swimming hall takes careful planning, design, control of the acoustic environmental factors and the correct loudspeaker selection for the main application and the speaker placement.  

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for swimming halls, and each project requires careful consideration and design. Selecting high-performance products that perform proficiently in the vocal frequency range for high intelligibility and deliver motivational music performance with depth and clarity for aqua aerobics and Gala events.

Can you provide an example of a project where both audio and visual solutions played a crucial role in transforming a pool area, emphasising the impact of each?

We have delivered many successful Aquatic Centres, Health Club, Spa swimming and Therapy pool projects. Our guiding principle is to consider the project brief, customer use case, ambient noise levels, acoustic reverberation performance, and acoustic control measures (and opportunities to add acoustic absorbent materials) – then, we design the professional Audio Solution considering the anticipated acoustic performance of the space. 

Swimming Centre Matinkylä, City of Espoo, Finland

Crucial Insights for Successful Screen Integration

To ensure that your screens perform optimally in a pool environment, here are some technical considerations to keep in mind:

Selecting IP-Rated Screens: Pool spaces pose challenges like humidity and water splashes. IP-rated screens, built to resist moisture, are a dependable choice for such environments.

Maintaining Safe Distances: To prevent damage and ensure safety, screens should be placed at a safe distance from the water’s edge. IP-rated displays need to be a minimum of 2 metres away, while non-IP-rated displays should be 3.5 metres away. An elevation of 2.5 metres above the water is also acceptable for either.

Addressing Glare: Glare from windows or open-air pools can affect screen visibility. Choosing a screen with the right brightness can help combat this issue. LED walls and outdoor screens, with brightness exceeding 2000 nits, ensure optimal visibility even under strong light.

In Summary

Integrating AV solutions, especially screens, into swimming pools opens up a world of possibilities to enrich the pool experience. They can revolutionise how we interact with pool spaces, enabling effective communication, enhancing safety, and ramping up engagement. However, for successful and lasting integration, thoughtful consideration around IP-rated screens, safe screen-to-water distances, and screen brightness is paramount.

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AI is taking the whole world by storm, and AV technology is not escaping untouched. The integration of AI into AV systems is unlocking a new era of possibilities, revolutionising everything from system management to content delivery. In this blog, we delve into the current trend of AI in AV, exploring how it’s transforming audio-visual experiences and setting the stage for the future. 

AI-Powered Automation: Transforming Room Configurations 
Imagine walking into a meeting room, and without pressing a single button, the AV system configures itself according to your preferences based on your booking and previous behaviours. This seamless experience is becoming a reality with AI-powered automation. Smart algorithms can learn and adapt to user behaviour, automating tasks such as adjusting lighting, setting up audio levels, and configuring display options. The result is a hassle-free, personalised AV experience that enhances productivity and efficiency in various settings, from corporate boardrooms to educational institutions. 

Enhanced Video Analytics: Shaping Intelligent Environments
AI is not just about automating processes; it’s also about making AV systems more intelligent and responsive. Video analytics powered by AI brings features like facial recognition, gesture control, and real-time object detection to the forefront. In security applications, AI-driven video analytics enhance surveillance by identifying and tracking individuals. In immersive experiences, gesture control allows users to interact with content intuitively. These advancements are transforming AV systems into intelligent environments that adapt to user needs in real-time. 

Voice Control Integration: Speaking the Language of AV 
The era of fumbling with remote controls or touchscreens is giving way to voice-controlled AV systems. AI-driven voice recognition technology is enabling users to control AV devices and settings effortlessly through natural language commands. From adjusting volume levels to initiating video conferences, voice control is making AV systems more accessible and user-friendly. This trend aligns with the growing demand for intuitive interfaces that simplify the user experience and enhance accessibility across diverse user groups. 

Personalised Content Delivery: Tailoring Experiences with AI 
One-size-fits-all content is becoming a thing of the past, thanks to AI’s role in personalised content delivery. AV systems equipped with AI algorithms can analyse user preferences and behaviour to deliver the right content to the right audience. Whether in a conference room, retail space, or hotel room; personalised content delivery captivates viewers and improves engagement. The result is a more immersive and relevant experience that leaves a lasting impact on users. 

Predictive Maintenance: Proactive AV System Health Management 
AI is not just enhancing the user experience; it’s also contributing to the maintenance and longevity of AV systems. Predictive maintenance, powered by AI algorithms, can analyse data from AV equipment to predict potential issues before they occur. This proactive approach minimises downtime, reduces repair costs, and ensures that AV systems operate at peak performance. Businesses can now rely on AI to keep their AV infrastructure in optimal condition, contributing to overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a greener future. 

Immersive Experiences with AI: Pushing the Boundaries 
AI’s influence extends beyond traditional AV setups, contributing to the creation of truly immersive experiences. Whether through AI-generated content, virtual reality (VR), or augmented reality (AR), AV technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. AI enhances the realism and interactivity of immersive experiences, creating new opportunities in entertainment, education, and beyond. 

Challenges and Considerations: Navigating the Ethical Landscape
While the benefits of AI in audiovisuals are significant, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address potential challenges. Ethical considerations, data privacy, and security concerns are paramount. As AI becomes more ingrained in AV systems, industry stakeholders must navigate these challenges responsibly to ensure the ethical and secure deployment of AI technologies. 

Integrating AI in AV technology is a transformative trend reshaping how we experience audio and visuals. From automated room configurations to personalised content delivery, AI is only just beginning to reshape the audio-visual industry. As we embrace these advancements, we must navigate the ethical landscape responsibly, ensuring that AI enhances our audio-visual experiences while respecting privacy and security. The future of AV is undeniably intertwined with the power of artificial intelligence, promising exciting possibilities for immersive and intelligent audio-visual-driven spaces. 

The hospitality industry is regaining its momentum nicely, but a hidden storm brews beneath the surface: a staffing crisis. From skyrocketing labor costs, higher expectations of working flexibility, and a historically high turnover rate, hotel operators are finding it harder than ever to secure the manpower they need. But fear not, hoteliers! There’s a beacon of hope shining brighter than any room service light: smart technology. And the best part? It’s an unsung hero and a dazzling showman, all in one.

Imagine guests gliding through a contactless check-in via sleek access control, empowered by facial recognition and digital key distribution. No need to queue and wait for a receptionist to take their details. Meanwhile, your reception staff, freed from the mundane, can focus on what truly matters – personalized service and genuine hospitality. This is the magic of automation, the first step in your tech-powered staff-saving journey, accessible to everyone, regardless of tech savviness.

Step into a guest room upgraded with smart control tablets. Guests can adjust the temperature, order room service, book a spa treatment, or request towels with a tap, minimizing the need for phone calls and frantic housekeeping sprints. They even explore entertainment and leisure from within their room, through virtual leisure providers and streaming services. It’s efficiency at its peak, freeing your valuable staff to handle more complex tasks and cultivate guest relationships. And for guests less comfortable with technology? Simple, intuitive interfaces and clear instructions ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of smart living.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now, step behind the curtain. Subtle sensors monitor guest activity, adjusting lighting and temperature based on occupancy and preferences, saving energy and ensuring comfort. Smart systems anticipate needs before they arise, notifying housekeeping of refill requirements seamlessly and keeping the experience frictionless.

And then, the show begins. Powerful visual displays transform the lobby into a canvas of art and light, showcasing your hotel’s unique personality or displaying local landmarks. Eye-catching feature lighting dances across architectural details, guiding guests into secondary spend areas like your bar, lounge, spa, or restaurant. Well-tuned sound fills the air, creating a symphony of ambiance that complements every moment.

Here’s the bottom line: in a world starved for qualified staff and demanding environmental action, smart technology isn’t just a luxury, it’s a multifaceted magician and maestro. It streamlines operations, empowers guests, reduces costs, and protects the planet, all while disappearing into the background and then stealing the spotlight, creating an unforgettable guest experience.

And when you partner with us, we’ll tailor a solution that’s as unique as your hotel and its guests. We’ll ensure everyone, from tech geeks to technophobes, can enjoy the benefits of a smarthotel experience.

Remember; in a world of automation, human touch remains king. Smart technology empowers your staff, not replace them.

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The traditional image of a hotel business hub – a dusty corner filled with forgotten binders and clunky fax machines – is rapidly becoming outdated. In today’s dynamic hospitality landscape, the executive lounge has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a critical hub for corporate productivity.

For busy executives, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, this meticulously designed space represents a strategic resource, enabling the integration of business and leisure travel – or ‘bleisure travel’. It’s worth understanding the full scope of what’s on offer in a modern business suite, and why any hotel should consider dedicating some spaces to one.

The Techy Parts

Connectivity: At the heart of any productivity hub lies fast, reliable broadband. Imagine video conferencing running flawlessly, documents uploading instantaneously, and deadlines met effortlessly – all fuelled by the secure and robust backbone of a superfast Wi-Fi connection.

Versatile Meeting Spaces: From brainstorming sessions to formal presentations, these adaptable rooms cater to diverse needs. Think flexible layouts, cutting-edge technology that encourages collaborative ideation both in the room and with online participants. Or offer privacy pods for 1-2-1 meetings, calls, and a moment of quiet.

Streamlined Document Management: Paperwork, though inevitable, need not be a cumbersome process. High-quality printing, scanning, and cloud integration transform document management into a streamlined and efficient experience.

Comfort and Focus

Ergonomic Sanctuary: Work shouldn’t come at the expense of physical well-being. Imagine adjustable chairs designed for optimal posture, ample legroom for movement, and even standing desks for those seeking a change of perspective. Multiple monitors, docking stations for various devices, and configurations that adapt to individual needs mean that guest just show up and plug-in, it’s that simple.

Power Flow: Laptops, the workhorses of the modern era, demand constant nourishment. Strategically placed power outlets throughout the space ensure uninterrupted workflows, eliminating the frustration of low battery warnings and frantic cable searches.

Considerate Acoustics: The constant tip-tapping of keyboards, buzzing of notifications, and chimes of every Teams call will send even the calmest exec into a frenzy. A good business suite therefore installs acoustic treatment on walls, ceilings, and maybe even between desks to absorb some of that excess sound.

Fuel for Mind and Body: Beyond technology, a well-stocked coffee bar with healthy snacks provides sustenance for both the mind and body. Additionally, a dedicated relaxation zone offers a haven for those crucial mental breaks, facilitating recharged focus and renewed productivity.

Don’t Forget About the Human Touch

Personalised Touches, Lasting Impact: Remembering guest preferences, stocking their favorite snacks, and setting up their preferred meeting room layout – these small gestures transform the experience from transactional to truly personal, fostering guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Sleek Integration: Consider whether there’s an easy way for your guests to access the business suite from their room, book a meeting room, and pre-order refreshments if they’re bringing in third-parties. Does it happen via an app or an in-room tablet, or do they interact with reception for custom requests?

24/7 Access for Unrelenting Productivity: The business world never sleeps, and neither should your access to tools for success. Extended hours or even 24/7 access for registered guests cater to the globetrotting executive and the midnight oil burner alike.

The modern productivity hub isn’t just an amenity; it’s a strategic investment. Attracting corporate clientele, forge lucrative partnerships with local businesses, and solidify your hotel as the go-to destination for the busy, modern traveler. This powerful asset unlocks new revenue streams, enhances guest satisfaction, and cements your position as a leader in the hospitality industry.

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Bringing modern solutions to traditional aesthetics at Glengoyne Distillery 

Glengoyne Distillery, nestled on the outskirts of Glasgow, is a renowned producer of premium whisky and spirits in the heart of Scotland. One of its standout features is its immersive guided whisky tours for its guests, which are set against the picturesque backdrop of the local hills and glens.

The team at the distillery approached us through our showcase campaigns on social media, seeking to upgrade their visual and connective system in order to blend with the traditional, sleek setting of their visitor experience centre.

