• Intelligent audio systems
  • Video walls & calibrated lighting systems
  • Custom streaming capabilities
  • Bespoke third-party integrations
  • Full broadcasting solutions
  • Interconnected central control hub for all tech

The Vision

180 The Strand is a luxury creative hub looking to provide spaces to support creators in the heart of London. Comprised of multiple studios and adaptable event spaces, 180 The Strand delivers environments to people and companies looking to further their creative and connective abilities using cutting-edge technology.

The Project

180 The Strand asked us to provide a variety of bespoke technology solutions that would allow them to rent out their facility with maximum flexibility for events; from impactful video walls, and light and sound systems to broadcast-ready streaming setups. 

The team at The Strand knew they would be catering to all sorts of event clients, from fashion brands hosting runway shows to corporate fundraisers. Whenever there were no planned events, the main area was to be used as a ‘wellness zone’ where paying members can relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The total space comprises a bright open central hub with several studios and meeting spaces shooting off along two long corridors. It’s a beautiful bright and airy space, now fully kitted out with the intuitive technology required to create incredible visitor experiences.

Fitness Studios

Within 180 The Strand, there are four studios that can be rented for classes, smaller gatherings, and live streaming/recording purposes.

The first two studios are set up to deliver typical studio classes, both with live instructors and on-demand virtual options. Within these two, we installed a powerful commercial-grade Martin Audio sound system to sit alongside the large, sharp, and bright displays.

We integrated the video walls and feature lighting to synchronise with any music or videos that are played. Each asset is controlled through our bespoke iPad interface installed on the studio walls, allowing us to provide remote maintenance support as and when required.

A further two studios are set up to allow the same class experience, but they can also film and broadcast the instructor using three different cameras at various angles. With this technology we worked alongside a third-party provider to allow streaming to happen out from or in to the studio.

So whether an instructor wants to broadcast live from the studio to an online audience, or broadcast from their own facility straight into the 180 The Strand studio for an in-person audience – either is possible at the touch of a button.

We continuously review and upgrade both software and hardware to ensure the best possible user experience.

Main event space

Within the main event space, also known as the wellness club or ‘The Loft’, we had to ensure that the audio system would be able to play background music as well as foreground sound for presentations and events.

The space would be hosting up to ‘medium-sized’ events, which would have multiple demonstrations ongoing at the same time. Our audio system needed to support that flexibility, without having to move the fixed speakers. Through some smart programming and positioning of speakers, we made it all possible.

In this area alone we installed thirty commercial speakers that are adaptable to that environment and provide full immersive audio. Depending on the requirements of the event, whether that’s public speaking, a fashion catwalk, or a DJ playing a set, speakers can be set to various modes to draw attention towards or away from various areas. This is controlled with simple programs using the same iPad interface users are familiar with from the other areas.

The end result

Because of our expertise in technology integrations, using multiple disciplines to deliver bespoke solutions across all AV, lighting, and IT areas, we were able to deliver a perfectly fitting end result. There was a lot of complex back-end design to ensure a simple and intuitive front-end solution for users.

We’re tremendously proud of what we managed to achieve for this customer, in particular the custom programs we wrote for the control systems to integrate multiple third-party systems into one intuitive interface.

Like with all of our sites, we are able to proactively scan for errors remotely and provide ongoing programming and maintenance for any issues or updates that may be required. We are their first point of contact for integration and operational usage.

Customer feedback

We’re pleased to have received great feedback on the project, and as a result the client is now looking to expand on this first installation by upgrading elements of their iPad control system.

As all our work is built with future-proofing in mind, we are able to upgrade any of the features to accommodate new needs for the technologies and additional offerings to members.

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