Glengoyne had an existing visual system for presenting videos and information during tours within their comfortable relaxation area. However, the system was outdated and was frequently disrupted by display issues. It was time for a sleek, modern upgrade that seamlessly integrates with the room’s aesthetic and is user-friendly for onsite employees. Our task was clear: to enhance the guest experience through innovative technology solutions that did not distract from the tours and the traditional setting of the room.

Working closely with the distillery’s team, we replaced the outdated screens with two commercial-grade 65” Samsung screens – blending into the space with architecturally trimmed white frames. These screens, resembling framed pictures, elevated the room’s ambience while delivering superior video quality.

To streamline operations, we installed a Brightsign Unit – a commercial signage media player – for easy content management and playback. This dedicated unit eliminated the need for cumbersome laptop connections, allowing employees to access and upload content effortlessly from anywhere within the network. Additionally, we connected a Bluetooth system for direct input from users’ mobile devices into a pre-existing audio setup – ensuring a smooth sound experience.

What sets this project apart is the discreet yet powerful technologies that are woven into the space. While the setup may appear minimalist, its functionality and connectivity offer a truly immersive experience for guests.

After installation, our team trained the onsite employees at Glengoyne on the new systems’ capabilities. Through these comprehensive sessions, we ensured that the client was fully equipped to maximise the potential of combined solutions.

Following the successful integration, we maintain regular communication with Glengoyne’s team, providing ongoing support and assistance with maintenance as needed. Our collaboration with the distillery was a testament to our commitment to bringing modernity to the most traditional spaces. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and we cannot wait to get started on similar projects.

Featured in Stylist Magazine’s ‘Britain’s 20 most beautiful gyms’ list, The Spa Retreat is a luxurious leisure experience available exclusively at David Lloyd Leisure’s Harbour Clubs.

The vision

David Lloyd wanted to elevate the sound experience at their premium spa, to create a truly harmonious and holistic environment for their guests.

The Project

As David Lloyd’s preferred technology partner, we were asked to deliver an integrated audio solution capable of uniting the different spa zones.

There were several key environmental challenges. The large outdoor spa garden, sauna and steam room and all required audio solutions that could handle the challenging heat and humidity.

David Lloyd also wanted to deliver audio for bathers in the hydrotherapy pool, even when underwater.

The solution

We separated the audio solution into zones, ranging from treatment rooms to relaxation areas to the health bar. This enabled selection of music types and volume level that complemented each spa activity.

Collaborating with the client, architect, and interior designers we coordinated the speaker placement in each zone to compliment the aesthetics. We used IP rated Bose speakers that were capable of withstanding heat, humidity, outdoor and even underwater environments.

In 2019 the site also added Soundwave therapy to their spa, we assisted the team with integrating the package with personal headphone listening points in each meditation room.

The whole solution was controlled via a central iPad complete with automation software.

The result

Thanks to careful planning, expert technical design and painstaking attention to detail, we were able to deliver a 5-star audio solution for David Lloyd, and a 5-star spa experience for their guests.

“Through consultation with our project management team, Hutchison Technologies provided an audio visual system that carefully considered the intended purpose of each specific area whether that be a treatment room, outdoor or underwater! The result is an audio visual system that produces sound and style that’s right for each individual area, our Spa and the brand and therefore improves our own customers’ experience.”
Linden Henson | General Manager, David Lloyd Leisure Farnham

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Looking to create an incredible cycle studio vibe, UK based premium hotel chain Village Hotels chose an immersive solution.

The Project

Village Hotels partnered with Les Mills to offer THE TRIP™ to their guests across four of their locations in the UK. As the preferred technology partner for Les Mills, we were asked to install this immersive solution for the hotel chain.

The solution

We worked with Village Hotels to map out the requirements for each space. We ensured the right speakers were used for peak audio performance while complimenting the aesthetic components of the environment.

We lit the darkened, yet cinematic studio through the illumination of bike tiers, with floor-mounted diffused LED strips defining the different levels. We complimented this with encapsulated overhead RGB digital strips to extend the tunnel-effect produced by the video content into the studio.

The team at Village Hotels wanted control over the feature lighting to complement the content on screen. This was made possible through a custom integration between our proprietary lighting control interface and the Les Mills app.

The result

Village Hotels were first to leverage studio lighting for immersive fitness. The final result was a vision of powerful forward-motion video content and finely calibrated AV. 

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Invisible speakers for a discreet professional audio solution | Kinloch Lodge

Key Features

Kinloch Lodge were looking for a discreet audio solution for their new multi-use social space at their luxury catered holiday home in Northern Scotland. Our team worked with Amina invisible speakers, to develop a bespoke and truly invisible audio system that blends into this historic country house. 

Partnering with Edinburgh-based architectural firm Gras to redesign their annex space, Kinloch Lodge recently transformed four small rooms into one larger social space designed to bring their guests together. 

The new annex space was decorated in Kinloch Lodge’s signature style, complete with wood-panelled walls and the ceilings. The Gras and Kinloch team wanted to bring discrete but powerful, professional quality audio into this space, maintaining the country-traditional design of the space, which is why our team were brought in. 

The system also had to be smart, ensuring the speakers would act as surround-sound for the built-in TV in ‘standard mode,’ but easily switch over to ‘Bluetooth input’ for manual music control as and when required. 

We considered many routes we could take to achieve this, including cutting into the wall panelling to fit flush, painted ceiling speakers. However, having recently worked with Amina’s Invisible Speakers on a similarly challenging premium facility in the retail sector, we decided their hidden speakers would offer the perfect solution to our problem without causing permanent changes to the wall panelling.

“Amina DML (Distributed Mode) loudspeakers use microscopic vibrations to generate acoustic energy. This leads to an even and smooth response throughout the entire space, enabling much better retention of clarity, detail and intelligibility in an acoustically challenging space than is possible with conventional loudspeakers.” 
Babs Moore | Sales Director, Amina Invisible Speakers 

The plan was to install the speakers directly behind the ceiling panels, concealing them from view but yielding maximum sound transfer from the speakers through the wood. The owner of the lodge turned out to be a bit of an audiophile, and he was taken with the idea, so they were given the go-ahead to design the system. 

Whilst mapping out the space to define the audio requirements of the annex, it was determined that four Amina Mobius 5i would perfectly cover the space, thanks to their wide dispersion.

The team then cleverly designed a system where they could drop four of these loudspeakers into the ceiling cavity above the annex’s social space, along with an Amina’s A100Q amplifier to power the system. At the lodge, the team worked in the tight ceiling cavity to install the speakers and pre-built rack. They carefully recessed the back of the wooden panels to securely and properly fit the speakers, which were then fixed into place after a thorough sweep test. 

Finally, the team installed a Bluetooth connection plate to allow guests simple connection to the system. As per the client’s request to keep visible technology to a minimum, this was concealed in an easy to access seating cupboard in the corner of the room.
The result is a room that seamlessly transitions between modes according to the guest’s desire; from a soothing background tunes for a yoga class to powerful movie surround sound, or the foreground music for large celebrations. A truly immersive, invisible sound experience. 

Dynamic audio and connective solutions for a luxury fitness club | Virgin Active Wimbledon

Key Features

In collaboration with Virgin Active, we were delighted to be involved in the recent transformation of Virgin Active Wimbledon facility, adding to our extensive history of enhancing their premium club spaces, including the renowned Aldersgate site in London. Towards the end of 2023, our team delivered a suite of custom AV and control solutions to the latest club in the VA portfolio.

The contemporary layout and functionality of the club inspired us to create seamless solutions. From the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for AV tablet control rebranded in the iconic red Virgin colour palette to a complete kit-out focusing on background music systems, our integrations were designed to enhance usability and member experiences while blending in seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of the space.

To cater to various functions within the club, our team introduced a fresh system and kit for the fitness and wellness areas, upgrading connections for a superior experience. Working with a blank canvas of wiring posed challenges but offered the advantage of consistency in electrical mechanisms and wiring throughout the club, ensuring peace of mind for future upgrades. Because we were involved throughout the build, our team were able to customise and dress all of the wiring in a way that leaves the club fully future-proofed for upgrades in coming years.

Starting at the pool area, we installed white Evoson IO6 IP-rated speakers to provide professionally calibrated ambient background sound for swimmers throughout the day, enhancing acoustic feedback levels while providing humidity and water resistance.

The sound carries through into the luxurious changing rooms and lounge areas, where a fully distributed audio system using in-ceiling speakers seamlessly blends in with the painted ceiling, maintaining sound consistency. A standalone speaker continues the flow of sound into in the onsite staff meeting room further contributing to the unified audio environment. The reception space is home to a café lounge and smoothie bar, where guests can relax or socialise before and after classes or fitness sessions. We installed a flat-screen TV in the lounge to allow the club to play news content or run visual ads for promotions for guests to view.

Over in the fitness centre, Lift Club, and gym, we installed a series of Evoson Peaksound cabinet speakers alongside Evoson Coresound in-ceiling speakers for a full range of sound. To overcome some connectivity challenges posed by the building, we designed a unique dual-compatible system specifically for these spaces to always ensure 100% coverage.

The state-of-the-art Reformer studio, created to host for its Pilates sessions and wellness classes, features staggered white Bose ESP speakers along the walls. To give instructors full flexibility on how to run their classes, the speakers can receive both manual and digital sound input, defined by an in-room tablet that provides further fine-tuned control. This space is especially unique as it is the first example of a Background Music system (BGM) running off the Bose ESP, usually facilitated by Cloud or EMS system. It has proven very successful as a standalone integration and sets the precedent for future installations.

The brand-new large-scale cycle studio, designed for varying intensity levels, received standout sound solutions also received a premium sound treatment. We built and installed a new rack connected with a CX160 mixer, and Wharfedale 4035 amplifier and provided full control led by instructors through a tablet with a custom user interface to fine-tune the sound experience. Black Evoson Peaksound cabinet speakers seamlessly blended with the studio’s dark aesthetic, offering powerfully tuned audio from high-intensity uphill climbs to gentle recovery rides. The result is an immersive sound experience that transforms the room and the classes it hosts varying class levels.

Overall, Virgin Active Wimbledon offers a seamless member experience, enhanced by fully calibrated professional sound at every step. From ambient background music in the reception, lounge, swimming pool, changing rooms, and Reformer studio to powerful, motivating sound in the main Lift Clubs, gym, and cycle studio. We look forward to our next Virgin Active project, and the integrations we’ll be able to deliver for this outstanding fitness and leisure provider.

The Vision

180 The Strand is a luxury creative hub looking to provide spaces to support creators in the heart of London. Comprised of multiple studios and adaptable event spaces, 180 The Strand delivers environments to people and companies looking to further their creative and connective abilities using cutting-edge technology.

The Project

180 The Strand asked us to provide a variety of bespoke technology solutions that would allow them to rent out their facility with maximum flexibility for events; from impactful video walls, and light and sound systems to broadcast-ready streaming setups. 

The team at The Strand knew they would be catering to all sorts of event clients, from fashion brands hosting runway shows to corporate fundraisers. Whenever there were no planned events, the main area was to be used as a ‘wellness zone’ where paying members can relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The total space comprises a bright open central hub with several studios and meeting spaces shooting off along two long corridors. It’s a beautiful bright and airy space, now fully kitted out with the intuitive technology required to create incredible visitor experiences.

Fitness Studios

Within 180 The Strand, there are four studios that can be rented for classes, smaller gatherings, and live streaming/recording purposes.

The first two studios are set up to deliver typical studio classes, both with live instructors and on-demand virtual options. Within these two, we installed a powerful commercial-grade Martin Audio sound system to sit alongside the large, sharp, and bright displays.

We integrated the video walls and feature lighting to synchronise with any music or videos that are played. Each asset is controlled through our bespoke iPad interface installed on the studio walls, allowing us to provide remote maintenance support as and when required.

A further two studios are set up to allow the same class experience, but they can also film and broadcast the instructor using three different cameras at various angles. With this technology we worked alongside a third-party provider to allow streaming to happen out from or in to the studio.

So whether an instructor wants to broadcast live from the studio to an online audience, or broadcast from their own facility straight into the 180 The Strand studio for an in-person audience – either is possible at the touch of a button.

We continuously review and upgrade both software and hardware to ensure the best possible user experience.

Main event space

Within the main event space, also known as the wellness club or ‘The Loft’, we had to ensure that the audio system would be able to play background music as well as foreground sound for presentations and events.

The space would be hosting up to ‘medium-sized’ events, which would have multiple demonstrations ongoing at the same time. Our audio system needed to support that flexibility, without having to move the fixed speakers. Through some smart programming and positioning of speakers, we made it all possible.

In this area alone we installed thirty commercial speakers that are adaptable to that environment and provide full immersive audio. Depending on the requirements of the event, whether that’s public speaking, a fashion catwalk, or a DJ playing a set, speakers can be set to various modes to draw attention towards or away from various areas. This is controlled with simple programs using the same iPad interface users are familiar with from the other areas.

The end result

Because of our expertise in technology integrations, using multiple disciplines to deliver bespoke solutions across all AV, lighting, and IT areas, we were able to deliver a perfectly fitting end result. There was a lot of complex back-end design to ensure a simple and intuitive front-end solution for users.

We’re tremendously proud of what we managed to achieve for this customer, in particular the custom programs we wrote for the control systems to integrate multiple third-party systems into one intuitive interface.

Like with all of our sites, we are able to proactively scan for errors remotely and provide ongoing programming and maintenance for any issues or updates that may be required. We are their first point of contact for integration and operational usage.

Customer feedback

We’re pleased to have received great feedback on the project, and as a result the client is now looking to expand on this first installation by upgrading elements of their iPad control system.

As all our work is built with future-proofing in mind, we are able to upgrade any of the features to accommodate new needs for the technologies and additional offerings to members.

Bringing MultiBall to Scotland | Vikingar! Leisure Centre and Visitor Attraction

KA Leisure was looking for a way to update a tired and uneconomical soft play area at their Vikingar! centre in Largs, Scotland. Find out how we used MultiBall to create a modern, fun, and interactive space that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

The brief

Vikingar! in Largs, Scotland had a well-loved soft play area that was reaching the end of its usable life. The team were keen to find a way to repurpose the space that would open it up to other age ranges while still catering for younger families.

The Solution

We introduced the team at Vikingar! to our MultiBall system; a solution to bridge the gap between the old soft-play space and modern interactive gaming systems. As this setup comes in different sizes and can be wall-mounted, it was the perfect solution to upgrade this space.

What is MultiBall?

MultiBall is the world’s first mixed reality sports and gaming platform. Combining gaming technology and physical activity, it turns any wall into a multisensory sporting arena designed to get kids and adults up on their feet.
Simply touch the wall to use the menu, pick your favourite game or training module and you’re off.
Check out our MultiBall blog to find out more.

“We were looking for an accessible solution for the kids who used to use the soft play but make it an exciting space for older kids and adults too. MultiBall seemed like a great idea that would satisfy our requirements.”
Thomas Duff | Assistant Customer Service Manager, KA Leisure

MultiBall would let Vikingar! offer over 40 interactive games to their clients, catering for different ages and skill levels. With games categories varying from educational to sports training to just plain old fun, the screen would turn their underused space into a dynamic multi-use games and training area.

The System

Our team worked with Vikingar! to find the right model for their space. We decided together that the MultiBall Club would be the perfect fit. The Club model consists of a 4m x 2.8m sensor frame complete with a console. It offers a play area of 4.6m2, making the best use of the space.

To project the interactive program onto the screen, we opted for a high-brightness Sony VPL-PHZ50 Projector. This discreet 6000-lumen projector delivers vivid crisp images and is bright enough to work with the room lights on, which is ideal for catering for Vikingar!’s younger audiences.

The Project

Once the details had been nailed down, we sent our installation team to Largs to set up the MultiBall system.

To ensure a clear and even picture, we installed a large board on the wall which was painted white. The frame was then mounted onto this, and the projector was secured high on the ceiling to minimise screen shadow.

After installation, we spent a couple of hours with the Vikingar! team to show them how to operate the system so they could make the most of it.

The Impact

We helped KA Leisure transform their out-of-date soft play area into a modern and exciting interactive gaming system at their Vikingar! centre. As this is the first Scottish installation of the MultiBall system, they are leading the way in the gamification of physical activity in Scotland.

“MultiBall is still in its infancy, but everyone who uses it loves it. It’s now just a case of getting more people using it. We’ll be focussing on advertising the facility through word of mouth and social media.”
Thomas Duff | Assistant Customer Service Manager, KA Leisure

If you’re interested in finding out how MultiBall could impact your customer experience, download our brochure today. If you’d prefer to talk to a member of our team directly, get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss a potential new project. 

The Vision

The Shrewsbury Club, part of the Mosaic group, was hosting the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women’s Tour – the largest women’s indoor tennis tournament staged in the UK – and had to provide activities throughout the tournament for guests, competitors, and their entourage. We were approached by the club for ideas on how to provide entertainment for these guests that was engaging, active, and suitable for a variety of ages. That is when MultiBall was introduced to the conversation.

The Solution

“We used MultiBall as part of the ITF World Tennis Tour event we staged at our club in Shrewsbury. It was an excellent addition to the variety of entertainment we had on offer for spectators.” 

– Dave Courteen, Managing Director, Mosaic Group 

We recommended the LED MultiBall system for this event due to its versatile, mobile and accessible nature. With over 40 games to play at various ability levels, and its focus on hand-eye coordination training, it was the perfect fit for this tennis event. 

We had an existing relationship with the customer and were familiar with their facilities, meaning we understood the logistics and potential barriers to introducing MultiBall at the tournament. 

Throughout this large-scale, multi-day tournament, the purpose of MultiBall was to encourage physical activity and participation, as well as to promote Shrewsbury Club as an innovative modern club to visiting fans. This proved so successful that the system was also used after the tournament finished to entertain guests late into the evening. 

The MultiBall System

As MultiBall was only to be used temporarily, the technology needed to be installed and disassembled with ease. MultiBall as a system is very flexible and requires a minimal setup.  All the club needed to supply was a power supply and an internet connection – our engineers handled the rest. 

We set up shop in a wood floored pop-up marquee tent that catered to the hospitality, entertainment, and evening events of the tournament. This allowed a wide range of users to benefit from the system. The Hutchison Technologies team also provided training to the on-site staff to ensure the system would be used to its fullest potential. 

“It provided a great way to get sponsors and players involved playing a fun game at the Civic Reception. It was also in constant use during the Family Fan Zone Day and provided a great medium to show videos too.” 

The pop-up marquee was also used during the day to house the ball boys and girls who were taking turns on court during the tournament, providing a relaxing and fun environment during their breaks. At night, the space was used to host guests, players, sponsors, and avid tennis enthusiasts.  

Due to the mobile nature of this interactive LED system, we did not need much advance planning. That’s the beauty of MultiBall – it is simply plug and play. As a portable technology, it can be transported and fully installed within a matter of hours. To find out more about how easy the install process of this dynamic technology is, check out MultiBall’s LED Setup guide.

“It’s hugely versatile and easy to operate, and our team were well-trained when it was installed. The interactive games are very engaging and provide a really good way to quickly get lots of people involved.” 

The Event

The event took place across the best part of a week, which resulted in not only a large group of users interacting with the MultiBall system, but it also opened the discussion for how it could be used for other events and industries.  

“We also used it for presentations during some of the conferences. There was a lot of positive feedback from everyone involved and we certainly hope to use Multiball again.” 

Since the event, this pop-up style use of MultiBall has gathered interest of other industry players, such as Halo Leisure and Sodexo. Playing a central part in hosting networking events at the end of each day during the tournament, as well as functioning as digital signage, quiz board, and other activities, we’re excited to see where we’ll be bringing it to next.  
To find out more about MultiBall and its many applications, download the brochure here. If you want to enquire about the system for your own facility or event, speak to the team today.

“We used MultiBall as part of the ITF World Tennis Tour event we staged at our club in Shrewsbury. It was an excellent addition to the variety of entertainment we had on offer for spectators.

It provided a great way to get sponsors and players involved playing a fun game at the Civic Reception. It was also in constant use during the Family Fan Zone day and provided a great medium to show videos too. It’s hugely versatile and easy to operate, and our team were well-trained when it was installed. The interactive games are very engaging and provide a really good way to quickly get lots of people involved.

We also used it for presentations during some of the conferences. There was a lot of positive feedback from everyone involved and we certainly hope to use MultiBall again.” Dave Courteen, Managing Director, Mosaic Group 

Westway Sports and Fitness Centre | Everyone Active

Everyone Active had identified an access solution at their Westway Sports and Fitness Centre that was not fit for purpose. We were brought on board to resolve their issue, improving their membership uptake and reducing non-member entries.

“Our experience working with the Hutchison Technologies team has been really positive from the start. They came up with a user-friendly and welcoming solution to our specific challenge.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

About Everyone Active

Everyone Active, founded in 1987, are the longest established leisure contractor in the UK. The company manages almost 160 fitness centres on behalf of nearly 50 local authorities and trusts all over England.

Everyone Active’s mission is to encourage everyone to participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times per week.

The challenge

“We approached Hutchison Technologies with a very specific challenge; the unmanned turnstiles to our gym were being misused, with many non-paying individuals taking advantage of the facilities by jumping over the gates.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We were approached to find a user-friendly access control solution to secure access to the gym without a need for added staffing. Ian wanted the solution to add security, while maintaining a welcoming feel and enable wheelchair access.

The solution needed to integrate with their membership system to enable unmanned access and enable accurate reporting of footfall to the Everyone Active trust.

Another vulnerable access point was the entrance to the climbing wall, where a magnetic-lock door was positioned. The functionality of this door meant that multiple people were let through in one unlocking, resulting in lost revenue.

The solution

“Hutchison Technologies came up with a user-friendly and welcoming solution. Full-body-height entry portals made of glass would add security without blocking incoming natural light. They even offered to take us round several show sites to see the product in action, ahead of making our final decision.

“They were able to programme the opening and closing rate of the doors to minimise misuse of the member cards, and as a result we saw an immediate uptake in memberships and reduction in non-member entries.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We installed a single glass-fronted 1800mm SlimLane speed gate. The glass gate added the security Westway Sports & Fitness Centre required, while maintaining a bright and welcoming feel. The gates are wide enough to allow wheelchair access, and the high fronted glass made it impossible for anyone to abuse the system by jumping the gate.

We fitted a ‘future ready’ reader, ensuring integration with their membership system and the ability to read QR and other codes. This gave the team more accurate reporting data than they had access to before and ensures their investment remains lucrative for years to come.

We also programmed a 5-minute delay into the member cards to hinder them from entering the gate and passing their card to someone else immediately.

Finally, we installed a two-way intercom linked to reception to facilitate remote customer support to this unmanned entryway.

The two existing turnstiles were removed from the gym entrance and repositioned by the reception for the indoor climbing wall, replacing the original magnetic-lock door. The presence of receptionists made it far less likely that people would jump these gates in their new location.

The result

“Our connection with Hutchison Technologies remains very strong, and we know we can rely on the engineers and our account manager Darren to resolve any issues we might experience.”
Ian Ling | General Manager, Westway Sports and Fitness Centre

We delivered an access control solution that fit Everyone Active’s requirements. This first reception-less install for Everyone Active has proven to be a tremendous success, with an immediate uptake in revenue and a smoother user experience for their members.

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Building the Warner Brothers Studios Gym with LIFTD

We provided technology integration support for LIFTD as they delivered a premium, state-of-the-art fitness facility for all staff at Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden, Watford. The audio-visual integrations for a facility of this size needed to be thoroughly considered, so that the end result would deliver a breathtaking inclusive gym space.  

The Client

LIFTD is a design and build contractor specialising in the delivery of high-quality, bespoke gym designs. Their in-house team partner with reliable subcontractors to ensure smooth delivery of their custom gym designs.

Warner Brother Studios approached LIFTD to commission a new gym space for their staff and travelling production crews. Their corporate ethos is centred around encouraging mental health, wellness, and overall corporate excellence, so the delivery of a 625m2 gym to suit all fitness preferences and ability levels was completely on brand for them.  

The project

Following initial meetings to discuss requirements for the new gym space, LIFTD created several 3D floorplans and mock-ups of the proposed gym designs for the team at Warner Bros. James Potter – Founder and Project Manager at LIFTD – then went out to find partners who would be able to help in the technical delivery of the approved designs.

Based on the design concept created by LIFTD, Hutchison Technologies was brought on board to see if the initial design was practical, following which we created a series of technical drawings comprised of complex detailing on what cabling, products, and switches were required.

We also supported by detailing other contractors’ technical requirements, to ensure smooth integration between different parts of the gym. With designs and technical drawings signed off, the physical work could begin.  

The solution

For the Warner Brothers Studio Gym (now running as Zone10), we provided AV, bespoke lighting, projection, a video wall, access control solutions, and some other technical features.

Access Control

We installed and integrated the access gates you pass through when entering the facility, as well as maglock security provisions throughout the space. Continuing into the main open-plan gym space, you are faced with a luxurious offering of the latest fitness equipment and beautiful lighting and visual displays. 

Video Wall

The main feature of the gym is the 6x4m video wall our team installed right behind a functional training area. We also installed several other screens around the gym for a variety of displays and entertainment options. 


For lighting, we suspended a series of custom-shaped LED fixtures across the gym space. We also provided and programmed the RGBW lighting in the studios to create a premium and dynamic environment for activities. All studio lighting can be remotely controlled and programmed to change intensity, hue, and even pattern to suit a variety of class styles. 

Visual Displays

We installed a projector with integrated lighting and sound systems in the automated studio to allow for Wexer virtual classes to play on-demand. When not in use, the studio can host live instructors in front of the high-quality graphic displays creating either a high or low-intensity environment, depending on what class is being run.


Speakers and audio management were fitted around the space to deliver a premium and seamlessly flowing environment, enhancing the fitness experience of each user.  

A high-quality Technogym indoor cycling studio offers an enticing experience that utilizes our advanced AV technology and double projection of content on the walls. 

The result

A beautiful, inspirational gym used by all levels of employees on-site at Warner Bros, with a great reputation across campus and a high level of daily footfall. 

Day-to-day operations are managed by a third-party company based on-site, but LIFTD still check in weekly to ensure the needs of the production teams are met, and Hutchison Technologies continues to provide ongoing direct maintenance and remote support for all provided systems.

Customer Feedback

LIFTD’s Founder, James Potter, noted the high quality of our aftercare services post-installation, saying our Helpdesk team in particular were “really good” and were able to resolve any issues quickly.

James was also impressed with the remarkable complexity and quality of the final product, and the way everything can be supported and managed remotely.

This reflects what we at Hutchison Technologies strive to provide; bespoke and integrated AV systems that create amazing experiences for both the client and their customers, guests or members. 

An elegant audio visual solution to reflect the luxury lifestyle ethos of this ultra-heritage brand.

The vision

In 2015 a French fashion house began an extensive renovation of the iconic Time Life building, London. We worked their operational management team, designers, and contractors to create a comprehensive audio solution for their flagship UK store. 

The project

The interior design was to capture the spirit of this signature French brand throughout the use of all-natural materials down to terracotta mosaic floor featuring their logo. We worked across the brand’s operational management team, designers and contractors to create a complete audio solution to complement and enhance their brand essence.

The solution

Bose® Pro ceiling speakers were chosen for their premium audio and unobtrusive design in the luxury retail space. iPads provide full access to audio settings, enabling adjustments within departments or modifications to showcase a new display.

Digital signage screens were installed behind mirrored panels and then effortlessly integrated into the store’s high-end fixtures. This enables marketing content, such as runway footage either scheduled in-store or uploaded direct from their Parisian head office to provide unparalleled brand continuity.

In-store events were an integral part of the vision for the new space. The audio volume and tone had to be universally controllable by the management team, and offer precise sounds at all times; therefore, a sophisticated audio solution was vital.

The team worked to curate classical sounds to work with the variant use of space with tones which could easily accompany the clink of champagne saucers, or simply minimise the tête-à-tête of background conversation during special events. Moreover, the pro audio installation selected had to maintain the prestige of this retail setting.

The result

We have supplied premium audio quality, flexible enough to negotiate the demands of a beautiful interior space, whilst providing scalability for hosting in-store events. Aesthetically and operationally, the audio visual installation has enabled the haute couture brand to elevate their flagship investment to full effect.

By collaborating closely with the site’s operations team, we provided an integrated solution to seamlessly enhance the elegance of the brand.

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For the last few years, we have been delivering a variety of lighting, audio, visual, and access control installations across a variety of retail setups. From flagships and boutiques to multi-site stores, we create innovative, seamless spaces that control foot flow and create unforgettable consumer experiences.

The vision

Being centrally based and on a large scale, the vision for this store was to draw focus to the journey customers would experience from the moment they walk in through the door. Community participation and presence within the store was great motivation for the store’s location, therefore having the professional tech to deliver was a must.  

The project

Having previously worked with the client, this store was the first in a brand-new experiential shopping concept within the brand portfolio. We delivered a variety of technologies recently throughout a flagship store, from audio, to centralised control, and acoustic treatments. The space lends itself now not only as a clothing store but also as a space for people to meet to have coffee, take pictures, share content on social media, be pampered, and attend DJ-led events.

The solution

The store facilitates an expansive layout, hosting multiple departments, and comprises three floors: the men’s department in the basement; ladies’ wear on the ground floor; and ladies, kid’s wear, and makeup bar on the first. Each of the floors has ‘zones’ that host certain products or that project vibes more suited towards the consumer shopping within that specific area. We also delivered speakers and Bluetooth connectivity in the staff-only areas, allowing the store employees to not only sync their devices and play music, but lending the space to extend out to hosting community events.

To make sure that the store was getting the best quality audio for the correct levels permitted throughout the space, we used the same speaker – SONANCE Cabinet – throughout each of the zones – maintaining the same high quality and ambient levels. These speakers are high-grade and can often be found in commercial ranges, high-end brands, and cinema setups. Having worked with them prior to this project, our in-house technicians knew that they would be the perfect fit for this space. To customise them to fit perfectly, our team painted the speakers to match the exact colour palette of each of the departments and zones – blending them seamlessly. For example, in the men’s department, the aesthetic is traditionally darker and more masculine, the speakers were painted a darker Pantone to suit this. Each of these speakers is positioned uniquely and mounted individually to get the ideal sound.

The store managers centrally control the zones via an iPad, through which we ran our custom software and app. Playlists, sound levels, and audio patterns have been automatically programmed, however, managers are able to manually set the levels in each of the zones if there are events running. The automated sequences have been programmed to detect the current ambience of the store and run output audio that will reflect this. For example, if it is busier, the music will play slightly louder and upbeat.

The design of this space was a unique concept for us and a new opportunity to design a custom setup. Each floor was different to the next, resulting in certain areas requiring more coverage, speakers, balancing, and calibration to work alongside the other speakers in that area. At Hutchison Technologies we always make sure that a project is delivered perfectly and exactly to the client specification. We spent more time on site with this project to make sure of exactly that, manually checking that each speaker installed was perfectly Equalized to the exact spec. The sound needed to match the aesthetic of the store and focus on the experiential perspective the client was visioning. Our team reflected on the walk-through of a customer’s experience whilst on the shop floor, tweaking each zone to shift slightly on a subconscious level. For example, the audio was to be lower and softer in the kid’s section, whereas if there was an area which had party dresses and clothes, it was to be livelier.

The biggest challenge our team faced during this project was the size of the store and the existing ceiling obstacles. We had to consider fully the placement of the speakers in order to allow them to work efficiently, avoiding distortion, and making sure there were no dead zones. When conducting our walk-throughs, we had to readjust or move certain speakers to get that perfect flow. Our team worked effortlessly around lighting boxes and escalators, to ensure they were safely installed, accessible, and hidden from customers.

We continue to be the brand’s sole AV provider and we are continuing to work on various other locations. We look forward to seeing what new solutions and innovative technologies we will bring to their next setup.

For the last couple of years, we have delivered a variety of audio, lighting, visual, and seamless control solutions across ANGUSalive’s leisure facility and campus sites. As their chosen AV partner, we have worked together to create environments that encourage and motivate members in their workouts and fitness classes.

The vision

ANGUSalive is the local culture, sport and leisure trust for Angus County. They offer a range of services, activities, and events across Sports & Leisure; Museums, Galleries & Archives; Theatre & Venues; Countryside Adventure and Libraries. A not-for profit, they seek to reinvest in the local community in providing the availability of services and venues to the residents of Angus.

The project

Throughout our partnership, ANGUSalive have brought us on to facilitate integrating audio, visual, lighting, and control solutions across many of their local establishments. We recently worked with them to deliver a series of solutions to a newly developed training gym in Forfar Community Campus & Academy. In this facility, we provided: lighting fixtures throughout the functional training and cardio zones; audio speakers around the space; and an access wall panel that controls the fixtures.

The solution

We designed an energizing fitness studio for ANGUSalive’s Forfar site that combined the use of striking LED lighting, spotlighting, distributed audio speakers, that are operated by a BrightQ wall panel controller. These technologies seamlessly link up to provide a motivating workout environment for visitors when using the facility. The main gym is broken into two zones: the functional training and weight lifting. Both areas shave concentrated audio for a surround sound experience for members, no matter where they choose to concentrate their workouts.

We developed lighting designs for throughout the fitness suite, which we refined to fit the exact space and specifications perfectly. Due to the large number of machines and concentrated training areas within the suite, we identified that certain areas would need additional illumination – such as within the central weight and boxing zone. We used a series of mounted lights across the ceiling to provide brighter illumination in these areas. Around the perimeter of the functional training zone, we used LED lighting intrusions are controlled by the BrightQ wall panel – which operates as a single universal DMX controller and was programmed by our Technical Development Team to run seamlessly. These lights can be synchronised to suit the audio playing, in set lighting patterns, or as static lighting. Colours have been pre-set and we are able to remotely load additional colours in-house to the system at the site.

Previously the space was running on an older audio system that needed upgrading. We provided a complete overhaul of the gym audio system, integrating a series of fully distributed Mask – 6CT speakers around the perimeter of the zones. We custom toned these speakers to blend into the white of the walls, blending them seamlessly whilst providing maximum audio experience. The audio levels can be controlled by both onsite staff and members of the facility, to ensure a balanced audio experience is achieved.

We look forward to what else our partnership with ANGUSalive will bring over the coming years, and we can’t wait to be involved in their upcoming projects – stay tuned.

Places for People, owners of Places Leisure, is a social enterprise that works with councils and local councils to build community spaces and leisure centres.

With a nationwide reach, they aim to provide all types of places for all types of people, including homes, developments, and leisure facilities. As Places of People’s preferred AV partner, we have collaborated with them throughout their growing portfolio of sites.

Our Services

Our support for the social enterprise ranges from supplying complete AV packages across sites, audio, feature & effect lighting, and iPad control, to immersive studio experiences and much more. With a continuously growing portfolio of sites, Places for People needs an experienced AV team that can deliver, implement, and provide effective aftercare solutions consistently. That is where our team of qualified experts and technicians come in.

Most recent projects

Recently, the Places for People team have brought us in to help design, integrate and maintain all AV and tech systems in their Wokingham Leisure Centre and Camberley sites. For both of these projects, we were brought on board right at the start to help configure the required solutions alongside other contractors, to ensure a smooth delivery upon build-time. Upon delivery, our team stayed to train the staff who would be running the site, to ensure everyone was up to speed and knew how to make the most of these bespoke systems.

Our services for these two facilities were not limited to the gym spaces: we were able to optimize and improve the member experience from start to finish, from the music they hear the moment they enter the facility, to the all-round tannoy systems throughout the facility To achieve this, we worked very closely with the PFP team and used all our industry experience and project management know-how to ensure the result was as strong as the pitch.


The reception desk received a full tannoy setup, which we interlinked with the in-ceiling speakers across the facility to provide great-sounding background audio, as well as clear safety and staff announcements across the site.

Pools and Public Spaces

We installed background audio in all public settings including the café areas, therapy rooms, pools, changing rooms, corridors and kids play zones, and each zone was calibrated to ensure the sound worked within the differing environments without compromising on sound quality. Anywhere the audio needed to be individually controllable, we provided iPad controls to enable the staff to calibrate the experience manually.

Behind the scenes, we also installed a systematic network of cabling that extends to all tech solutions within the centres and covers the whole facility in reliable WiFi coverage for members and staff to use.

Fitness Spaces

When it came to the gym floor, we provided a punchier foreground sound system, lighting installations and eye-catching displays along the walls to allow members to tune into the latest news, sports or entertainment while working out. The zones are individually controllable via an easy-to-use iPad control tablet available to staff to adjust lighting and audio levels as required throughout the day.

Exercise Studios

For the studios, we pulled out all the stops. From completely controllable RGBW LED lights and stunning projection and TV displays for virtual classes, to plug-and-play music systems for the instructors to use to personalize their classes. The piece-de-resistance for each site is the immersive Les Mills Cycle Studio, complete with oversized projection, programmed RGBW feature lighting designs and fully calibrated powerful sound.

What it means to have Hutchison Technologies as AV partner

From the start right through to the ongoing aftercare of the final setup, we have been there to assist in the needs and wants of Places for People, be it a health & fitness-based project, or otherwise.

“The support provided has been excellent, right from initial concept through to final delivery and the finished product really has that wow factor.” Martin Anderson | Capital Projects Director, Places Leisure Camberley

Our delivery of so many technology services allows for a seamless integration that can be remotely accessed, therefore reducing time and money spent on updates and repairs, if at all necessary.

When discussing their experience with working with us, it was our user-friendly and seamless integration that stood out.

It’s all just at the click of a button! The simplicity of use is simply amazing and means that anyone can recreate this multi-dimensional experience and not just the tech-savvy. This is great as it means that any visitor to the centre can enjoy this activity at a time that suits them outside any programmed sessions, offering them convenience and most importantly a bit of fun whilst they work out” – Martin Anderson | Capital Projects Director, Places Leisure Camberley.

When asked about our ongoing partnership and further recommendations to other businesses operating within the industry, Martin commented that “The collaborative partnership that we have in place with Hutchison’s has been fantastic and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking to take on a similar project”.

Wanting to know more on how we can help you upgrade your setup? Eager to collaborate on delivering a premium experience to your space? Contact us today!

ISE looked to enhance their cycle studio to benefit their whole community.

The vision

The Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) at the University of Dundee had a vision to enhance their member experience through a new state-of-the-art indoor cycling facility.

They hoped that by improving the member experience, they could improve membership across students on campus, alumni and the wider community. This included members participating in their Active Living exercise programmes, which aim to give a choice of fun and sociable opportunities to anyone over the age of 60.

The project

ISE wanted to create a competitive member experience, integrating smart bikes from Wattbike into their latest studio upgrade. The team were looking to introduce a professional audio visual solution as part of the upgrade to take their spin classes to a new, immersive level.

The solution

We provided a complete audio visual solution to help the ISE realise their vision.

An impressive 2155mm wide by 1215mm tall video wall was installed in the studio, complemented by two 49” Phillips screens. This ensured uninterrupted visibility around the studio, creating a more immersive experience.

The video wall was programmed, using FitboxVirtual, to display virtual content from Sufferfest. The additional screens were integrated with the Wattbike app, enabling participants’ performance data to be displayed, enhancing the competitive element of the studio.

For the audio solution, we combined legacy audio equipment with new Evoson speakers to deliver great sound while keeping to a reasonable budget to help maintain accessible fees.

To support ease of transition between classes and instructors, the whole solution is touch controlled from a personalised tablet installation.

The result

This was the first Wattbike competitive virtual class available in Scotland and was achieved by Hutchison Technologies integration of the available technologies. We provided a new solution to the Scottish market, utilising and showcasing performance data from the Wattbike App through our integrated audio visual solutions.

“Our aim was to develop a state-of-the-art indoor cycling facility. Our partnership with Wattbike, SUF Cycling and Hutchison Technologies allowed us to recognise that goal, with the winners being all our customers here at the Institute of Sport & Exercise, (ISE), University of Dundee,”
Osla Allen | Exercise Programme Manager, ISE

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Nuffield Health had the vision to transform an underused area of their flagship City Gym site into the biggest and best spin studio in London.

The vision

Nuffield Health is the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the United Kingdom. Established in 1957 the charity operates 31 Nuffield Health Hospitals and 111 Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms. As the UK and Europe-wide audio visual specialists, we have worked with Nuffield Health on a number of technology integration projects including their London project to develop an underutilised space of their flagship London City gym.

The project

City Gym’s greatest challenge was also its greatest asset – the appointment of the new spin studio beneath the site’s spectacular railway arches. Our role was to design and implement a fully-inclusive AV solution to enhance the site’s spectacular backdrop of railway arches.

The solution

The exposed brick backdrop of the subterranean studio leant itself perfectly to innovative lighting, with the application of analogue RGB strips to illuminate walkways and racked seating for over 65 bikes. Over 50 meters of short horizontal digital RGB strips were affixed into acoustic baffles around the perimeter of the studio mitigating the effect of excess sound while engaging riders’ peripheral vision to create a tangible sense of onward movement. Overhead, digital RGB strips were suspended equidistantly along the length of the arched ceiling, creating the sensation of forward momentum and drawing the eye towards the focal point of the studio, a 4-metre-wide HD projection screen, framed by the railway arch.

As part of our ongoing relationship, we have been on hand to assist with any maintenance or upgrades required within the facility. In late 2023, the studio was ready for an upgraded projector in order to ensure the continued smooth running of top-quality classes. We decided to work with our partners at Epson, who helped us select the perfect projector to suit this space. To accommodate the new projector, our team had to fine-tune the position of the projection cradle, avoiding cut-off content and ensuring members receive the best class experience possible.

The result

“We set out to create the best indoor cycling space in the country, and we’ve met that expectation. The lighting, sound and video in the room are a major part of the experience, and Hutchison Technologies designed a system that delivers the ‘wow’ factor, whilst still being simple for the instructors to use. The feedback from the members has been amazing, and the cycling studio is now a major focus point on our guided tours for potential new members.”
Rick Crawford, Fitness Innovation & Development Manager

Through acoustic treatment, seamless tech integration, and intuitive instructor control, Nuffield City Gym was able to create their vision of a sensory spin experience in their unique venue. 

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With a focus on enhancing their member experience, we helped David Lloyd to blend light and music with their functional classes to create a unique and intense workout.

The vision

Looking to conquer the demand for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and the explosion of boutique-studios, fitness giant David Lloyd Clubs met the trend head on with ‘Blaze’, an instructor-led timed circuit-style group workout combining cardio, martial arts, strength training and boxing.

The project

David Lloyd chose to elevate the experience in their new Blaze studios using integrated audio-visual solutions.
As David Lloyd’s preferred technology partner, we helped them from conceptual stage to build a premium workout experience of like that had never been seen before.

The solution

We designed a complete pro audio, screen, lighting, and control solution to bring the Blaze experience to life, nurturing group interaction and empowering instructors.

High-performance Bose loudspeakers were selected to enable clear and equal audio coverage combined with exceptional aesthetic design.

To differentiate the Blaze circuit zones and define each individual stage we used overhead RGBW strips. This spectacular array of sequence and shade combinations is individually programmed and controlled, providing a visual guide through rest breaks, countdowns, and energy boosts.

Large format screens display the overall class time as well as a ticker clock for each interval and set period. We integrated the timers with the audio and lighting, creating inspiring sensory countdown prompts, giving both members and instructors complete freedom to lose themselves in the workout.

For those looking to push themselves that extra mile, MYZONE integration screens real-time workout feedback.

The entire audio, visual, and lighting array was pre-programmed and controlled using our proprietary Auto AV and Control AV tech. To begin, the instructor simply selects the class length and their choice of pre-curated tracks from an iPad, complete with a Blaze-branded graphic user interface (GUI).

The result

“Blaze has been a spectacular success. The AV doesn’t just look and sound amazing – it’s that Hutchison Technologies really understand how behind-the-scenes functionality impacts our member experience. More engaged instructors make for happier and harder working members, which means we’re happy too!”
Michelle Dand, David Lloyd Clubs, Group Health & Fitness Manager

Our end-to-end pro AV solution delivers an incredibly immersive experience for David Lloyd Clubs in-house boutique Blaze. Through ultramodern aesthetics, seamless tech integration, and intuitive control, we created an enhanced and authentic fitness experience to rival even the very best of independent gyms. A national rollout continues across at least 50 of the group’s clubs.

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Bringing wellness, chiropractic care, nutrition and a functional gym studio centre together, the centre provides members with a full 360 fitness journey.

The vision

Surrey-based husband and wife, chiropractor Dr Joe Tilley and Zoe Tilley had the vision to transform peoples’ lives. Having located a facility from which they could offer a complete wellness centre concept, the dynamic duo began to look at ways to develop the fitness studio. Intrigued by the rise of in-house boutique style studios, they wanted to create something unique as part of their journey to wellness programme.

The project

We worked with Joe and Zoe to fully understand their wellness programme and the design they were looking to achieve. The focus was very much on enhancing the audio visual and lighting, to support member motivation and to create ambient settings according to the programme and patient needs.

The solution

With Bose speakers selected alongside digital programming provided through Yamaha Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a large screen display was also fitted to enables participant monitoring of their MYZONE tracking.

The technology is fully controllable through a bespoke iPad interface, giving the Core Wellness Centre instructors one touch control, not only bringing their ideas to life, but allowing pre-programming and live change of all AV and lighting arrangements.

As part of the Core Wellness Centres fitness programme, the team offer a ‘Game Day Workout’ on a Saturday morning, where lighting was critical to highlight the session’s interval workouts. With 45 seconds of intense exercise where the intensity of the lighting increases as your workout gets harder and harder; followed by a 10 second rest period which features white light to signify rest.

The result

“This is our third expansion, and the vision’s kind of gone to the next level with obviously bringing in Hutchison Technologies and creating something that’s now an experience for people.”
Dr Joe Tilley, Co-Founder, Core Wellness

As new fitness offering in the market, Core Wellness Centres chose to focus on key audio visual and feature and effect solutions to enhance their member experience and ensure that their clientele – from 8years+ – was catered for at their flagship Epsom site.

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URBANFITNESS – founded by a love for the great outdoors, and the desire to create an inclusive atmosphere to support member training for everything from a 5k to an Ironman!

The vision

Urban Fitness founder Charles had a vision to create a gym based on the principle of marginal gains. They looked to use the latest kit complimented by engaging audio-visual systems.

The project

Urban Fitness needed an end-to-end solution that covered everything from the cabling to experienceable elements the members interact with. Situated in the basement of a Grade II listed building the audio was limited and capped as per the results of a sound test. We had to deliver an audio-visual solution that delivered the impact that Urban Fitness dreamed of while working around the location challenges.

The solution

We worked with Urban Fitness from the conceptual stage to bring their vision to life.
The flagship site at Aldgate and a second site at Chancery Lane were fitted out with an end-to-end solution from card reader integrated turnstiles to complete audio coverage across the spaces. The site features an exciting spin studio with a large screen to display Les Mills exercise content through FitBox Virtual system.

Chasing tape feature lighting was used to create an impression of forward motion in the spin studio, giving members the motivation to push harder.
As part of their gym’s vibe to feed into the principles of marginal gains, the team change the lighting according to the time of day: in the morning they opt for a cool blue light to wake members up, in the afternoon, to hit that lull period, a display of feature and effect lighting beams across the gym walls to inspire their members as they aim for a more intense workout.

The result

“We would always go back to Hutchison Technologies based on the quality and we know that they’ll see any issue through right to the end and we’ll get the product that we really want.”
Charles Tantrum, Director, URBANFITNESS

Challenging the norm of HIIT boutiques, URBANFITNESS presented us with a blank canvas to design and install the full works for their new gym concept. We have been delighted to be part of their growth from idea to conception.

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Virgin Active looked to enhance their Aldersgate club with premium audio visual solutions.

The vision

Virgin Active is an international brand with over 270 clubs across 10 countries. Their clubs aim to offer the very latest equipment in exceptionally dynamic exercise environments. Occupying 45,000 sq ft on a busy Central London junction, in the basement of a large office building, the chain looked to create a flagship private members’ club at their Aldersgate site.

The project

Virgin Active wanted to create an all-encompassing, multi-sensory member experience, also integrating key fitness floor brands including Wattbike, MYZONE, MyRide+ and SWIMTAG.

The solution

We integrated a pro audio system with Bose® Pro speakers, state-of-the-art projectors, as well as ultra-thin LED video walls and TV screens to enable members to evaluate their performance at every turn.

The result

“The Myride Audio Visual experience is a key differentiator, and our operational focus, is its instructor-led classes. Adding video the way Myride+ does to live classes doesn’t detract from the importance of the instructor. It simply empowers a new, exciting, fully immersive experience.”
Tim Foster, Virgin Active Club Performance Director

Through seamless integration and control of our proprietary and key partner technologies, we have enabled a complete audio visual package for Virgin Active that sets the scene for their flagship site.

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We used a host of tech tricks to create unique subterranean spaces, kitted out in Gymbox’s trademark raw and edgy style.

The vision

As an unconventional disruptor to the boutique fitness market, Gymbox wanted to create something truly unique. They asked us to help them build a brand standard to launch and scale their unique fitness concept.

The project

We worked with the gym’s founder and operational team to provide the full works of integrated technology solutions to bring their brand essence to life.

The solution

Custom beats were a must for this crowd. Gymbox wanted to be able to set their own tone, from smooth daytime tunes to banging night-time beats. The brand standard for the gym floor quickly became Bose® audio. These premium speakers enabled an adaptable, professional sound around the club circuit and now across their entire gym estate.

Speaker placement became part of the overall look and design. Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers were located around the gyms with Bose ControlSpace powering the overall system. Bose Panray subwoofers were also used at the DJ booth to provide kicking bass.

iPad control and digital noticeboards have ensured brand continuity from the start. This gives staff password-controlled access to visual messaging and audio control throughout the club. Instructors can also personalise their playlists for unique classes every time.

Lighting has been synonymous with the Gymbox brand. Everything from coloured spotlights to UV par-cans to bespoke strobe-effect LEDs has been featured across the studio areas.

The result

We’ve been with Gymbox from the start. The brand now encompasses Olympic-sized boxing rings, combat cages, world-class free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers.

We’ve helped the team shape and grow every essence of their technology requirements to showcase these elements, keeping the principles the same, but bringing a disruptive element to the signature style of each new gym.

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D.I.S.C wished to enhance their member experience through the installation of a brand-new cycle studio.

The vision

Leisure & Culture Dundee is an independent Scottish Charity with responsibility for the delivery of leisure, sports, library, information and cultural services in Dundee City and includes D.I.S.C – home to the European Hockey Championships. Recognising their member desire for a functional spin studio, along with the need to manage timetable demands, the team were looking for an audio visual solution to enhance the space.

The project

We reviewed the area which included a gym studio and small group exercise space, and advised on lighting and audio requirements which included a solution to run live and virtual spin classes.

The solution

Created a virtual cycle centre featuring Life Fitness Myride with On Demand classes available should members want to load up a class when one isn’t scheduled. HT installed an additional tablet to enable this functionality.

The result

“We were looking to develop the studio space to give our customers a more diverse and enhanced fitness area and cycle studio, whilst providing flexibility around scheduled classes through the use of virtual classes from Life Fitness MyRide® Virtual. The team at Hutchison Technologies were able to consult and advise on the best methods to do this; which has included the integration of instructor controls into our studio and exercise area and of course the fantastic feature and effect lighting to immerse members in their workout, alongside the virtual class function which will now support our popular timetabled cycle classes.”
John McCafferty, Leisure & Culture Dundee

The Centre’s cycle studio and exercise area now offers a modern and flexible space for members and instructors alike having enjoyed a functional equipment, audio visual and lighting upgrade. The state-of-the-art fleet of ICG bikes combined with the digital technology creates a memorable exercise experience. The unique ‘Coach by Colour’ intensity guide, Watt rate power meter and connectivity to external devices give exercisers the power to personalise, view and track workouts for optimum results. 

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“One of the hottest gyms in London” (GQ).

Victus Soul hosts two slick fitness concepts. HIIT & RUN and HIIT & BOX.

The vision

Victus Soul founders, Paul and Pete, had a vision to create a gym that delivered the best HIIT classes in London. They aimed to take their members on truly immersive fitness journeys with the very best instructors in London.

Everything was designed to create incredible member experiences, from the HIIT & RUN and HIIT & BOX classes, to the friendly staff, to the Soul Bar, giving members the best hour in their busy day.

The project

As new disruptors to the London boutique fitness market, Victus Soul chose integrated audio visual solutions to provide individual studio sounds. They combined this with key feature and effect lighting to achieve a striking HIIT experience for their flagship Aldgate site.

We worked with Victus Soul from an early stage to map out their requirements and help them deliver a carefully designed premium experience from the moment you walk through the door.

The solution

We delivered an end-to-end AV and lighting solution across the entire site to help Victus Soul achieve their vision of creating incredible member experiences.

For the audio across the studios, Soul Bar and changing rooms we installed a distributed audio system, featuring best in class Martin Audio speakers.

To ensure their instructors were clearly heard during classes, we equipped them with wireless microphone systems, with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for added intelligibility.

In each studio, we provided large screens to display timer clocks and workout moves to ensure members know what’s coming up.

We also integrated a dynamic feature and effect lighting solution. LED tape and wash lighting were synced to the EQ of the beat to create the ultimate workout experience.

The technology is fully controllable through a bespoke iPad interface. This gives instructors vastly simplified control of the AV arrangement, allowing them to easily pre-programme the AV and lighting for their classes.

The result

The fully integrated, iPad controlled audio and lighting system help to create the heightened member experience Victus Soul were aiming for. They now offer 60 and 40 minute HIIT&Box and HIIT&Run classes, giving people the best hour of their day.

“We’re looking at opening more sites and looking at some franchising options. We would be working with Hutchison Technologies again to redeploy what we’ve done here.”
Paul Trendell, Victus Soul, Founder

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Les Mills THE TRIP™ at the Mariner Centre

We helped bring Scotland’s first Les Mills THE TRIP™ Immersive Cycling Studio, alongside a host of other technologies, to Falkirk’s Mariner Centre.

The vision

The Mariner Leisure Centre is situated in Camelon, just outside Falkirk. Being ahead of the curve, the Mariner Centre chose to install Scotland’s first Les Mills Immersive Cycling Studio as part of a complete refurbishment of the facility.

The project

THE TRIP™ is a live instructor-led indoor cycling class from group fitness class experts Les Mills. It immerses riders in a virtual world of multifaceted video content, synchronised to the beat of the music. With multi-sensory engagement, the experience aims to take workout motivation and energy output to the next level.
As Les Mills’ preferred technology partner and having completed 14 previous immersive sites, we were asked to deliver Scotland’s first Les Mills Virtual Studio for The Mariner Centre.

The solution

We surveyed the space and specified an Evoson distributed audio solution to ensure balanced audio across the studio, complete with two subwoofers to give warm bass tones.
RGB orbit lighting was recessed into the ceiling with overhead digital RGB tape to create a sense of forward motion.
Two Panasonic Laser Light Source Projectors seamlessly blend mind-bending visuals from THE TRIP™ onto a curved cinema-spec screen, with the Les Mills app providing the control interface. In addition to this, we integrated our proprietary lighting control interface with the Les Mills app, allowing instructors to initiate lighting effects during classes.
Alongside the Immersive Studio, we also integrated Les Mills Virtual into the Mariner Centre’s Impact Studio. With par-can lighting, digital RGB tape, a single projector and screen, Evoson audio and a simple iPad control solution, the Mariner Centre can now run dynamic instructor-less classes, ensuring they get the most out of their AV even at off-peak times.

The result

The complete refurbishment of the Mariner Centre has given it a contemporary health, fitness and family offering. The centre now features a 65-station gym, a fitness studio with virtual integration, a Shapemaster Hub and Scotland’s first Immersive Cycling Studio.

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When the University of Strathclyde wanted to add a new cycle studio to their sprawling Strathclyde Sports facility, our AV projects team brought lighting, visual, control and connectivity technologies to create a personalised, electrifying class experience.

The university unveiled the sprawling facility back in 2021 and has since worked to deliver new and exciting spaces to cater to its growing number of members, students, and staff. The cycle studio is the latest addition in a long line of upcoming projects for the university.

“Hutchison Technologies took the idea in my mind and delivered a fully functional lighting system. We couldn’t be happier with the service.” – Iain McCormack | Learning Space Operations Manager

Strathclyde University briefed us to create a mesmerising indoor cycle experience, with future-proofing and flexibility built-in for other events they might host inside the studio. They asked us to focus on lighting, visuals, manual control tech, and backend software development that would connect all the systems together for ease of use.

When entering the studio, members are met by a 20-strong fleet of bikes, with chevron-style strip RBG digital lighting suspended overhead. The strips were installed at varying heights across the ceiling to create an uphill feel that mimics the virtual classes on the display upfront.

The front-facing wall features a bespoke mural dedicated to Strathclyde sport that the bikes look towards, with a purpose-built platform for instructors and equipment. RGB lighting lines the podium and synchronises with the other lighting in the space.

A series of spotlights and moving heads surround the studio, and provide additional lighting and feature effects, including a personalised University of Strathclyde logo beacon which travels around the room in a pre-determined trajectory.

The Uni of Strathclyde specifically requested MADRIX software to store and control the sequences and code, which runs through to the lighting server off the side of the studio. We can load any requested additional sequences remotely in-house, meaning the studio always has access to new sequences and programs with immediate effect.

Whilst planning out the space, our team knew they would have to work around the exposed vents in the ceiling, as well as plans for future placement of air conditioning units. To overcome this, the team lowered the lights on suspended cables, providing easy access for future installations and access to ceiling units. To ensure no pixel quality was lost due to the circuit lowering, the team added additional LED strips and a DMX decoder to provide a stronger signal.

When it came to installation, our project and engineering teams were praised for their innovative problem-solving, dedication to the project, and attention to detail throughout.

“Hutchison Technologies installation team were a joy to work with. Adapting to the challenges on site and stepping above and beyond to create a great space.” – Iain McCormack | Learning Space Operations Manager

Since launching the studio in the last few weeks, classes have seen a rise in popularity. We maintain an excellent relationship with the University and cannot wait to see what future projects they have for our team.

For the last few years, we have delivered a variety of lighting, audio, and visual installations across Aberdeen Sports Village. As their chosen AV partner, we have worked together to create environments that are both energizing and motivating clients to workout in.

The Vision

Aberdeen Sports Village is one of the top sport and exercise spaces in Scotland, offering an array of incredible indoor and outdoor facilities. The centre truly has something for everyone, from recreational exercisers to elite athletes.

The Project

Over the years of our partnership, Aberdeen Sports Village have looked to upgrade various spaces across their facilities to deliver inspirational environments. Our projects with the centre have included: creating the Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio; integrating audio and lighting with MyZone for their central gym functional zone; optimizing the lighting and audio setup within their Sports and Conditioning studio for national athletes; as well as providing electronic access control points throughout the centre.

The Solution

Back in 2018, we designed immersive spin studio for Aberdeen Sports Village that combined the use of colorful LED lighting, in-ceiling speakers, and visual displays that all sync to deliver users a unique spin experience. All these elements are controlled by instructors using a central iPad control system that starts various sequences and allows for workouts to be launched manually or through digital class scheduling. That’s how we transformed this old storage cupboard into a unique Les Mills Virtual Cycle Studio – breathing life into a tired old space and increasing the availability of spin classes to ASV members. It goes to show that no matter what the size of the space, we can create a setup that betters the offering of your studio.

The next project took place on the main gym floor. Aberdeen Sport’s Village’s gym is used by a large number and variety of users, catering to both students and members of the public. In 2019, we were brought on board to introduce new audio and feature lighting solutions to create an energetic, open-plan, functional training zone. We combined various types of lighting solutions like RGB downlighters, COB lights, and Par Cans to dynamically illuminate the gym floor and training rig. To offer live workout feedback, two 55” Philips Displays with live-Myzone integrations were installed onto the training rig. By adding these energizing touches, the entire space was transformed into a motivating, modern training zone for all members.

As well as upgrading the functional training zone, we also updated their TV signal feed on their cardio zones, to ensure Aberdeen Sports Village were able to get the most out of their cardio equipment. We zoned the audio on the gym floor, so the perceived audio levels now remain consistent, regardless of background noise. The AV and lighting are controlled via a simple and intuitive iPad control solution. This allows audio levels and lighting colour, effect, brightness and speed to be adjusted by staff, giving them total, yet simple control of all the new technological features.

2022 brought a new wave of opportunities to upgrade, and of course we were excited to get involved. Aberdeen Sports Village were looking to create a space for their partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union to offer a space for team workouts and strength training. We transformed a secondary, underwhelming spin studio into a ‘Strength and Conditioning Studio’ that is fully equipped with surround LED lighting and cabinet speakers that are automated by a central digital interface and controlled by an access panel on the wall. This setup creates a dynamic and stimulating environment that inspires team members to push themselves within strength training.

Following the pandemic, Aberdeen Sports Village saw an explosion of new memberships and a substantial increase of students on the premises once in-person teaching resumed. To maintain security and membership tracking, we were approached to install and maintain electronic access control gates around the centre. Using a combination of access lanes, speed, and swing gates, we secured the full facility and now provide ongoing support by providing access keycards and other access tokens for the centre. Not only has this ensured security access across the site, but it has also allowed enhanced monitoring of member footfall at Aberdeen Sports Village – thus providing staff with valuable data on peak-times and hot-zones within the facility.

We look forward to what else our partnership with Aberdeen Sports Village will bring over the coming years.

Hutchison Technologies have made the process for creating a space seamless – from the design, the support, the ideas.. They are just excellent in all of these departments 

– Ludwik Metelski, Director of Business and Governance, Aberdeen Sports Village

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The Vision

When GymBox worked with Forty Eight Point One on the development of their new digital signage softwares, they asked us to come on board as their trusted AV partner to help advise on the integration with compatible hardware solutions. 

Our specialist team were asked to provide recommendations on touch screens that would support and augment the software that the client was programming throughout each location. We provided the client with a detailed specification outlining how we would approach this project, and suggested a system on each platform that would be compatible with the required Android systems – which in turn would pull through to the screens.    

The Project

Having provided and discussed the recommendations, we were brought on board to deliver the hardware and ensure compatibility between the screens and Forty Eight Point One’s software. We worked alongside them to bring solutions to various spaces throughout the facility, including within the main receptions and studio setups.   

The Solution

The original screens had been installed roughly fifteen years ago, and thus needed an upgrade. In order to maintain consistency of tech across the sites, our team tried to use as much of the same equipment as they could, and only replace the bare minimum. However, the company that had made the existing touchscreens no longer existed, therefore our team had to develop a solution for them to still be used and run the updates. Our team worked to develop new drivers in-house and made intrinsic code changes to change screen orientations. These changes were then adapted onsite to determine specific touchpoints, sensitivity, and optimum orientation of the screens for users.   

Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made. Each screen has its own Lennox PC on the back of the system through which Forty Eight Point One pushes new content to screens every night; refreshing and playing new content every morning. 

We often use bespoke alterations of hardware and software in our projects, in order to deliver a perfectly tailored result for our clients. Having the ability to make changes spontaneously in-house is one of our biggest strengths as a company. We can set up, test technologies, and programme systems before we take them on site. That way, the solutions will be ready to just ready to plug and play. Being able tackle all aspects internally is a huge advantage and sets us apart from other AV integrators within the industry – who usually require outsourced support for this type of work. 
Throughout this process, our team communicated directly with Forty Eight Point One’s IT provider to ensure consistency and provide regular updates on any changes made.  

Client feedback 

Since completing this project with Forty Eight Point One, we maintain an ongoing relationship by providing technical support as part of our aftercare. This includes upgrades to the technology, assisting with any tweaking to programming, and correcting any issues that could possibly come up.  

“Working with Hutchison Technologies has been great! The team has been extremely supportive throughout the project, responding quickly and reliably, and consistently going above and beyond to ensure everything ran according to plan. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and I’m looking forward to our next project together.” 
– Joseph Lion, CTO, Forty Eight Point One 

Hutchison Technologies created an immersive fitness studio experience for The Gym Group, making high quality and experiential group exercise accessible to the masses.
We used best-in-class audio-visual tech and custom-coded integrations with third-party operators to deliver a truly unique and engaging solution for The Gym Group’s members.

The Vision

The Gym Group had a vision to help their members blend at-home and in-gym workouts. They had recently partnered with Fiit, the #1 rated fitness app, to provide their members with access to a catalogue of high-quality on-demand fitness classes. This added an on-the-go element to their offering, and they next wanted to use the same content to create a unique group exercise fitness experience in their gyms.

Bringing an immersive fitness experience to their members that typically had only previously been available in high-end boutique gyms fitted perfectly with The Gym Group’s mission statement, ‘breaking down barriers to fitness for all’.

The Project

To deliver these unique classes in-house, The Gym Group required a virtual studio space that delivered an immersive fitness experience.

The key requirements were that the studio classes be a ‘destination’ experience that gives members a compelling reason to attend in-person; that their members should feel like they’re getting a premium experience; and that these new studios don’t remove useable gym space when not in use.

The Solution

To create a truly unique experience, we built custom-coded integrations which linked to Fiit’s API. This allowed the room’s lighting to mimic the changing lights in the studio where the original videos were recorded, giving members the impression of being in the same studio as the instructor.

To bring this all to life we installed an engaging audio-visual solution, including vertical strips of digital lighting tape and powerful Evoson WS speakers. A 4×4 grid of 49” video wall panels was used to broadcast life-size versions of the Fiit instructors into the studio.

An important part of the brief was that the studio space should be available for general gym use when classes are not scheduled. The Gym Group’s studio architect, Zynk, designed an open-backed space that physically opened the space for wider use. Hutchison Technologies configured the audio set-up so that it integrated with The Gym Group’s background music feed when not playing a Fiit class. This innovative combination of space and AV design made it a truly multi-purpose space.

In addition to this main studio concept, smaller Fiit “pods” were also designed and installed. These pods were configured for one or two people to do an on-demand workout class in a semi-enclosed private workout space in one of The Gym Group’s venues. The intention was to create a home workout away from home. Each pod has an iPad to choose your class, a tv screen to view and listen to the class and single colour LED feature lighting.

The Result

The Gym Group were ahead of the curve in delivering a truly innovative blending of home and in-studio fitness experiences that will become increasingly common in the post-Covid fitness world.

We helped them break down barriers for high-quality immersive group exercise classes; democratising something that had previously been found primarily in exclusive boutique fitness operators and making it accessible to low-cost gym members across the country.

This first installation wasn’t just a one-off concept. It has since been installed at two more sites and has been designed in a way that can easily scale across the rest of The Gym Group’s portfolio of gyms.

“Hutchison Technologies have helped us with our mission to break down barriers to fitness for all. We can now offer a previously exclusive immersive fitness experience in a low-cost gym environment. The way the in-room feature lighting and audio mirrors what’s happening in the FiiT class really gives the impression the instructor is in the room with you.”
Sarah Grime | Design and Development Manager, The Gym Group

What next?

Although classes are currently pre-recorded, the automation has been configured to also allow for instructors in Fiit’s HQ studio to be live broadcast into The Gym Group studios across the country in future. In these live broadcasts, the feature lighting would mirror the Fiit studio lighting in real-time.

We’ve delivered a variety of technology integrations throughout Grangemouth Sports Complex, including their gym and Les Mills Immersive Spin studio.

The Vision

The Grangemouth Sports Complex team wanted to transform their existing spin studio into a Les Mills Immersive studio. Their vision was to create an energetic and motivating environment unlike anything else available to their members.

While we were originally brought on board to tackle the integration of wall-mounted speakers and below-ceiling perimeter lighting across the facility, the evolving nature of the project led to us delivering multiple bespoke AV solutions for their various studios, gym hall and pool facilities. First up; two adjoining fitness studios host regular group workouts of varying intensity, run by both live instructors and virtual Les Mills classes. An automated partition divides or combines these two spaces to create the right size venue for the class or event running at any one time.

The Project

We were initially introduced to the project via Alliance Leisure to support Workspace, the contractor managing the wider facility refurbishment, with our unique technology integration.

Our team was tasked with specifying, installing and configuring a variety of audio, visual, lighting, connectivity, control and automation technologies to enhance the Les Mills class experience.

In addition to making this a unique immersive space, the studio needed the versatility to also host non-immersive classes as well.

Another core requirement was that the solution had to be user-friendly for instructors and centrally controlled in from one-place to create a seamless workout environment.

The Solution

To transform their traditional studio space into an immersive spin experience we provided audio, visual, lighting, connectivity and control, and automation integrations.


We installed a distributed split stereo audio system throughout the studio to deliver a powerful soundscape. The speakers are suspended on dropped rods from the ceiling grid; carefully configured for the ceiling’s weight limitations.

Angled towards the central screen, users experience an immersed sound experience that helps focus attention on the visuals at the front of the room.


The in-studio lighting is a combination of Xensio LED tape and spotlights, controlled using MADRIX software. We created a perimeter outline around the curved screen using Xensio orbits to create various effects, all controllable via an iPad.

There are multiple lighting pre-sets that allow instructors to turn the primary studio lights on or off, while keeping the spotlights either reactive or dimmed to fit the environment. Class modes can be selected during sessions to synchronise lighting effects to music or programmed workouts. These modes are not dependent on the Les Mills content running and can be used for independent sessions.

We developed a gradient lighting effect tailored to the main screen position to maximise image quality. This is as part of our lighting specifications we have with Les Mills, and it is a benchmark standard in all of their studios that we work on.

After recommending a tiered layout for the studio bikes to maximise occupancy, we provided larger LED strip lighting that runs across the room – acting not only as a visual lighting feature, but also providing additional safety lighting.


The projection setup distinguished this studio from other immersive studios. It’s a first of its kind integration for an immersive spin studio. The edge blending and content running on the platform is all bespoke to the project, and our team did 3D projection mapping in-house.

The focal point in the studio is a large, curved screen that covers almost the entirety of the back wall. It captures participants’ attention and draws them into the immersive experience.

To create this effect we installed two large Panasonic projectors that together cover this vast screen. The joins between the two projected images is seamless in positioning and pixel quality, with no disruption in viewing experience. 

Connectivity and Control

One of the key requirements was a user-friendly control system that can be operated without hassle by instructors who are not technology experts. We configured every piece of technology in the studio to be controlled using an iPad in the centre of the room where the instructor is typically positioned.


This was the first immersive studio to use the FitBox automation platform, which runs the class content. Running alongside the FitBox platform, our own in-house automation platform allows us to programme and trigger automated class commands.

The Result

The end result was a distinctive and memorable spin studio that quickly became a favourite amongst the local spin class community. Feedback from members has been incredibly positive, and the studio has been a fantastic addition to Grangemouth Sports Complex. 

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the studio. As with all our installations, this immersive studio was designed with remote support in mind – as it’s typically the best way to monitor performance and quickest way to pro-actively resolve any issues.

For any occasion when an issue can’t be resolved via remote-access, our nationwide team of field engineers are always available to support the Grangemouth team in-person.

We also help the on-site team with any new audio and lighting configurations they want added. These kind of adjustments and attention to detail can make a big impact on how different classes are experienced, and are a big part of why people go to a Les Mills Immersive class.

Client feedback

Since the launch of the studio, we have heard nothing but positive feedback – from the client, to the partners we worked with, and the members that get to enjoy this studio. There has been a mass outpour of positivity across social media, and we cannot wait to see the studio continue to be used to its full potential.

Alliance’s Senior Business Development Manager, Jonny Curley, noted that our strong history working with Les Mills and Immersive Fitness was a testament to our partnership.

Jonny also stated that the ‘delivery onsite experience was excellent’, commending our team from throughout the install journey.

This reflects what we at Hutchison Technologies strive to provide; bespoke and integrated AV systems that create amazing experiences for both the client and their customers, guests or members. 

“Hutchison Technologies were the ideal partner for this project with their extensive experience in Immersive Fitness and the Les Mills products. This is the largest immersive screen we have installed to date. From the initial planning of the project to the delivery on site the experience was excellent and we look forward to working with Hutchison Technologies again in the future.”

Jonny Curley
Senior Business Development Manager – Scotland
Alliance Leisure

The University of Portsmouth were looking for cutting-edge audio, lighting, visual, and connectivity solutions for its state-of-the-art Ravelin Sports Centre, and Hutchison Technologies was on hand to deliver. Our team worked with construction experts Wates to develop the technologies and designs that fit the bill, resulting in one of the most spectacular higher education fitness facilities in the UK.

While we were originally brought on board to tackle the integration of wall-mounted speakers and below-ceiling perimeter lighting across the facility, the evolving nature of the project led to us delivering multiple bespoke AV solutions for their various studios, gym hall and pool facilities. First up; two adjoining fitness studios host regular group workouts of varying intensity, run by both live instructors and virtual Les Mills classes. An automated partition divides or combines these two spaces to create the right size venue for the class or event running at any one time.

We designed and integrated a control system accessible through user-friendly studio iPads, granting direct control over the visual content, lighting and audio in the class.

Because we installed all the AV, from the RGB strip lighting and end-to-end wall projectors, the instructor input sources and studio Evoson Peaksound cabinet speakers, we were able to provide complete control over the atmosphere in the space. We set up some pre-programmed custom settings for instructors to pick and choose from, but they can also use the iPad control panel to finetune the experience for their members.

In the larger, separate cycle studio, we provided a dual projection system with two large-scale projectors displaying class content onto the projection-painted back wall. We built a custom instructor podium at the centre of these two displays with movable iPad control for the instructor. A secondary wall-mounted iPad provides the same control functions as in the previous two fitness studios.

We also integrated some impactful feature lighting within the wood-panelled ceiling and beside the screens, in the form of RGBW tape which can be controlled alongside the main house lighting. These strips can be used independently from the rest of the studio or using sequences programmed remotely by our Technical Development team.

Ravelin Sports Centre at the University of Portsmouth has a large swimming pool for recreation, classes, and training sessions for which our team provided audio solutions to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and accessible experience. We installed a fully recessed IP-rated audio system behind the modern wood-slat ceiling, creating a well-camouflaged solutions that projects audio and protects the speakers from the high humidity.

Our team also installed an induction loop system in the viewing gallery of the pool, providing hearing assistance to hearing-impaired spectators. We installed a smaller sub-rack in a separate office to house local controllers and a mic system for the pool facilities. This means managers can switch between playing music from a local source, setting up microphones for events, and playing background music during recreational swim time, quickly and easily.

Finally, on the top floor of the building, there is the main multi-functional sports hall where the university sports teams and clubs meet to train. Split into 2 main functional zones, our team integrated 15 high-spec, large speakers suspended above the court ceiling.

These were designed and positioned to minimise echo within the facility, while maximising sound coverage across the space. Here too, our team built a sub-rack for local Bluetooth and AUX inputs which staff can use these to switch between standard background music, a local source, or microphones.

To maximise the effect of all the tech integrations in this facility, our team collaborated closely with the University of Portsmouth and Wates teams. The integration of the recessed ceiling lighting in the studios proved to be the most challenging integration.

Thankfully we love a challenge, and designed the specific solution that could accommodate the modern timber-clad ceiling and fit around the existing systems, hidden from the naked eye.

The result is an impressive, modern facility that provides members with seamless fitness and wellbeing experiences both for recreation and training. We continue to maintain a strong relationship with the University, providing regular maintenance checks and responsive support.

We created an integrated audio, visual and lighting solution to help London spin studio, static, create mind-blowing live cycling experiences.

“We found Hutchison Technologies to be a great AV partner. Through the design phase we worked together to produce a plan for an incredible studio AV system. They brought a depth of knowledge and experience that was truly next level.”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static


Static London is situated in the upmarket Nine Elms Lane. It is a premium indoor cycling studio for those who are looking to energise their body and mind. Static classes are all-encompassing, with graphics on screen that sync with the studio’s lighting, pulsing and reacting to the music, creating an experience comparable to a night out.

The Vision

Static were looking to create a unique and exceptional experience by offering the best spin classes in the market. To do so, they would equip their uniquely talented instructors with world class equipment and best-in-class AV and lighting.

The Solution

“Hutchison Technologies worked flexibly, allowing us to opt out of aspects that didn’t fit our vision and helped us incorporate bespoke elements and capacity for future upgrades.”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static

Our team of engineers installed three Apart Marine speakers in the changing rooms and eight Apart OVO5t speakers throughout the reception area. This allows for brilliant background music to be played whilst members socialise, warm-up and cool-down before and after classes.

In the spin studio, we supplied two 86” Philips Displays on the front wall for displaying the smart training software, Spivi, and mind-bending audio-reactive graphics. This means members get real time performance data and interactive scenery through Spivi, as well as exciting visuals via Hutchison Technologies integrated software.

Our team installed a Martin Audio distributed audio systems with two 12” Martin Audio subwoofers installed in opposite corners to deliver weighty bass, ensuring ultimate vocal and audio clarity through split instructor vocals. With Bose digital signal processing controllers, the solution delivers balanced, impactful and motivating audio throughout the studio.

For the lighting, we integrated fourteen RGBW wash lights and four pin spotlights that point towards a mirror ball, creating a disco vibe when activated. We also installed four UV cannons and hazers to further emulate a nightclub vibe.

The AV and lighting solution is controlled via a simple and intuitive custom-built iPad interface. The rest of the kit is stowed safely in a locked AV rack, reducing the risk of unwanted tampering.

The result

We are thrilled to have been a part of this exciting project, helping static offer a premium indoor cycling concept that delivers an exceptional member experience.

“The Hutchison Technologies install team was superb and delivered on time, working with and around other contractor teams. Their post-install handover was great. Since the install there have been a few inevitable glitches with a system with bespoke design so many parts, but the support has been admirable in keeping us running and building in redundancy, so we always have a plan B!”
Ollie Chipp | Managing Director, static

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The Vision

Holmes Place, a premium fitness and wellness concept operating in Europe, were looking to launch a boutique brand of gyms that delivered high-intensity fitness classes to avid fitness fans, based in urban built-up cities. The space was to be distinctive against other city-based studios, and was to offer an energetic experience to members. The team wanted to shake the industry, and make waves by creating a unique atmosphere within the boutique fitness space. Thus, STORM was launched, with their flagship boutique located in central Berlin.  

The Project

Our team of specialists were approached to provide a variety of audio, lighting, and control technologies throughout their cycling studio within the boutique. With their vision of a sub-terranean escape and their wealth of expertise within the fitness industry, we provided an outline of how we would approach creating the setup using AV technology. We proposed a series of connected technologies centrally controlled via iPad for ease of access and usability for instructors. We partnered with Energym, a UK-based smart-tech fitness company providing clean-energy-generating fitness equipment, to bring unique fitness and technology solutions to this space. 

The Solution

We designed a cycle studio that combined the use of colourful lighting, including Digital LED tape and RGBW downlighters, and powerful fully-distributed Evoson Audio systems. The space is set up in a triangular formation, allowing members to experience a surround-sound setup during classes. Originally used as a cinema, the space had previously been acoustically treated to throw sound, with accompanying high ceilings that allow for echo-control and projected audio. Our team of specialist engineers were able to calculate the most efficient angles for the speakers that would give the best sound experience for members further away from the front of the class.

We combined various lighting solutions to create a frenetic workout environment, that could be both synchronised and manually controlled within the studio. When members first arrive, they are greeted by a unique lighting feature in the shape of a lightning bolt – symbolic of the brand persona. Using metal work fittings that ENSIGN designed, we installed LED lighting strips  The feature which was built using extrusions, and was a unique integration to deliver to the studio.  

From the doors to throughout the studio, LED strip lights line the walls and ceiling that synchronise with music playing during classes, creating a motivating and energetic atmosphere. Working alongside these effects is an oil-based haze machine which can be set up automatically or manually controlled by instructors throughout the workout.

The spin bikes are positioned across staggered levels from the centre to the back of the studio, and face onwards to the main instructor podium. From here, instructors can control all technologies through a centralised iPad system for maximum delivery and perspective of the classes.

This combination of technologies creates a stimulating environment that inspires members to push themselves within cycle classes. Since the successful installation and launch of STORM Berlin earlier this year, the setup has been very popular amongst visitors, and has literally taken social media by storm with plenty of content being shared showcasing the unique space. We maintain a strong relationship with Energym and STORM Boutiques, supporting in current and ongoing integrations. Our team are very excited to be involved with two very strong partners, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Partner Feedback

“Hutchison Technologies were the perfect partner for the STORM project, with them delivering an incredible, immersive experience that perfectly complements the premium, high-spec experience of our RE:GEN rides which feature within the cycle-studio.”

 Will Flint, CEO, Energym

Northwest England, Flexible

Job Description

This is a tremendous opportunity for a self-motivated, creative, and dedicated leader with significant experience in commercial installations to lead and develop our Field Engineers.

The successful candidate will be accountable for delivery customer installations on time, in full, to budget and that meet company expectations of quality and standards. This will be achieved by managing a UK-wide team deploying an appropriate balance of hands-on and remote management that provides support, coaching and mentorship.

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Hutchison Technologies is a fast-growing Scottish technology company. We deliver premium audio/visual solutions to leading fitness and retail brands; provide medical equipment to the NHS; in-home displays to energy suppliers; and fitness apps for luxury hotels.

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We’re looking for a motivated Project Coordinator to provide efficient and effective administrative support to our AV Projects team. The Project Coordinator will triage customer enquiries, resolving or escalating to a Senior Project Manager. Good engagement and communications skills are critical to ensure business deliverables are met.

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Hutchison Technologies is an award-winning technology company. We deliver premium audio-visual solutions to leading fitness and retail brands; provide medical equipment to the NHS; in-home displays to energy suppliers; and fitness apps for luxury hotels.  

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